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Telesphoros' List o' Mods
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  • Daerk's Realistic Color Config for Morrowind
    - Adjusts the atmospheric color and lighting in the game by performing morrowind.ini tweaks.
  • Modman’s Windowlights 2.0
    - Adds exterior lights to most of the buildings in Vvardenfell.
  • Spuzzum's Interior Daylight
    - Adds a nice glow to interior windows to simulate light shining through. It also adjusts to the time outside so you'll have more of a glow at noon then say 8 in the morning.
  • The Lighting Mod
    - Improvements the dynamic lighting in the game and adds modifiers for thieves based on lighting conditions.
  • Windows Glow 1.75
    - Windows now have an exterior and interior glow at the appropriate times during the night and day. A sexy alternative to Modman's Windowlights -and- Spuzzum's Interior Daylight without the FPS hit. Look towards the bottom of the page.

  • Fortified Thirsk 1.1
    - Lochnarus has put a medieval wooden wall around Thirsk, making it feel more like an old wooden fort.
  • Guarded Ghostgate
    - Expands Ghostgate a bit to make it feel it's a place where proud warriors of the Temple fight against evil.
  • Molag Mar Revisited 3.0
    - Replaces the Vivec canton-style version of Molag Mar with a more...aesthetically pleasing alternative.
  • New Khuul
    - The town of Khuul, once the very definition of a seedy shanty town fit only for harboring various sorts of scum, has been rebuilt into a quaint fortified village. Not compatible with other mods that change Khuul as this totally replaces the place. Works well with Green/Leafy/Forested Morrowind.
  • New Molag Mar
    - The town of Molag Mar has been transformed from a dismal, dreary and quite ugly canton to a nice little sea-side resort, a perfect spot for you and the family to settle down! Not compatible with other mods that change Molag Mar as this totally replaces the place. Works well with Green/Leafy/Forested Morrowind.
  • Seyda Neen Docks and Haldenshore 1.0
    - Two great mods, now at one compatible download! Expands Seyda Neen's docks, adding more ships, ropes and shacks...and adds a new town (Haldenshore) next to Seyda Neen with new Thieves' Guild quests. Good for low levels, even level 1.
  • Uvirith Inside 1.6
    - Combines Uvirith Vault and Uvirith Unleashed as a starting point and then starts piling on the good stuff.
  • Vivec Replacement 1.02
    - Replaces the Vivec cantons with open topped ones and the Molag Mar one with a closed top one. The Vivec Arena looks awesome and all those trees in the Vivec cantons don't look out of place now. There is also a Vivec-only version for those that want to use Molag Mar Revisited.

  • Children in Vvardenfell
    - Adds about 70 children all over Vvardenfell for better atmosphere. Screenshots
  • Morrowind Comes Alive 2.2
    - Adds NPC leveled lists to towns in order to make them more realistic.
  • The Regulars - Sitting NPCs 2.02
    - Adds 27 sitting NPCs to taverns and clubs around Vvardenfell for realism. And now bards too from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

  • Atmospheric Sound Effects 1-4
    - Adds a plethora of new sounds with hundreds of new emission points all around Vvardenfell.
  • Freelancer's Music Pack
    - Adds 3 new battle and 18 new explorer tracks to the Morrowind soundtrack.
  • Magic Sound Effect Replacement
    - Don't like the sound effects for magic the game came with? Try this.
  • Morrowind Sound Enhancement and Update
    - A nice alternative to ASE above, and works well with the Wilderness Sounds mod.
  • The Morrowind Voice Add-On Project
    - Now Dagoth Gares, Vivec and Dagoth Ur will speak their lines to you.
  • Voice Add-Ons by Skydiver
    - Now Almalexia and the lich Barilzar will speak their lines to you too.
  • Wilderness Sounds mod
    - Adds sounds in the wilds of Vvardenfell. (Doesn't replace any old sounds). Also note that the official plugins Bitter Coast Sounds and Master Index are included, so uncheck them if you're using this.

