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Telesphoros' List o' Mods
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  • Abandoned Flat 2.0
    - One of the first great houses located on the shores near Vivec. Mannequins, Npc's, a new Faction, and more.
  • Abandoned Shack
    - Adds a small shack for low level characters with a nice attached quest that opens up more area beneath the shack.
  • Abu Manor v2
    - Nicely made mansion in Ald-Ruhn with many perks.
  • Abu's Retreat Manor v2
    - The casual/rustic version of Abu Manor located on the outskirts of Pelegiad.
  • Buyable Ghorak Manor
    - Ghorak Manor is "For Sale" and totally refurbished. Great for those purists out there that want to earn it.
  • Castle Vianden v1.0
    - A castle near Pelagiad with all the ameneties. Yeah, you know you want a castle to live in.
  • Darkshroud Keep
    - Adds a keep off the Azura's Coast area with a quest to get control of it.
  • Dweller on the Watch
    - Puts a Nordic house with great character on Solstheim. Great background story. Get some of lochnarus' other interesting houses on Euro too.
  • Firemoth Expanded 1.3
    - The official Firemoth plugin and it's island fortress have been expanded. Go. Conquer. Then live there...
  • Hell House
    - The most evil house ever created for Morrowind. However, it's great for all players.
  • Ice's Hideaway
    - A mansion under the sea just south of Raven Rock.
  • Kahleigh's Retreat
    - Quaint little house mod behind the Caldera Mages' Guild. -Lots- of storage in the basement and it looks great. The Tribunal/Bloodmoon version lets the expansions' ingredients get sorted too.
  • Private Moblie Base
    - Scroll down the page a little and you'll see it. Prepare for takeoff...
  • SellnSail Galleon
    - Set sail with a buyable galleon and pull into port all over Vvardenfell. Conflicts with Fishing Academy and multimark mods.
  • Silveris Draconis' Old Home
    - A great looking house near Ebonheart, beautifully retextured inside. Look around Vixyn's site for more great stuff and pick up some open-faced helms while you're at it.
  • Solstheim Mages Tower 3.0
    - Adds a tower and a tiny stone settlement worthy of a mage in Solstheim. Look in the Blamora's Mage Guild for a map to it.
  • Spencer Homes
    - 5 Houses for sale all over Vvardenfell that fit in nicely with the existing places.
  • Stonewood Hall 1.2
    - A great house north of Raven Rock in Solstheim. Complete with stables for your horse and a sauna for relaxation.

  • Book Rotate 5.2
    - Stack/place your books how you want and fill up those bookshelves in your library.
  • House of Mannequins
    Grumblepunk gives you all sorts of mannequins: statues, wooden, skeletal, vampiric, mist, and dancing. What, you need more?
  • Real Furniture and Potted Plants
    - Two mods by Andoreth that add so much in the way of decor for your houses. Put furniture where you want it. Also allows for buying and placing "Dongle's Delights" like canopy beds, musical instruments, and printing presses. Some of Lady Eternity's stuff too. There's also "Empty Houses" from Coleen ready for furnishing that include a tavern and a keep. All mods are on the same page for easy one stop shopping! The original furniture mod conflicts with House of Mannequins, but there's an easy upgrade/fix on the same page too.
  • Rotation
    - Allows armor (includes shields), weapons, and some items to be placed on walls, doors (teleporting, not swinging), floors, wherever, and stay that way. Drop the item in front of you, click on it, and follow the instructions. Use them seperately or all together, your choice.
  • Shield Placer
    - Allows shields to be placed on walls, doors (teleporting, not swinging), floors, wherever, and stay that way. Drop the shield in front of you, click on it, and follow the instructions.
  • Wine Rack
    - This allows players to place empty bottles/jugs and alcoholic potions on their sides. Works great for placing bottles in wine racks. Does have one caveat, however. The bottles no longer stack in your inventory (thus the reason for not putting the script on regular potions).

