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Telesphoros' List o' Mods
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  • Alternate Beginnings
    - Tired of starting your new characters on a prison ship? Try this! 5 new alternate beginnings to choose from.
  • Armorer 1.93
    - Allows the character to smith 13 types of armor: Ebony, Glass, Bone, Dwemer, Steel, Iron, Imperial Templar, Imperial Chain, Imperial Steel, Orcish, Indoril, Nordic Iron/Ringmail and Dreugh. 8 public forges with vendors to sell you the materials and equipment you'll need. Conflicts with Complete Morrowind Full/Part 5: Smithing for obvious reasons.
  • Balmora Un-mod
    - Removes unnecessary statics from Balmora for a better framerate. Check out Morrowind Un-Mod below as well.
  • Blood and Gore
    - Player characters, NPCs, and creatures will now bleed. Gore level configurable by spells and every aspect of the mod is configurable via simple console commands.
  • Bloodmoon East Empire Essential NPCs
    - Lets you know if you kill anyone essential to the Bloodmoon quests.
  • Bloodmoon Extras
    - Adds a few things that were included in the expansion, but didn't appear in the game.
  • Byblos 300: Traders
    - Adds a crate that contains random items for sale based on the type of shop it is, excluding the Telvanni cities and Vivec.
  • Complete Morrowind FULL Final
    - Cooking and Brewing Poisons, Sewing and Leatherworking, Pottery, Woodcutting and Carpentry, and Mining and Smithing. Make campfires and straw items, fill empty bottles from kegs and wells, and more. Adds a much needed dose of realism to the world.
  • Disturb the Dead 3.3
    - There's a 25% with this mod that the character will disturb the dead when they look in urns or barrow chests. There's also a chance you'll find more than just bonemeal. And finally there's a chance the dead will label the character a "Gravedigger" if the character disturbs too many urns/barrow chests and will start disturbing the character in turn.
  • Dracandros’ Voice
    - Give orders to your followers in your faction as well as other improvements to NPCs.
  • Enemy Hand-to-Hand Damage
    - Enemy punches will now do health damage instead of fatigue damage. A great compliment to Combat Enhanced.
  • Fashionable Merchants 1.0
    - Tired of merchants putting on the armor you sell them and then not offering it for sale later on? Get this and your troubles are over.
  • Give Your Orders
    - A stand alone mod that also complements Dracandros' Voice. Give orders to lower ranking faction members, your slaves, your companions, and those who like you (disp>95)...including the expansions and ones found in mods, past and future.
  • Freelancer
    - A nice little mod that allows you to do and finish quests you stumble on without having to join a faction. Ends some quests if you decline them. Three Legion quest givers offer freelance work after you've proven yourself. And the Bal Molagmer quests now become available to anyone with a reputation of 10.
  • Healers
    - "You're hurt. You should see a Healer." Now there's Healers to actually go see...
  • Improved Inns
    - Rent Rooms for more than one day now. And no more renting a room and staying in it forever you squatter.
  • Improved Shrine Journal entries
    - A small mod that better updates your journal after reading shrine texts with all the information, instead of just telling you that you read the text.
  • Living Cities of Vvardenfell
    - Gives NPCs schedules, locks doors at nights, and generally makes Morrowind less static. Conflicts with Lock Bash Enhanced. It's also relatively hard to remove, so be sure you want it before you download and install it.
  • Lock Bash Enhanced
    - Now you can open doors and containers by bashing them. There's also an option to lock doors at night. The caveat here is that this mod conflicts with any mod that changes the doors in the game.
  • Meteors
    - Shanjaq gives the night skies a random chance of having shooting starts and meteor showers from 5 different locations.
  • Morrowind Un-Mod
    - Picks up where Balmora un-mod left off, removing unneeded statics from around Vvardenfell to improve FPS.
  • Necessities of Morrowind 1.0
    - Eat, drink and be merry! Or just get smashing drunk. A new version is in the works.
  • Persuasion Response Expansion v4
    - Adds a total of 703 new responses (some are quite comical) for when the player bribes, taunts, or admires an NPC.
  • Potion Sorter
    - Sorts potions by effect rather than quality making it easier to find and access your character's potions and drinks.
  • Printing Press
    - Places 4 printing presses in the game in logical places for more realism.
  • Readable Books
    - Lets you read the text of open books without picking them up. Comes in two versions, one which is compatible with Book Rotate.
  • Small Improvements
    - Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attacks and Silent Sharacter Generation.Two mods that make playing the game less annoying. Delayed attacks puts off the DB until a more proper time and Silent Character Gen let's you make a character without clicking through all the message boxes for the hundreth time in the beginning.
  • Time Mod
    - Two alternate versions on how time affects your game. One allows for the Morrowind days to be 2x as long and the other allows for Morrowind days to be played in "realtime." You must start a new game to use this mod.

