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 31) Ships of the Imperial Navy-by Neoptolemus

 This mod places the wonderful Galleon model by dongle in various places around Vvardenfell, crewed by Imperial sailors. You will see the Galleon at Ebonheart, Wolverine Hall, Dagon Fel, Seyda Neen and Fort Frostmoth (if you use the Bloodmoon version). All sailors will disappear at night, except the guards. They have been scaled for a bit of variation, with average sized ships at Wolverine Hall and Dagon Fel, slightly larger vessels at Seyda Neen and Fort Frostmoth, and an absolute monster berthed at Ebonheart.

That's it. It just adds pretty ships for you to look at. Board them and talk to the sailors if you want, but they won't say much. This is purely an aesthetic mod, and entirely pointless unless you want to look at pretty ships. ;)


 32) Sierre’s Dress 02-by Sierrebrarc Sithniog

Just adds some sexy dresses to the clothier shop in Balmora so that the female characters can dress up pretty.


 33) Silt Strider Animator-by Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~

Adds animation to the Silt Striders that wasn’t activated by the developers. They won’t be walking around, but you will be able to see their legs moving while they wait at their docks.


 34) The Regulars- Sitting NPC’s-by GhanBuriGhan

 So many chairs and benches and no one sitting down! The carpenters of Morrowind must be immensely frustrated. No longer! This mod adds 27 NPC's to various pubs and clubs on Vvardenfell that are actually sitting down. These NPC's won't do much - they have no quests for you and they will only get up when you fight them. It's just a small thing, but it makes the pubs look much more real.


 35) Window Glow-by Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~

 This plug-in adds glow-maps to all window meshes in the game, which means that every window will now glow in the appropriate time, so if it's outside, it'll glow at night, and if it's inside, it will glow at day.


 36) Woodman’s Female Caleb. Heads-by Woodman

5 playable celeb.  heads are included in this pack.

Lis Tyler - Wood Elf

Kristanna Loken - Nord

Sandra Bullock - Nord

Erika Eleniak - Wood Elf

Christy Turlington - Wood Elf

Also contained are 2 playable "non-celeb" Wood Elf heads. 

WoodElf01 was modeled with Heather Locklear's eyes.

WoodElf02 was created just for the fun of it.




 37) World of Faces-by GhanBuriGhan

 This mod adds new Faces and Hairstyles to Morrowind. About 650 heads of all races have been redone with new faces and/or hairstyles. This mod does not replace all the heads of a given race with new ones; the focus of this mod is instead to increase variety. With this mod installed, many NPC's will still have the original faces made by Bethesda, but many will also have the beautiful and varied faces designed by the Community. I have taken care to replace faces with others that were similar, or suitable to the type of character. Every face was hand placed and the effect checked in the editor, so gross mismatches of hairstyles and face models should be at an absolute minimum. Of course the heads are also playable. Because of the great number of models and hairstyles (it is most likely the largest collection currently in existence) you should check carefully if head and hairstyle match when you create a new character.