  • Chalk 2.0
    - Graffiti artists of Morrowind unite! Write all over the place in chalk. Recently updated by ManaUser! Write what you want now and make circles, body outlines, and even 6th House marks like in the game.
  • Daggerfall Book Collection
    - Adds the books from the Daggerfall game to Morrowind.
  • Dwemer Clock Enhanced
    - A Dwemer cube that functions as a clock with customized settings, including moon phases for werewolves.
  • Helios Keep
    - A massive castle with lots of eye-candy and soon to be home of a whodunit mystery mod.
  • Indy Bank v2.4
    - Kir updates Indestructible's bank mod, which adds Daggerfall style banks to Morrowind. Conflicts with the Illuminated Order in Balmora.
  • Morrowind Splash Screen Pack I
    - Adds 32 splash screens using promotional material from Bethesda.
  • Rings and Amulets 2.1a
    - Adds 130 rings and 246 amulets with unique icons by Daduke. To be used with leveled lists.
  • Trap Making Kit
    - Create traps and set them; a good addition for thieves.

  • Beyond YsGramor
    - Become a Windhelm Oddfellow. Minimum level 30 to join. 23 quests to complete. Island conflicts slightly (1 cell/landscape) with The Black Mill.
  • Black Queen Chronicles
    - Adds a long new quest involving Juib and the Black Queen. If you loved Daggerfall, you'll like this. Level 15 and up.
  • Blades Quest: Prophecy of the Lost Heir
    - A quest fit for the Nerevarine. Side quests and new companions too. You have to be the Nerevarine to play this mod.
  • Bloody Oath
    - "Dunmer will never again rule the island as long as there is a single Nord left in all of Tamriel." North of Dagon Fel adventure awaits...A second part is in the works.
  • Children of the Night Part One and Two
    - An epic quest involving a companion named Ariela. Designed primarily for low levels to start along with the main quest. Conflicts (ghosting) with Doom Door.
  • Chu-bran's Treasure
    - The Argonian "Chu-bran" needs your help. His reward is well worth it: a "Bottomless Quiver" that uses magicka to create new arrows/bolts.
  • Cult of the Clouds
    - Introduces a new faction that focuses on powerful magics. New books, creatures, dungeons, NPCs, etc.
  • Deathtrap Dungeon 1.3
    - A long dungeon and great excursion. Level 10-25 is recommended and you'll need 2000 gps. City of Thieves 1.3 is the 2nd part in a 9 part series. There's also a Merged version
  • Doom Door
    - Go adventuring in a Drow city in Vvardenfell. Meant for level 20+. Conflicts (ghosting) with Children of the Night part 2.
  • Fishing Academy 2.0 and Fishing Academy update 2.53
    - Catch fish, sail boats, and relax. You need 2.0 in order to use the update. Conflicts with SellnSail Galleon.
  • Havish
    - Another great town and landmass created by JOG. Located northwest of Vvardenfell. Adds quite a few new quests and items. Need to be Mage Guild member and have a reputation of 2.
  • Horror Mod
    - Prepared to be scared. People around Suran are disappearing. Do you dare investigate? Adds an enormous dungeon and great challenge for high level characters. Get the patch too.
  • Hunter Modification
    - Adds several quests that teach the player to use more parts of creatures in order to get 9 new ingredients.
  • Illuminated Order
    - New Faction. Learn ancient secrets. Become a lich. Over 20 quests that span all over Tamriel. Conflicts with Indy Bank mod.
  • Inferno's Island Revisited
    - A journey to Seyda Neen and a letter will lead you on an interesting quest, from joining the Legion of Inferno Island to solving many a puzzle to a delicious final battle at the end.
  • Inn of the Whispering Wood 1.3
    - Places a large, highly detailed new land mass on the eastern edge of Solstheim, increasing the islands' size about 20%, including a new Inn/dock area. Quests for level 30+
  • Korobal Island v1.1
    - 45 quests, a new landmass, and 344 new NPCs. Takes a build as you go approach. Conflicts slightly with Moon Spawn. (Landscape). Also, a house for the Elvish Trade Cartel featured in this mod conficts with the Physiqued Capes store in the St. Delyn Canalworks.
  • Moon Spawn
    - Interesting quest, a floating Dwemer fortress, and lots of fun. What's not to like? Meant for higher level characters. Conflicts slightly with Korabal Island. (Landscape)
  • Myth and Murder
    - A nice detective story with memorable NPCs that is compatible with The Seekers Faction.
  • Sea of Destiny
    - Adds a large new landmass SW of Seyda Neen. A few quests in the gold upgrade and another island landmass in the FrostFall upgrade.
  • Sixth House 2.03
    - Welcome to the darkside...join the Sixth House as a Sleeper and rise in rank until you're a Dagoth. You know you want to.
  • Sorefoot Enterprizes
    - Adds 4 new silt striders, a merchant city, expanded shipping routes, new houses, quests for low level characters, and more.
  • Stanegau Island
    - Interesting quest and island mod. Starts small and gains momentum.
  • Suran Underworld
    - Explore the criminal underworld of Suran. At least 20th level to start recommended. Conflicts with Suran Archery Tradehouse.
  • Tales of the Bitter Coast
    - Adds 10 NPCs with new quests for characters just beginning around the Bitter Coast region.
  • Tales of Tel Branora
    - Adds 10 NPCs with new quests for characters just beginning, but this time around Tel Branora.
  • TarMar
    - TarMar is a quaint little village resort with a brewing scandal the Imperial Court wishes you to look into. Give your investigative skills a test! Suitable for low level characters. Conflicts slightly with Beyond YsGramor.
  • Telos Rin Graveyard
    - Merges flawlessly with Bloodmoon; discover the Rin Graveyard.
  • The Black Mill
    - Very long quest and new landmass. For level 25 and up. Conflicts slightly (1 cell/landscape) with Beyond Ysgramor. Conflicts with The Seekers Faction in regards to "Inquisitors." Look HERE for a quick fix. Conflicts with BJ's Twin Lamps.
  • The Dwemeri Secret
    - A well written and deeply involving Dwemer quest mod.
  • The Runaway
    - Another nice mod by Dale French (The Seekers' Faction, Myth and Murder) that allows the player to play detective.
  • The Seekers Faction
    - Introduces a new investigative Faction. Great fun. Conflicts with The Black Mill in regards to "Inquisitors." Look HERE for a quick fix.
  • Theurgist
    - A mage-oriented mod for character levels 15-25. New items, quests, clothing, and spells dealing with the elements.
  • Three Shades of Darkness
    - A treasure map leads to a shunned place where restless spirits jealously guard their worldly possessions...Features a couple of new unique weapons.
  • Twin Lamps
    - Joinable Twin Lamps faction and quests by Brother Juniper. Conflicts with Nevena's Twin Lamps and Slavehunters. Conflicts with the Black Mill.
  • Twin Lamp and Slavehunters 1.2
    - Nevena fleshes out the Twin Lamps Faction and adds a new one, Slavehunters. Free every slave in the game. @100 quests and subquests, plus 100 random "restocking" quests. Conflicts with Brother Juniper's Twin Lamps.
  • Veldion
    - Large new landmass and quests. New meshes and textures, a wonderful cathedral.
  • Vivec's Fate
    - Play as an Ordinator or an Ashlander Hero and discover the story of what happens next after Dagoth Ur is defeated.
  • Witchgirl Adventure
    - A nice companion and side quest. Lost Artifacts, Romance, and a Rescue Mission.