  • Avenger's Female Armor Pack 2.0
    - Adds female versions to all armors found in Morrowind and the Tribunal expansion. Don't use this if you're using the "Domina" style armor replacers.
  • Avenger's Female Shirts Pack 2.0
    - Adds female versions of all common/expensive/extravagant/exquisite shirts in Morrowind.
  • Canadian Ice and Brady228's Robe Replacer
    - Replaces all the female robes using Hurdy Gurdy's meshes -and- replaces the enchanted and unique male robes to match.
  • Canadian Ice's Divine Armor Madness
    - Replaces the
    Female Glass Cuirass, Female Ice and Nordic Mail Cuirasses, Female Steel Cuirass, and Female Wolf and Snow Wolf Cuirasses with ones that uses the "Domina" mesh.
  • Divine Domina parts 1-5
    - Female domina versions of the in-game armors. Part 5 completing the set has just been finished. Note that Part 4 and 5 have some male versions too.
  • Ordinator Armour Replacer 1.2
    - Replaces the Indoril Armor with a stylish black and gold set. There's a female version of the armor, open-faced helms, and 2 standard esp options to choose from with a third esp possibility that adds another set of the armor.
  • Prosey's Better Pants
    - Adds a smaller, more feminine female groin mesh to all of the pants in Morrowind that don't already have female versions.
  • Sharpened Armor and Sharpened Armor Addon Fix
    - Replaces all the armors in the game with sharper images.
  • Sharpened Clothes
    - Replaces all the clothing in the game with sharper images.

  • Barabus' Fireplace Replacer
    - Replaces/adds a number of new fireplaces (meshes and textures) to the Imperial settlements of Morrowind.
  • Better Soul Gems 1.2
    - Replaces the soul gems with better looking ones. Awesome.
  • Classical Monsters Replacer
    - Replaces 12 of the original monster textures with enhanced ones to make 'em look better. Monsters replaced are the Nix hound, Kagouti, Cliff Racer, Winged Twilight, Ogrim, Daedroth, Ash Zombie, Ash Slave, Ash Vampire, Golden Saint, Slaughter Fish and Mudcrab.
  • Enchanted Icon Selection
    - Tired of the little blue swirl making it hard to see what that magic item is? Try this. It gives you 5 different sets of icons to choose from that aren't as obtrusive.
  • Hendalf_Gold
    - A gold coin texture improvement created using a dragon on one side and Tiber Septim on the other to produce a more realistic gold appearance. It even makes sense to call them "drakes" or "septims" now. Note that the Morrowind Visual Pack has its own Gold texture replacement, so you don't need this if you use that.
  • Imperial Guards anticlone
    - Now you won't see the same Imperial guard over and over again. Randomized for even better effect.
  • Improved Magic Shimmer Effect Redux
    - Alters the magic shimmer on enchanted items with a pulsing electricity effect. Don't use with No-Glo.
  • Key Replacer 1.3
    - Replaces 200+ keys with 31 new meshes by Daduke.
  • No-Glo
    - Completely removes the plastic shimmer wrap effect from magic items. Don't use with Improved Shimmer Redux.
  • Sharpened Models: Weapon Replacer
    - Replaces all the weapons in the game with sharper images.
  • SirLuthor's Tools
    - Replaces the textures for lockpicks, probes, and armorer's hammers. Sharper images, deeper color!
  • Texture Freak's Replacers
    - Beautiful beds. Fabulous fireplaces. And now realistic longboats. Get 'em all.

  • Authentic Signs: Inns and Taverns 1.1
    - Replaces 6 signs for Imperial Inns and Taverns across Vvardenfell. Load this one after Unique Banners and Signs below if you want to use both.
  • Daedric Signposts
    - Replaces the signposts using the daedric font for realism. They're color coded for the Houses and Imperials as well and after awhile they're pretty easy to read too.
  • Mixed Signposts
    - Signs that use both the English names and there correspondent Daedric names.
  • Real Signposts
    - The original signpost mod. Makes signposts readable without sticking your snout up to ‘em.
  • Unique Banners and Signs
    - Replaces 21 banners and signs all across Vvardenfell with unique, appropriate designs.
  • Weathered Signposts
    - Retextures readable signposts to make them look "dirty" (and colors) if you don't like the clean look of Real Signposts.

