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My Permanent Mods

My Permanent Mods
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This page is dedicated to the mods that I consider a must-have each time I play Morrowind. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I guarantee that it will not be the same as many others.
Since I am not the hosting site for these mods, all I can do for you is point you in the right direction. I have linked each mod to the hosting site but the rest is going to be up to you. Some sites let you download without joining them, but others don't. Those that you have to join will be free to you.
I hope that you will enjoy these mods as much as I have. If you find one that you truely enjoy, go back to the site that you got it from and leave your feedback to the creator. I'm sure that they would love to know that you like it. Above all else, enjoy yourself.



1) Adventurers 2.0-by Adam

This new version of Adventurers has been greatly simplified and cleaned up--it should be more compatible with other plugins. Some things have been left out, like the new creatures and Elven items, and will be in separate plugins.

- START A NEW GAME. Really. Some of the changes won't take effect otherwise, and also the game may do some weird things, like creating duplicate NPC's.

- The new spells, NPC’s, items, and so forth in the editor have been clearly labeled in the format: _adv_objectname. It should be easier to locate the new stuff if you want to change something yourself or just look around.

- It should be more difficult to obtain expensive items. For instance, some items were just lying around or guarded by wimpy characters; they are now guarded better and more difficult to obtain, and hopefully more satisfying when you do get them.

- Most NPC’s and intelligent creatures can now heal themselves. NPC's have healing potions they will use in combat; the amount of potions they have is based on their level, and your level determines the quality of their potions.

- Some higher level NPC’s and creatures have enhanced abilities and more powerful spells, like turning invisible, chameleon, paralyzing, and more.

- Lots of small tweaks to game play, items, characters, and creatures, but none that should affect any quests.



 2) Astaris’s Bearded Nords-by Asteris

 Adds 7 new bearded Nords faces in a variety of color and ages.


 3) AV Fem Shirts-by Avenger

 It adds female versions of all common/expensive/extravagant/exquisite shirts in Morrowind. It also adds a female shirt for the Vivec gondoliers. Certain unique shirts were not changed, as there is no female mesh that would look right.


 4) Bar_BB_Dresspack-by Baratheon79

 Adds 6 new dresses, based on Neuman's tight-fitting dress mesh for

the Better Bodies mod. The dresses are all available from a merchant that is located in Suran. This merchant should be easily recognized, as she is wearing one of the retextured dresses.


 5) Bare Breasted Women-by Linkitch

 Removes Shirts and Robes from all Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial,

Nord, Redguard and Wood Elf Female NPC's.

NOTE: Does not remove shirt or robes of any Female NPC wearing a cuirass and

or unique shirt/robe.

NOTE: Argonian, Khajiit and Orc Female NPC's have not been altered


 6) Bittercoast Sounds-by Bethesda (official plugin)

 Let the gentle chorus of swamp wildlife draw you further into the mire throughout the entire swampy region of the Bitter Coast. You'll find dragonfly creatures now inhabit the muck ponds along the coast. The areas in which the sounds are placed cover the extreme southwest portions of the island of Vvardenfell. From the south, the placement  starts directly west of Vivec and slopes diagonally northwest along the coast including the towns of Seyda Neen, Hla Oad, and Gnaar Mok.


 7) Better Bodies-by Psychodog Studios

This is version 2.0 of Better Bodies. It replaces both the males and

the females of all eight humanoid races in Morrowind.  You do not need

to have Tribunal or Bloodmoon installed to use Better Bodies. 

Version 2.0 produces several significant changes to the body, some cosmetic

and some functional.  New features include:


-First person hands

-Nude version and permanent-underwear version

-Peanut gallery version (for insecure adolescent boys)

-Eliminated errors showing up in the Warnings.txt file

-Eliminated neck seam and made many other seams less visible

-Vastly improved backwards compatibility with mods and original clothes

-Improved the shape of the neck, calves, and ankles

-Improved the skin textures


 8) Book Rotate-by Cydine & Maboroshi Daikon

 When you drop a book in Morrowind, it lies on it's side with the bottom facing towards you. If, like me, you have a large collection of books then they will look very messy when stacked in this manner. This plugin adds scripting to every book in the game. It allows you to place books vertically and horizontally wherever you please. It also allows you to close the open books in the game and place them with the rest of your collection.


 9) CAIT’s Horses Gone Wild-by kagrenac

 This mod brings Caits horses into the game. I have hand-placed over 80 horses throughout Vardenfell. Some can be found in towns or near towns, the rest are spread over various locations.


 10) Cali’s BB v2 Tight Dresses-by Calislahn

 This mod adds six new tight-fitting dresses to Verara Rendo's Clothing Store in Suran.


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