  • Advanced Herbalism 1.1 by Andoreth
    - Changes alchemical ingredient gathering and makes it a skill as well as the ability to plant seeds. And there's a hoe...Get the Planter Add-on (same page) for this mod as well so you can grow things in pots.
  • Bloated Morrowind
    - Adds Bloat Spores to the wilds of Morrowind. Bloat spores were shipped with the game, but never activated.
  • Dwemer Bio Monitor
    - Automatically heals health, fatigue, and magicka using character's potions. Detects and cures poisons, diseases, and blight. Creates potions if the character has the right ingredients. And more...
  • Herbalism 1.1 by Balor/Shanjaq
    - Fixes plants and adds Herbalism skill. Shanjaq adds a nice touch with harvesting some plants by moonlight...
  • Herbalism Redux 1.1 by Mode_Locrian
    - Presents herbalism in new manner. Most ingredients harvested take into account the model of the plant, i.e. if there's 6 stoneflowers, you can harvest up to 6. No herbalism skill in this one, just a set 80% success rate. Nicely balanced between herbalism lite mods and the over the top intensive ones.
  • Srikandi's Alchemy Ingredients
    - Adds new ingredients to Morrowind and the expansions, as well as tweaks some things for better realism.

    NOTES: Pick one of the 3 Herbalism mods, don't use all 3 as they conflict.

  • Adamantium Shields
    - It always bugged me that the official adamantium plugin didn't have shields. Now we do. Head over to Dongle's and pick up the adamantium towershield and roundshield at the bottom of the page.
  • Azura's Armor
    - Adds a set of female armor from the Goddess herself. Richly detailed in blue and silver.
  • Black Heart Armor
    - This mod adds a black Queen of Hearts armor set, a shield and a set of weapons, eleven newly colored 'long curly' wigs, a storage chest and a new race NPC.
  • Death Dealer Helmet
    - Frank Frazetta's vision comes to Morrowind. And if that's not enough for you, get the Death Dealer Axe
  • Durzog Armor
    - A new set of armor with 100% original meshes. Male and female versions with open and closed face helms for each gender as well. Did I mention there's a quest to get the armor?
  • Elite Indoril Armour 1.6
    - Adds a male and female set of Elite Indoril Armour in black and silver, including an open-face helmed version.
  • First Guard Armor
    - Argonian armor with boots.
  • Golden Saint Armor
    - Adds a set of Golden Saint Armor (sans helm) based on the "Domina" mesh. Get the texture packs too for correct flesh tones.
  • Knights of Tamriel
    - Excellent armors for Paladin types. 6 types (7 if you count the Armor of Valshea) and counting. I love ‘em all!
  • Legolas Gear
    - Look in Arille's Tradehouse for Legolas' gear. Perfect for an archer.
  • Mantodea's Armors
    - Quite a few new armors to choose from with some micellaneous nice stuff as well. I like the Shu armor.
  • Sheikizza's Daedric and Other Armors
    - Sheikizza gives us several variations of daedric armor and a nice suit of aedric armor among other things.
  • The Lost Armor of St. Nerevar
    - Look at the screenshots and don't forget to hit "download" as you're drooling. You can also get the armor in The Tomb of St. Nerevar if Soulshade's bandwith has been exceeded.

  • Cali's Clothing
    - Adds 5 sets of elegant female clothing complete with shoes to go with them.
  • Canus' Telvanni andNecromantic Robes
    - Adds a couple of male robes for those aspiring Mages. You can also get Female versions by CanadianIce.
  • Cloak Collection 1.4
    - Adds a selection of cloaks, hoods, and capes. Talk to Salvor on the Balmora streets.
  • Hurdy Gurdy Robes One and Two
    - Adds some spectacular female robes.
  • jdooby's Robe Collection
    - Adds 25-30 retextured robes to Morrowind's clothiers. Some are hooded, and includes some nice ones with runes on them as well. Be sure to get the update/fix too.
  • Kimono Robes 1
    - Adds 7 new kimonos to Millie's Fine Clothing in Balmora.
  • Lillia's Robes
    - Adds 3 magnificent robes: Alchemist's Robe, Mantle of Midnight, and the Ottoman Robe.
  • Niero's Thin Clothing
    - Adds some thin and interesting clothing for your player. This is the original version with racial scripting, so no enchanting.
  • Pirate's Outfit with missing texture
    - Adds 3 pairs of musketeer boots, 6 knee breeches, and 5 captain's coats. Yar, Screenshots
  • Ranger Robe
    - Look in the Razor's Hole in Balmora for the Robe. Great for archers.
  • Silaria's Ultimate Clothing - Skirts
    - Adds 51 new retextured skirts to Morrowind merchants. Steal the Robe of Light and some kilts while you're there too!
  • Wizards' Hats
    - Hats fit for those Gandalf types.

