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Telesphoros' List o' Mods
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One of the most compiled lists of mods available on the internet today, is Telesphoros' List o' Mods. It has been posted in Morrowind forums that he will no longer be posting his list there, so I have taken the liberty to place them here, in his own format, so they may live on and be handed down for one and all.
I don't mean to slight anyone else who has a list like this, but in my own opinion, this is the best list out there. It's only a personal preference that I have placed Telesporos' list above all others. Too anyone else who has their own list they would like to see here, email me and I will gladly post it.
Quote: Sadly, this will be my last List 'o Mods for awhile, maybe ever. You didn't really expect me to keep doing all the work for you, did you? Oh, you did? Hmmm... *snaps fingers* Well now there's a webpage for the List O' Mods, so I'll only be posting the new and updated mods from now on --- with a link to the webpage for the full list...You didn't really think I'd hide all your toys and make you look for them yourself now, did you? I'm not -that- evil...

WARNING!!! This is not a list of compatible mods. Some mods may and will conflict with others. Read the readmes and start small to avoid problems. Some of these mods still need to be "cleaned" of Evil GMSTs. Remember, -always- backup your files (Data Files, Save Games, and Morrowind.ini especially) before messing around with mods. Also, take note that some items on this list could be outdated the minute after I release the list. This means you Jay.

Those new to mods are requested to look over Ronin49's Mod Lists and Links for tutorials and such before downloading a bunch of mods and killing your game. I've made the attempt to list conflicts and provide notes to better help people decide which mods to choose, but common sense goes a long way too.

Post/Part 1 covers plugins that change things in the game itself.

Post/Part 2 are plugins specifically for characters with a few "tools" for players.

Also note that many of the pages I link to have other great mods on them that may not be on this list. Take a look around, you might find something you like.

The mods highlighted below in orange are either new to the list or have been recently updated since the last list.

Finally, in some instances, a list will contain Betas or WIPs. These links will be highlighted in red. They are included because I feel these particular mods work just fine on their own or with minor tweaking. You've been warned.



  • Better Bodies 2.0
    - Better Bodies for Humans, Elves, and Orcs. Comes in 3 styles: nude, permanent underwear, and the peanut gallery version for those "insecure adolescent boys" who want their women nude, but have something against male nudity. Lizardo/Mooner did some retexturing and gave the males some more defined muscles. You can find them Here and Here.
  • Smoother Bodies 1.0
    - Smoother bodies with better joints. Works with existing clothes, both Bethesda's and mods made for the Bethesda mesh.
  • Bodies of Morrowind and Bodies of Morrowind Advanced
    - Allows you to use Better Bodies 2.0 and Smoother Bodies 1.0, both of which are required for this mod. Read the readme carefully. The Advanced version allows you to pick what body style each race gets.
  • Better Argonian Bodies
    - Detailed Argonian bodies (new textures) for use with Better Argonian Heads.

    NOTES: Better Bodies and Smoother Bodies aren't normally compatible with each other unless you're using Bodies of Morrowind/BOM Advanced. Not for the feint of heart. Most people just pick one or the other based upon their tastes. The only thing this really limits are some clothing choices, found below.

  • Creature Pack
    - Adds quite a few variations of existing creatures in Morrowind, from Young to Ancient.
  • Endless Adventures: Primal
    - Adds lairs for Morrowind's creatures who will defend their homes if provoked. Great for collecting ingredients.
  • Kagrenac's Morrow-Eden Project
    - Flying birds and bees, bunnies and foxes, zebras and dogs, ravens and waterfowl, horses and donkeys, oh my. You might even find a dragon compnaion...
  • Morrowind Additions
    - Adds quite a few new creatures, some new ingredients, and 43 new weapons to leveled lists.
  • Morrowind Advanced 1.82
    - An updated version of the classic mod by Wormgod. Adds a number of new creatures to leveled lists, 2 new dungeons, and some new armor types. Fits in perfectly just as if it's an official expansion.
  • Silt Striders are in Vvardenfell 1.0
    - Adds fully animated wild silt striders to leveled lists.
  • The Undead 2.0
    - Adds 140 new types of undead to the leveled lists of Vvardenfell, Solstheim, and Mournhold Sewers. They appear in tombs and at night.

    NOTES: You'll need to merge most of these plugins for all of them to be added to the leveled lists if you choose more than one. To accomplish this, use TESTool found below under "Tools." Otherwise the only one you'll see in game is whatever plugin loads last.

