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Going for a boat ride

My first trip to Vvardenfell

Welcome to my corner of Morrowind. Here you will find nothing but screenshots I have taken from played games and the mods that I use. I will separate the mods into certain catagories. For example, "My Permanent Mods" will be all the mods that I consider an absolute must each time I start up a new character.
Morrowind is the one game that I have found that is never the same no matter how many times you decide to play it. With the invention of the Construction Set and the unlimited imagination of countless people that are consumed by the game, Morrowind has become the most open-ended, never-ending game of all time.
I will try and show credit where credit is due to the modders that have created the mods that I've listed here if possible, but some of them are old and outdated so the creators may be unknown.



 The one thing that I find common among all players is that no two people play alike! There are a bunch that will play similar, but that's as close to alike as you'll get. Morrowind is the most open-ended game that I have ever seen. Just when you think you have beaten it, something comes up that you didn't know about, or someone makes a new MOD that you just have to try. Either way, you can play Morrowind many many times and never play it the same way. That's just one of the beauties of this game.

 Also on this site, you will find my own mod, The Dome of Serlyn Fix. It is more of a patch then a tweak, but a much needed mod none the less. In the Walkthrough section I will also include my own walkthrough for the East Empire Company. What makes mine most different then any other is that instead of working with Falco, I decided to work for Carnius. Adds a different outlook to this part of the game.

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If there is anything that I haven't done on this site that you would like to see changed, then let me know. I'll take all suggestions into account. Just send me an email and I'll do what I can to make this site better for all.