    NOTES: Choose only 1 of the 4 (Daedric, Mixed, Real, or Weathered) Signpost plugins.

  • Gardeners of Morrowind
    - Picks up where ZerotheHero’s Trees Replacement project left off. So far the Grazelands, Ascadian Isles and part of West Gash has been replaced.
  • Green Morrowind
    - The Ashlands, Molag Amur, and Red Mountain regions are now green! Grass, shrubs and some trees added.
  • Leafy Morrowind
    - Replaces nearly all the original Morrowind trees with community made models.
  • Forested Morrowind
    - Picks up where Leafy Morrowind (which you must have installed to use) left off. Dense forests and even more trees.
  • More Trees and Foliage
    - Adds over 800 trees to the Bitter Coast region, Ascadian region, and the Grazelands. Two different foliage versions to choose from.
  • Retextured More Trees and Foliage
    - Rahuu updates More Trees and Foliage (which is needed for this mod to work) using the textures from the Morrowind Visual Pack. So if you like MVP and want yet more trees, get this update too.
  • Seasons 1.02
    - Makes weather and trees around Vvardenfell change corresponding to seasons. High end machine needed. Also, this mod might conflict with other mods that remove trees for their location since those trees will reappear when the seasons change. I suggest using this as a stand alone tree replacer.
  • Trees Complete
    - jdooby puts a forest around Pelagiad.
  • Varieties of Dracus' Trees
    - Puts a small forest (27 trees) of retextured Dracus' trees around the Ahemmusa Camp.
  • Varieties of jdooby's Trees
    - Puts a forest (144 trees) of retextured jdooby's trees around Falensarano.
  • Varieties of Lady E's Trees
    - Puts a small forest (18 trees) of retextured Lady Eternity's trees on an island east of Vivec.
  • Varieties of N'Dib's Trees
    - Puts a forest (72 trees) of retextured N'Dib's trees on an island south of Ebonheart.

    NOTES: Gardeners of Morrowind - Leafy/Forested Morrowind - and Seasons will conflict with each other (and overwrite the Morrowind Visual Pack Nature update textures) as they all replace the original trees. The other ones adding more trees and forests should be fine with one of the aforementioned mods. Furthermore Green Morrowind is part of a WIP called "A Tale of Twelve Houses" (along with Leafy/Forested Morrowind and the New Molag Mar/Khuul below) which takes place 1000 years in the future, so it's not purist friendly. Nice for making Red Mountain green after you defeat Dagoth Ur though.

  • Fantasy Color Morrowind
    - Brash has colored the world (and almost everything in it). Literally. This one is less graphic intense.
  • Land Patterns
    - Don't like the Visual packs and/or Fantasy Color is too bright? Try this one. It's less graphic intense and there's an uninstaller available if you don't like it.
  • Landscape Remix
    - Upgrades some the Morrowind landscape textures and replaces some of Bethesda ones with higher resolutions for better visual quality. Yet another great choice in graphic replacers.
  • Morrowind Visual Pack and Morrowind Visual Pack Update
    - Enhances the textures in Morrowind by making them more realistic and increasing the resolution. Graphic intensive.
  • Morrowind Visual Pack XT by Qarl
    - Replaces some of the Visual Pack's textures with even more graphic intense ones and adds some new ones. Hope your computer is up to the task.
  • Red Skies
    - Cryonaut makes Morrowind's skies more alien-looking, giving that otherwordly feel.
  • Texture Replacers by Carnajo
    - Adds 3 different Hlaalu (red marble, green marble, yellow marble) retextures to choose from and a Redoran, an Imperial, a Telvanni, and a Vivec set. If using these with other Visual Packs, make sure to install this one last.
  • Vibrant Stars
    - Colors the stars, making the night sky more vibrant. Skydye lives up to his name with this mod. Look for more of his "Vibrant" series on

    NOTES: Fantasy Color Morrowind - Land Patterns - Landscape Remix - and Morrowind Visual Packs will conflict with each other as they basically do the same thing. I'd recommend using Fantasy Color Morrowind by itself. Qarl's Visual Pack goes well with the MVP series if you have the machine for it, just load it after MVP and its update. Carnajo's textures can be loaded on top of the MVPs (including Qarl's) and do just fine. I also think Carnajo's textures work well in addition to Land Patterns and Landscape Remix if you want more changes than just the landscape. Finally, Red Skies and Vibrant Stars are a matter of taste. I like 'em and use 'em in most of my setups.
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