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Here is another excelent list of mods that you may enjoy. Upfront, I will apologize for any links that are broken. All I have done with this page is copy it from another source. As always, if a link is broken to a mod that your looking for, don't give up, just keep on searching other places for it. Chances are really good that I will have it somewhere here on my site. If not, then try on another site that might be listed here somewhere.

New people tend to ask where mods can be gotten, so I (Freelancer) gathered some info from gamefaqs and such.

Main Mod Source:

Other Sources:

The Middle Earth Project:

(morrowind mods library)



Official Morrowind site:

FFVII mod(French):

Eljitt race mod (Catgirls in Morrowind, er... sotra, neat hair though):

Has several, but the one to get is 'True Lights And Darkness':

Has some neat clothes and a better body [not released yet:(]

Dongle's great stuff: Lots of links

A nice looking airship mod and several large dungeons home of vaira mod (great armour site)

- Leia's Dual Wield Plugin (and others).

Destination Morrowind - Good site with news about Morrowind.

The Gratuitous Guar Page is home to all things for the creature in Morrowind : GUAR! This site is wonderfully made well. Includes cute Guar graphics!

Morrowind Moddaz has quite a few good mods but isn't updated anymore.

Good with with loads of mods but is just at the end of their process to get the site going again. Hopefully be fully running soon!

The Swords of Morrowind. Awesome designed swords and alot of detail! Isn't updated anymore.

Home of the biggest town in Morrowind : Silgrad Tower! Updated alot with always new versions!

Home of the modder Sheikizza. You can download the mods from there anymore. Isn't updated.

Home of the greatest heads/faces in Morrowind. From these came loads of other replacement projects and retexturing of them.

Morrowind Mod Hosting is a great site to upload your mod to. And you can do it by yourself at anytime. No waiting times for your mod to get on the site.

Home of alot of mods. Run by the Lys but not anymore mods being hosted there. Just the ones that were there. And let me tell you there is quite a few!!!

Unforgotten Realms has not a great number of mods, but most of them are really great ones. Also has some project pages for mods.

home of the modder : karstux. Great mods here. One of the best and most used is probally the real katana mod.

The Tamriel Rebuilt Project home is here. Great site and project.

home of the Black Light mod, part of Tamriel Rebuilt. Awesome site and city!

home of the modder : Dongle. I recommend to get all his mods. Every one is useful to use in Morrowind.

Another mod library.

Morrowind Abodes is home to alot of great houses. Simple in design but they are the best and first. Not updated anymore.

Aldrien's Chalice - has alot of great information about Morrowind, and a good number of mods.

Euro-Morrowind has new mods being added everyday! You can submit your mod to the site and it will be on it right away!

Mods Wanted - Home to the mod : Balmora Trading City.

Home to the Wolf mod which adds a race which you can play as one!

Srikandi's Morrowind page has great plugins. Check it out!

HG Morrowind Gateway - home to alot of great mods. Alot of these mods are very good ones that change the game in awesome ways!

Marcus Johansson´s Morrowind - Is home to a mod in progress, but still not released.

Leiawen's Morrowind Page - has alot of great mods which are really fun to use ingame.

Home to the wonderful project for Morrowind : Wizard's Islands! Still being made, just check out the pictures and drool away. It is a snow project.

The Ultima Underworld 1 Remake - A remake of what is says. It is released and is a awesome mod. Go download it now!

Ultima 8 Redemption - The mod looks to be very cool.

Mykul's Mod - home of the first cloaks!

IggyEGuana's Morrowind Mods - includes some of the best mods you can find, I highly suggest visiting it!

Home of Moon's Spawn, by Caladan Brood. This is still one of the best mods ever! You better download it NOW!

Heph's Morrowind Mods are some like Join All Houses and other great ones!

Home of Bethaliz's Morrowind Plugins. Alot of great race mods can be downloaded on his site.

Home of some Morrowind projects like "Morrowind Windfall."

Morrowind Site.

Ice Design Morrowind Mods containing some new house plugins.

Nomad's Morrowind Mods. Includes some new faces and misc. static.

Tenaka's Morrowind Site. Includes some famous projects like the Black Queen Chronicles.

Morrowind site with alot of cool plugins!

WormGod was on the official Morrowind Team that made the game, check out his site below. Home of his awesome mod "Morrowind Advanced."

Danish Morrowind site with alot of information about the game.

This site has a plugin which places you in a HUGE battle. Just take a look at the pictures on the site and you will see what I mean.