  • Better Heads 1.1
    - Well-made heads that replace every race except the Khajiit. Modular packs for each race so you can use them with other NPC Replacers.
  • World of Faces
    - Replaces about 650 heads (around 1 in 5 NPCs) of all races with new unique heads. Hand placed so head and hair styles match.
  • Unique Heads I - Balmora
    - Gives most of the people in Balmora a makeover, giving them "unique" heads. No more twins! Works well with Better Heads, just make sure this one loads last.
  • NPC Replace 3.5
    - An old favorite. Works pretty well with Astarsis' packs.
  • Astarsis’ Replacer Packs
    - Astarsis' packs replace (or add) mainly Dark Elves and High Elves with a Basic Replace for some Bretons, Imperials, Nords, Redguards, and Wood Elf faces. Look for Dark Elves Female Beauty, Dark Elves Heroes, High Elves Female Beauty, Don Salus’ High Elves Heroes, and the Basic Replace.

    NOTES: All of these plugins may be used together, but it's not recommended unless you're comfortable with mods and load orders. Also, most of these face replacers (besides "Unique" Heads) make the heads available to the player's characters at race selection.

  • Adventurers 3
    -This plugin modifies Morrowind to make the gameplay more challenging, the enemies more intelligent, the economy more balanced, and to change some details to make the game more fun. There's a Super Adventurer's 3 also that combines this with a few more plugins on the same page. Check 'em out and see which one fits your needs.
  • LDones' Balancing Mods
    - Look down past the Illuminated Order for things like "Thief Experience Overhaul," "Armor Effects," and "Dodge Mod."
  • Marksman Enhanced 1.1
    - Tweaks bows and crossbows so they're more realistic, as well as adding a few more crossbow types across Vvardenfell.
  • Primary Needs
    - Makes you eat and sleep every day or suffer penalties. A few other nifty tweaks as well.
  • Sleep or Suffer 1.1
    - Sleep is now a necessity. Stay awake too long and sleep deprivation starts affecting the characters abilities. Bottom of the page.
  • Taddeus' Balanced Weapons, Armor and Objects
    - Balances all the stuff in the game plus a version that includes some of the more popular mods.
  • Wakim's Game Improvements
    - Towards the bottom of the page. All kinds of tweaks and balances, and it's in a modular form so you can pick and choose the ones you like. As stated, this a modular version, but you can pick up a single Esp version (with No-Glo) HERE if you like everything.
  • Weapon Range Balance
    - Gives each weapon a reach based on how long it is. Includes Tribunal weapons. There is a noticeable difference.

    NOTES: Obviously several of these tweak the same thing, albeit differently. Also, many of them require you to start a new game and don't take well to being removed in the middle of a game. Choose wisely Grasshopper.

  • Bloodmoon Ammo Fix
    - Annoyed at only finding one arrow, bolt, or thrown weapon in Bloodmoon? Srikandi was too, so she changed the increments to 5, 10, 15, and 20.
  • Bloodmoon Wolf Greaves Fix
    - Switches the man's and woman's greaves as they were meant to be.
  • Clean Beds 4 Rent
    - Adds rentable beds to locations in Dagon Fel, Gnisis, Molag Mar, and Suran that should have had them in the first place.
  • Month Bugfix 2.0
    - Puts the entire month of Morning Star back into the game, not just the first day, so there's 12 months once again. Fixes the days of the months and adds Leap Years too.
  • Nymeria's Mage Guild Fix
    - Fixes an error in Sadrith Mora Mages’ Guild, where the potions’ chest was not assigned to Tusamircil, the alchemist, but to another character. It also adds a Supply Chest to the Caldera Mages’ Guild.
  • Plain Paper Fix
    - Annoyed you have to read plain paper and then take it? Infuriated paper weighs more than scrolls and as much as some books? This mod fixes all that. Simple, yet effective.
  • Text Patch v1.2
    - Fixes errors in all manner of dialogue, journal, subtitles, books, activators, scripts, NPC and creature names, weapon and other item names, menus and game feedback, and more. Latest version works well with the Unofficial Morrowind Patch but there are some "duplicate" fixes that will show up as conflicts even though they probably aren't.
  • VGreetings by The Other Felix
    - Enables greetings, sounds, and responses that were shipped with the game, but not activated. Conflicts with the Unnofficial Morrowind Patch at the moment to where some stuff still might not show up in game.
  • Unofficial Morrowind Patch
    - Probably fixes 99% of the bugs that haven't been officially patched. I've yet to run across the other 1%. Doesn't fix spelling errors in books for aesthetic reasons. Get the Text Patch if you want that.

    NOTES: Some of these, like the Ammo fix and Plain Paper fix aren't true fixes (you're game isn't broke if you don't use them), but they sure help my sanity.
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