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Here you will find what I hope, will be some of the best resource material that is out there today. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

by GhanBuriGhan
An exelent guide for scripting. If you are new to scripting, you should probably start by reading this introduction and especially do the tutorial. It is my best attempt at explaining scripts, what they do, and how to program one, in simple terms.
Follow the link and then type in Scripting For Dummies in the search box. This file is available in both Word and PDF formate.

 by Nether Void
This is possibly the most useful document about the Elder Scrolls Construction Set that you'll ever find. A full 87 pages about the art and mechanics of making a Morrowind plug-in. All compiled by Nether Void.
Follow the link and it will take you to Gamers Roam. In order to download this file you must be a member of G.R. but don't worry, signing up is free.
While searching for the Mod Makers Bible , be sure to check out all the other mods that will be available to you.

  • FPS Optimizer
    - Optimize the speed of your Morrowind game.
  • TES Tool 1.3
    - A must for compiling leveled lists and cleaning plugins.
  • Zip Genius
    - Not a mod, but a great tool for unzipping them.
  • Win RAR Download Site 
  •  TES Advanced Mod Editor (TESAME) - a hardcore modding tool that lets you edit, clean and merge mods.
  • TES Plugin Conflict Detector (TESPCD) - checks for conflicts between mods.
  • click here to download file

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