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 21) More Dangerous Travel-by The All Seeing Eye

 More Dangerous Travel adds 50 respawning "tree elves" to Morrowind. Tree elves are basically uncivilized wood elves that will try to kill you. Their method of hunting, however, is quite unique. Each tree elf carries one dart coated with refined scrib poison. If a tree elf hits you with one of these darts, you will be rendered unconscious for a short period of time. In the time that you are lying helpless on the ground, the tree elf will butcher you with an ordinary chitin dagger.



 22) More NPC’s-by Eternalsteelfan

 This small mod places 71 NPC across Vvardenfell. They are everywhere

and you should begin to see them the moment you load a game. The AI and dialog all match the location and should fit in the game seamlessly. I noticed jails were mostly bare so I added a good few to previously empty jails. Inns are now more vibrant, and streets less desolate. All the NPC’s are custom made but none of them are unbalanced.


 23) NPC Schedules-by HelioS

 This mod:

- Adds schedules to the NPC's in many of the towns in Vvardenfell, and does not modify, in any fashion, individual NPC’s (prevents incompatibility). NPC's will go home at night, go to bars, go out at night, go shopping, go walking, and live their little lives on a daily basis. More guards come out at night (works brilliantly with mods such as TLM), and the schedules of NPC's have been done so as to imply who is sleeping with who, who is the shady business elf, so on and so forth.

- Adds locks and shops with various opening/closing times.

 This mod will give you two options once it is downloaded. One esp will be for the NPC's schedules and the other will be a NPC's door locks. Both are excelent mods.


 24) PC Start Cloths-by S-R-H

 The 6 esp’s included in the ZIP file each change the PC's starting clothes to your liking. All Common Clothes from Tribunal and Bloodmoon can be chosen. Note: Don't load multiples of these at the same time, it will either crash or you'll have a sh*tload of clothes in your inventory.

* * * * I have looked every where that I can think of for this mod and can not find it. If you happen to know where it is, then let me know so that I can link to it for others.


 25) Real Months-by Martini60

 Changes the names of the months in the game from abstract names like Morningstar and Heartfire to the more common January, February etc., allowing you to get a better feel for the time of year in Vvardenfell.

The main changes you will see are the new month names on the Rest Menu, as well as on future Journal entries.


 26) Real Signposts-by Elbundee

 The Real Signposts Plug-in replaces the signposts in Morrowind with

signposts  that shows the real names of the locations that you can read without having to get so close to the signs.


 27) Ring Texture Fix-by random name

 What does this plug-in do?

-It fixes the black ring textures to the colorful textures that Bethesda intended you to see.

-All rings will have textures now, including enchanted rings.

-The "glow effect" that enchanted rings have HAS NOT been altered or changed.

-A plug-in was required; dropping the textures in the appropriate files did not fix the problem.


 28) Rogues and Ambushes-by Mephisto

 With more and more Imperial Soldiers being recalled to Cyrodill there has been an increase in attacks from rogues and bandits. Citizens have been advised to stay in bed during the night.


 29) Seasons-by TheLys

 This mod makes the weather and flora follow the seasons. Seasons are based on months and days of the year, as on Earth.


 30) Shield Placer-by Monica21

 This mod allows shields to be placed on walls, fireplaces, non-swinging doors, wherever, and stay that way.  Simply drop the shield in front of you, click on it, and follow the instructions.  The script can also be used for any item in Morrowind that is able to be picked up, such as weapons and plates. The script is also attached to the Head of Scourge.




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