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My Permanent Mods
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 11) Cali’s Clothing-by Calislahn

 This mod contains five new color coordinated female outfits consisting of:

Extravagant Shirt, Extravagant Pants, Extravagant Skirt, Coat - light armor, gloves, Extravagant Shoes - with heel and Expensive Shoes - flat


 12) Clean Rabbit Mod-by kagrenac

This rabbit mod brings over 750 adult and baby rabbits to the land of Vvardenfell. This is strictly a visual mod. Rabbits will not attack or fight back. They can be found pretty much anywhere there is grass.


 13) Dancing Guards-by Cody Peterson Adds a script that causes all the guards to start dancing until you either talk to them or get close enough to activate their welcome script. Just something funny to add to the game.


 14) Dome of Serlyn Fix-by Bill (mcwby) Mansfield

 Inside the Dome of Serlyn I encountered a room full of fog. This plugin enables you to see clearly inside the dome so that you can finish this section of the game. It's listed as a tweak but should be listed as a patch.


 15) Emma’s Breton Faces-by Emma

 Adds 18 new faces to the Breton races both male and female


 16) Emma’s Highelf Fem-by Emma

 This mod includes 24 playable highelf faces, all of them female.


 17) Emma’s Imperial Heads-by Emma

Adds 14 new playable heads to the Imperial race.


 18) Emma’s Redguard Faces-by Emma

 This mod includes 24 playable Redguard faces, nine male and fifteen female No hair is included. To change the face of your existing character without starting a new game, open the console and type "enableracemenu". Choose your new face and hair.

Changing your race will cause temporary problems that should resolve themselves when you reload. Always save your game first in case of unpredictable errors and save afterwards in a new file.


 19) Improved Inns-by taddeus

 This mod modifies the way beds are rented in Morrowind. I gathered

ideas for this mod on the official forums and by playing Daggerfall. When you talk to a publican to rent a bed you'll have now 4 choices:

- 1 day

- 5 days

- 15 days

- 30 days

This will allow you to rent a bed for quite some time, without having to speak again with the publican every day. The more time you rent a bed, the more discounts you get.

When you enter an inn where you rented a room, a message will tell you for how much time the room is still yours or, if this is the case, that the renting period expired. Also, when you load a game and you've rooms rented, a message will tell you what is the last room you rented and

for how much time it will be yours.


 20) Wine Rack Mod-by Maboroshi Daikon

 Allows you now to be able to place bottles into the wine racks, making it easier to spruce up your living quarters.




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