  • Bethaliz's Morrowind Race Additions
    - Drows (now with Smoother Bodies), the classic Ocan-ada (a tattooed race), and Water Nymphs! Check out the Seraphim (Angels) while you're there too.
  • Drow v1.7 for BB2.0 and Drow v1.7 for SB1.0
    - Adds the Drow race in all its glory to Morrowind. 2 Body versions so everyone can be happy.
  • Eljiit Complete
    - Adds half elf/half white tiger playable race. Lots of clothing for the Eljiit comes with the mod and you can also get Tanktops and HG Robes for the Eljiit. This is a Smoother Bodies version.
  • Feywulf's Wolfrace
    - Adds a wolfrace using BB 2.0 (BB2 isn't needed for this though) and includes several retextures for fur colorings. First person hands and even Vampire heads are included.
  • Gothic Elves
    - Adds a new race, Gothic Elves, as a playable race for players. There's clothes too!
  • Maormer Race
    - Adds Maormer (Tropical Elves) to Vvardenfell for the player to choose.
  • Mog Mod
    - Adds the Moogle race for the player to use. It's a beta, but it's not too hard to figure out. Works well with Fantasy Color Morrowind. I'm gonna use them together until Morrowind4kids is released.
  • Ohmes-Raht Khajiit Mod
    - Adds the more elflike Khajiit, the Ohmes-Raht, that were present in Daggerfall.
  • Night Elves 1.05
    - Adds Night Elves with Smoother Bodies to the game for the player to use. Comes with Moon Armor too!
  • Sabregirl's Beast Races
    - Sabregirl gives us 4 new beast races: Pharlans, Keynari, Gryphons, and Jo'Rakht. Check 'em out.
  • Ra'kath Panther Khajiit
    - Adds another variety of Khajiit for the player to use. Not to be confused with Cathay-Raht, the Ra'kath are not lore based, but they're still a nice addition to the game.
  • The Wolven
    - A classic by Phyntowasp. Be sure to get the update too.
  • Usagi of the Moon
    - First moogles, now "bunny assassins!" Hehe, have some fun.
  • White Senche Tiger Khajiits 1.1
    - Adds White Senche Tiger Khajiit to the game for the player to use. Not to be confused with lore Khajiit. Get the Expansion too. Err, might as well get the Void Gear 2.0 T and Void Assassin Gear and Void Assassin Gear Update that puts the armors in game. Screenshots!