Home of the Better Bodies project for Morrowind.

Trylobit's Morrowind page that has some good tutorials and mods.

The Fifth Dimension Lab has some great new armor and house mods for Morrowind!

The Vulture's Talon is a wonderful Morrowind site with one of the biggest weapon mods ever : Assassin's Armory.

Awesome Morrowind site with tons of useful tutorials!

This site is home to a mod that fixes broken quests in Morrowind. Very helpful!

Home to a great modder : Vanhikes. His best mods are right on his page there!

Home of the program : Plugin Conflict Detector. Very helpful tool.

Katana 3DG homepage is below. He has few mods but all of them are good quality.

Only pictures of some new Dark Elf faces for Morrowind.

Wonderful site of Zuldazug. Huge number of new faces can be found on this site!

Few little Morrowind mods can be found below.

Home of the mod project "Floating Cities."

Acheron's Morrowind mods can be found below. His projects are Tamriel Rebuilt land claims.

Some good quality Morrowind tutorials.

Home of the mod project "Demon Slayer" which looks very promising. Site is closed but still up.

Morrowind Corner is home of the Veldion mod by the great modder : FlyTSI.

Awesome Morrowind site with loads of information and plugins.

Wave_Exisitance's Morrowind website with his popular plugin "Lord of the Rings Weapons" and many more.

Daduke's Webpage for Morrowind Mods.

Morrowind : Ministry of Majika mod page. Includes a nice house.

T'or Drakkon Morrowind Plugins - includes some very helpful and unique mods. Check it out!

A race for Morrowind called the "Old Ways."

FunkyBob's Mods For Morrowind - quite a few of cool plugins.

Qwert's site. Many good plugins. I really mean many.

The Adventurer's guide to Morrowind - Lots of useful information and plugins.


THANOS TOWER with alot of useful tutorials!

Home of the mod "Wolfen Castle."

Morrowind Mods by Zdim - Everyone plugin here is very good quality. I would recommend to download them.

Shakti's Morrowind Site - A great number of nice mods to download from this site.

Shiva's morrowind site - Useful information about Morrowind.

DarkRebis Citadel - Mods and models for Morrowind.

Has some useful mod downloads for Morrowind.

Rethan Manor is home to a great Morrowind Project called "Secrets of the Nerevarine."

Morrowind project.

Home of the Shadow Elf Project.

Home of the great concept artist : Thulsa_Doom. Very good concepts on this page.

Home of the Morrowind project "The Elder Scrolls 3 : Kingdoms."

Morrowind Afterdark. Beware of the darkness!

An awesome Morrowind travel guide with loads of useful information!

Home of the total conversion "Re-quest for Glory."

The Daily Vivec. Find your news here!

The House of Ral-jiktar. If you need Argonian information, this website is fully dedicated to them!

The popular armor sets for Morrowind called "Knights of Tamriel." Very very very good armor can be found below!

Awesome journal of a character in Morrowind.

Awesome online Morrowind community with 170+ members.

The best and simple tutorial to start out modding with. Pictures included!

How to create ESM files.

Morrowind Chat Room (#morrowind)

Archie's Cute Little Morrowind page.

Awesome Morrowind News site. Takes it fresh right off the official forums!

Imperial Library - Most information on the Elder Scrolls ever!

Adul's Morrowind mod page. Loads of awesome plugins!

Men of Morrowind Calendar

A nice site specifically for modders of the game.

This group tests plugins and mods, and certifies them to be bug free.

A full-featured fan site with a variety of information on the game.

Everything about sneaky thieves in Morrowind can be found here.

This is a journal/comic book for a character in Morrowind.

A Morrowind Alchemy Guide. Alot of useful information.

Official Redguard site.

Home of the total conversion mod : Morrowind4Kids.

Norse Mythology Mod for Morrowind.

Muffineer's Morrowind Site - Small fan site with a couple of mods.

Pirates mod project for Morrowind.

Morrowind fan site.

Predator and hunter mod:

Update for predator and hunter:

Morrowind programs.

Official website for the CON 3 mod project for Morrowind.

Another mod source:

Official website for the Perseverance mod project for Morrowind.

The genmod utility, splendid for creating interiors:

Retextured argonians:

Good morrowind fansite:

Aegondo Point -
Darnim Watch -
Darconis -
Lord Gallant's Page --
Project Fishy -
Reich Parkeep -
Rockwell's Page -
Silnim Dale -
Rebel Faction -
Velothi Mountains -
Vivec Tales -