    Better Bodies 2.0 Compatible Clothes
  • BB Dress Pack
    - Baratheon79 offers 6 new BB dresses based on the tight-fitting dress mesh.
  • Cali's Dryad Dresses
    - Adds 4 new dresses, one for each season.
  • Cali's Tight Dresses
    - Adds 6 new dresses based on the tight-fitting dress mesh.
  • Chainmail Tops and Slips 1.3
    - Adds 2 chainmail and 5 other tops and slips that are available as clothing or armor.
  • Gothic Chainmail Dress
    - Shanira offers a retexture of the suede dress mesh.
  • Leather and Lace and Update for BB2
    - Leather and Lace by Dereko updated for BB2. You need to download both the original and the update.
  • Korana's Closet
    - Adds more Better Bodies 2.0 clothing than you can shake a stick at. Some other miscellaneous items as well. Sweet!
  • Loincloths and Tops
    - Loincloths and tops by Dereko that are BB 2.0 compatible.
  • Men's Heeled Boots
    - Junkmail has updated his heeled boots for BB2. Right click and save.
  • Metal Queen Boutique Addon 2 - Lingerie for BB
    - Wonderful female lingerie for Better Bodies (which is required along with MQB of course). The wonderful cloaks (mesh by Gorg) may be used by males as well. Works best with the Better Bodies nude version.
  • Pandora's Outfit
    - Junkmail has updated the Pandora's outfit for BB2. Right click and save.
  • Pants by Junkmail
    - Junkmail strikes again with a compatible pants mesh for BB2. More resource than release, so texture at will. Right click and save.
  • Pozzo's Pandora
    - A couple of retextures of Junkmail's Pandora outfit for BB2.
  • Qarl's Gothic Attire
    - Adds a collection of 43 gothic and fetish attire. 10MB big.
  • Sierre's Trader
    - Adds a trader near Seyda Neen's Silt Strider that sells 3 dresses (including Sierre's Sexy Dress), some underwear, and boots.
  • Sils_UCM_Shirt 01
    - Silaria offers a new shirt mesh for males and females. Scroll down about halfway on the page and be certain to read the readme.
  • Full Gowns
    - Smight's Plight gives us several full gowns for BB 2.
  • Stockings and Boots
    - Stockings and Boots by Lord Alt Tab.
  • Trenchcoat by Junkmail
    - Junkmail gives us a nifty looking trench coat for BB 2. Right click and save.

    NOTE: Need more BB clothes? Take a look at Soulphire's Continuum and Serruriere's Better Screens Forum, which mirrors some of the BB clothing for those having trouble downloading. Also a good place for screenshots!

    Smoother Bodies Updated Clothing (Alpha Channels)
  • Fancy Outfits for Smoother Bodies
    - Adds four new outfits for smoother bodies based on FFX-2 dress sphere outfits, and a shop outside Tel Branora that sells the new items.
  • Metal Queen Boutique Addon 2 - Lingerie for SB
    - Wonderful female lingerie for Smoother Bodies (which is required along with MQB of course). The wonderful cloaks (mesh by Gorg) may be used by males as well. Works best with the Smoother Bodies nude version, but don't worry the "basic" lingerie from that is included as removable lingerie in this mod.
  • Niero's Exotic Robes
    - Adds a "Wei Robe" mesh with several retextures from the community to include Astarsis, Canadian Ice, Evereve, Howndog, Kieve, Silaria, and of course Niero.
  • Niero's Thin Clothing
    - Adds some thin and interesting clothing for your player. This version made even more Smoother Bodies compatible. No racial scripts anymore so now the clothing is enchantable.
  • The Silk Dragon
    - Adds a new shop between Vos and Tel Vos with several new clothing items from Xiamara. A BB.2 version is in the works.