    NOTES: Need yet even more races to play with? Take a look at Sabregirl's Ultimate Playable Race List

  • Adul's Arsenal
    - Adds a new shop, the Attractive Arsenal, south of Ebonheart with a large collection of realistic weapons.
  • Assassin's Armory v.7.1
    - Adds the Assassins Armory shop in the main Morag Tong's Guildhall. Adds quite a few new weapons for stealth and fighter classes.
  • Azriel the Merchant 2.0
    - Adds a merchant on top of Balmora's North Guard Tower that sells weapons (including defensive counterparts for dual weapon weilding), sheathes, wings, and other unique items including a matrix style loncaot. You'll also need to install Azriel the Merchant 1.0 first before using this add-on.
  • Carnithus Armamentarium
    - Adds a shop in Mournhold for those characters that like the darker side of life. Get the addon too!
  • House of Spears
    - People keep asking for spears and scythes, so here you go. Adds a couple of shops around Vvardenfell that sell the stuff, as well as adding some to the leveled lists so be sure to use the leveled list merger (TEStool below).
  • Julius and Celine Appoldro's Weaponstore
    - Adds a shop in Suran that adds a collection of retextured armor and weapons by TommyKhajiit. Original models from Bethesda, Karstux, and SoulShade.
  • Metal Queen Boutique
    - For the fashionable female adventurer. Be sure to get the MQB Addon I and the Azure Blouse/Callisto Cuirass update as well.
  • Physiqued Capes
    - Adds a physiqued cape that will twist and bend when the character moves. 12 textures provided by Calishan and Bravo1. There's a shop for the Physiqued Capes in the St. Delyn Canalworks which unfortunately conflicts with a house for the Elvish Trade Cartel featured in the Korobal Island mod.
  • Snakebitten's Lair 1 and Snakebitten's Lair 2
    - Go to Ald Daedroth and over the mountain, past the Links hideout and across the water, to SnakeBittens Lair you go...Just don't be expecting grandmother. Lots of interesting stuff you'll want. You'll need both downloads to run this. Then get Snakebitten's Lair Update and then install Snakebitten's Lair Update Fix and don't forget to get the The ReadMe. Whew, got all that?
  • Suran Archery Tradehouse 2.1
    - Specializing in weaponry for archers. Recently updated, also adding in Wizbang's Archer's Leather Armor. Conflicts with Suran Underworld. There's a 3.0 Beta out that doesn't conflict with SU, so look for an update soon.
  • Tenience's Rare Items
    - Adds a shop to the town of Pelagiad that sells all kinds of interesting items. You'll want the sword Eltz, trust me.
  • The Cloak and Dagger
    - Marvelous apparel, armor, and a few daggers found in 3 shops in Vivec, Pelagiad, and Ald-Ruhn.
  • The Night Gallery ESP and Readme, Icons and Meshes, and Textures
    - Adds a shop in Caldera that features furniture, miniature mannequins (including some infamous modders), and even some clothing for the darker souls among us. Be sure to get all 3 downloads.

  • Amulet of Scrye 1.1
    - "I see dead people." Adds a new spell with amulet that allows the character to speak with the dead. Some spirits ignore you, some give you quests, and some summon the tomb's guardians to attack you... Screenshots
  • Inscription 2.0
    - Allows the character to make scrolls, upgraded to 5 levels for each spell. Inscription is also a learned skill now.
  • Kai Globes 2.6c
    - Adds several rechargeable magical globes that convert soul gems into seconds of activation. Each Globe type has a quite seperate power from the others. Nicely balanced.
  • Magical Trinkets of Tamriel
    - Many great scripted items for mages and other characters. Emblems, Sigils, Foci, Unfinished Rings, Charms, Ioun Stones, Sarah Stones, Mana Bolts, Scepters, Shard Weapons and Linked Items. Throw in Channeling and Necromancy and you get an idea of what this mod offers.
  • Missing Bound Armor
    - Adds the spells Bound Greaves and Bound Pauldrons so you can get a full set now...
  • Multiple Teleport Marking Mod
    - Replaces the Mark and Recall spells with a version that allows marking up to 12 different locations.
  • New Shield VFX Bubble
    - Replaces the pixelated shield effect with something more visually pleasing.
  • NPC Soultrapping
    - Now you can trap the souls of the non-creatures in the game...great for those necromancer wannabes.
  • Scripted Spells 1.4
    - Transform into creatures and other magical attacks. Great for vampires. Recently updated.

  • MagicNakor's Vampire Heads Packs
    - Adds several new vampire heads for better variety when your character becomes a vampire. Downloadable by race.
  • Vampire Embrace 2.1
    - So many improvements to vampires and vampire dialogue I wouldn't know where to begin. Just get it. Now.
  • Vampire Realism 1.2
    - Changes vampires in order to make them much more realistic. Another one to get. Now. Get more info at Jaxalot's website

    NOTES: Some other recommendations (found on this list) for vampires include Azriel the Merchant, Carnithus' Armamentarium, Qarl's Gothic Attire, Scripted Spells, Snakebitten's Lair, and The Night Gallery.

  • Bottomlesss Quiver 4.33
    - Adds a special quiver that you can buy from Pawnbroker in Balmora. The quiver's special feature is that you can use it to summon unlimited arrows/bolts as long as you have enough magicka for the types of quarrels that you choose. Check out GlassBoy's Guiding Beacons and Titanium Tools while you're there too.
  • Fists of Fire
    - Adds physical damage and cast-on-strike spell effects to hand-to-hand combat.
  • Lilarcor Sword v. 4.1
    - An interesting, unique sword. You could even say it has "soul."
  • Marksman Mod 1.46
    - Rounds out the marksman class quite nicely. Adds a shop to Vivec's Hlaalu canton in the Canalworks section that sells some stuff as well as adding stuff to the levled lists.
  • Quivers and Fletching Kits 2.5
    - Quivers and fletching kits for use in Morrowind. Great for archers. Look for the NPC Theadra in Balmora and be sure to merge your leveled lists.
  • Weapon Compilation Mod 2.0
    - A great collection of weapons added to leveled lists.
  • Weapons of Tamriel 1.2
    - Some excellent realistic swords and weapons. Look for them in Suran at the smith's shop.

  • Bloodmoon Werewolf Realism
    - Makes changes to werewolves in order to make them more realistic.
  • Daggerfall Style Hircine Ring
    - Changes the scripts on the Hircine Ring in Bloodmoon. Non-lycanthropes will find the ring nothing more than a pretty piece of jewelery. When equiped but not used (ie., chose "no" on the menu) the ring will block normal transformations until it is removed. The ring will still allow lycanthropes to transform at will without suffering the bloodlust.
  • Wereskins
    - Gives some alternate werewolf coloring textures. Because everyone wants to be different, even werewolves.
  • Werewolf Clans of Vvardenfell
    - Offers 4 clans to choose from - Arctic, Golden, Red Mountain, and Shadow. Each clan has a lair on Vvardenfell that offers services to the other members.
  • Werewolf Forget
    - A mod that makes people forget you turned into a werewolf after one month. Bloodmoon version of a similar feature that appears in Werewolves 1.60
  • Werewolves 1.60
    - Revolutionizes playing werewolves without using Bloodmoon, making vast improvements. Be warned though, there is no "cure" in Episode 1 so I would suggest making a character specifically for this.

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