  • Abigail's Petshop 5.5
    - Almost every creature as a companion, even dragons and unicorns. And now cats too.
  • Baratheon79's Companion mods
    - Mercenaries, Mage Companions, and Bears oh my! And now Nord warriors with wolves too!
  • Emma's Companions
    - Emma offers us all sorts of companions from a Breton Girlfriend to an Imperial boyfriend to Buddy and Holly. Her masterpiece though is the Laura Craft, Romance and Adventure mod. Also there are 2 quest mods, Blades Quest and Witchgirl Adventure, that feature some of her companions as well. Finally, she teams up with Grumpy to give us Dog Companions for sale and a Wolf Companion, Spot.
  • Grumpy's Companion mods
    - In addition to the great companion mods he's done with Emma, Grumpy also gives us Cally and Gabran (not compatible with each other, so choose one). There's also a nifty "Companion Project" to help you get started on your own companions.
  • If Wishes Were Horses
    - Ride Horseback courtesy of MagicNakor! Many different pants versions and great versatility.
  • If Wishes Were Horses- Saddles Addon
    - And now there's saddles from Acid Basick to make a great mod even better.
  • (IWWH -SA) Black Leather saddle retexture
    - Skullhunter retextures Acid's saddles for a black leather look. Load up, your horse "Harley" wants to take a ride!
  • Mountable Guar
    - Ride Guar-back. It's a beta, but riding is implemented.
  • Nevena's Ex-Slaves and Partners 1.4
    - For starters, this mod adapts Cutthroat Mods' Partners 2.2 to allow you to apply its capabilities to any freed slave via dialogue options. A few other tweaks, read the readme for more.
  • Partners 2.3
    - Adds a number (about 50) of new companions to Morrowind for the player to recruit.
  • SK_Partners_Open2.2 Update
    - Fixes a couple of scripts missed in the first Open update, allowing for same sex relationships with the Partners 2.2 mod, which you will need to run this one. Partners 2.2 is still available on the above page.

  • Blocking Enhanced 1.1
    - Brings the Blocking skill under the player's control. Get the manual here. You need Morrowind Enhanced below to use this mod.
  • Combat Enhanced 1.2
    - Improved combat structure with new moves and deaths. Get the manual here. You need Morrowind Enhanced below to use this mod.
  • Journal Enhanced 1.1
    - Write what you want in your journal. Get the manual here. You need Morrowind Enhanced below to use this mod.
  • Morrowind Enhanced 1.2
    - This is the main external program you need to run the other ones.
  • Writing Enhanced 1.0
    - Adds 80 blank books and 70 scrolls which can be named and written in/on. Maxes out at 3000 text characters and there's an optional setting for book rotate. Now how cool is that? Get the manual here. You'll need Morrowind Enhanced above to use this mod.

    Notes: Yes, they've been all updated again!

  • Asian Ladies Headpack
    - Adds 8 playable female Asian heads and 9 Geisha-style hairsets.
  • Beauty Head and Hair Pack I and Beauty Head and Hair Pack Update
    - EVERY Head and Hair addition prior to December 1, 2003. The update is a must as it updates the Esm (and Esp for modders) files that were originally included in Beauty_Pack 1.0 to address several errors associated with missing/improperly named nifs. My list just got a little shorter. All hail Gorg!
  • Better Heads for Argonians
    - Adds 11 female and 9 male Argonian heads for the player's character to use. (Some of these heads are used in Better Heads, but not all of them.)
  • Don Salus' Faces Pack 3
    - Adds 78 multi-raced faces to the game for the player to use.
  • Emma’s Heads
    - Quite a few new retextured faces for Imperials, Bretons, Redguards, High Elf females, and now Dunmer!
  • Khajiit Males
    - Adds 2 new Khajiit male heads (on a new mesh) for the player to use.
  • LOTR Faces Pack Vol. 1
    - Lochnarus brings you Celeborn, Eomer, Faramir, and Hama in volume 1.
  • Rhedd's Wood Elf Hair #4 Modified
    - Allows Bretons, Imperials, Nords, and Redguards to use Rhedd's Wood Elf hair.
  • Silaria's Long Hair
    - Silaria gives us long hair in 6 colors for all the humans and elves.
  • Skullhunter's Dunmer Rogues
    - Adds 21 Dark Elf males and 2 Dark Elf females scarred and tattooed in all the right places. Rogues' Faces Pack 2 adds 26 male Nord faces for those wanting more barbaric barbarians.
  • Super Moose's Bosmer Beauty
    - Adds 9 Famous Faces as Bosmers: Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Audrey Tautou, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, Natalie Imbruglia, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ziyi Zhang.
  • Young Dunmer Faces
    - Adds 8 younger looking Dunmer faces by lizardo/mooner.

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