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Petrell's Morrowind Links

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Morrowind Mod Sites
Telesphoros' List o' Mods
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Petrell's Morrowind Links
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After a lot of searching, at last I have found yet another great site that justifies having it's own place among the list of greats.

Petrell's Morrowind Links is a great peice of work that is evident of a lot of work and dedication to keeping Morrowind alive.
 A lot of work went into creating a detailed site that not only is truely a one stop and shop Morrowind site, but he has taken the care to break it all down for you by catagories so that no matter what your looking for, you should be able to find it here.
Also, some mods and Morrowind sites that are listed here can also be found elsewhere  on my site. The reason is that so many people list the mods that they themselves love, that it would be impossible to remove all the duplicate entries. Anyways, this way will give you the opportunity to find that mod your after if for some reason you missed it on another page.

Morrowind and related sites and resources

Bethesda Softworks Developer of the Elder Scroll's series
The Elder Scroll's Official Morrowind homepage
The Elder Scroll's Forums Official Morrowind and Elder Scroll's forum
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Tweak Guide Tweaktown's Morrowind performance tweak quide
Morrowind FPS Optimiser In short it improves Morrowind performance by adjusting its options (View/AI Distance) on fly to keep desired FPS range (customizable for inventory, indoor and combats). Can also "unlock" View Distance beyond game default maximum (as well as minimum if needed). Introduces N-PATCH (TRUFORM) support into Morrowind (game world objects geometry smoothness and more realistic lightning model) (what is TRUFORM?) along with Matrox Parhelia Surround Gaming three monitor support (what is this?) and many other cool features (highly adjustable).
The Imperial Library Tamrielic lore and history site
The Unofficial Elder Scroll's Pages Information, hints and walkthrus for all Elder Scrolls games
Academy for Dwemer Studies Studies about Dwemer Runes and Elder Scrolls astrology
The Definitive Guide to Dwemer This guide is meant as an introduction to the Dwarves, or Dwemer, of Tamriel.
Telesphoros' List o'Mods Probably the most comprehensive mod list available, located in official morrowind forums
Telesphoros' List o'Mods Telesphoros modlist hosted by nevena
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Morrowind modding tools and resources

MWEdit - Alternate Morrowind Editor An alternate Opensource editor for the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind computer game. Similar in appearance to the official construction set editor but many features have been modified to make mod editting easier.
Morrowind Enchanted Editor An alternate editor for Morrowind under development.
TESTool The most effective mod cleaning tool available. Site also hosts other utilities by Ghostwheel.
TESAME - TES Advanced Mod Editor This is an application for editing plugins of the TES3:Morrowind. Mods created with the TES Constuction Set sometimes leave unwanted references that are hard to remove. These references may interfere with other mods. TES AME let's you cleanly remove any unwanted item or reference by the time it takes to click your mouse.
Overunity Shanjajaq's usefull mod packing and archieving tool
TES Plugin Conflict Detector Usefull utility for detecting conflict in mods and instructions on its use
Argent's TES Tools Argents usefull Java based Morrowind modding tools (Tes Depency Tool Kit, GenMod : The Morrowind Interior Generator, BookGen : The Morrowind Book Generator, BSA Browser and GMST Cleaner)

NOTE : Above mods require Sun's JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment) that can be aquired HERE

Morrowind Character Profile Creator Create, plan, generate, share and develop your very own custom character profile and class using Project IEKA2's comprehensive set of tools for constructing and enjoying your character in Morrowind.

Use the informative library and external links to make sure you choose the right options, and play around with what works and what doesn't. When you're done, check out suggested quests and paths, and find the latest and greatest links to the rest of the Morrowind community.

Morrowind Name Generator Name generator all Morrowind races
Design A Matic 4000 Terrain and Clothing Catalogs, tutorials...
Srikandi's Morrowind Tutorials, TESCS Item list...
Thanos Tower Tons of tutorials for morrowind modders
Tamriel Rebuild - Modding section Various tutorials and modding tool downloads
TextureFreak's Morrowind Store Home of TextureFreak's tilesets and other modding resources
Lady Eternity's Mod Resource Lady Etenity's models and modding resources for morrowind
Dongle's Morrowind Mods Mostly modding resources (Windmill, Light House, Nordic Halls, Musical Instruments...)
Barabus Crypt and Graveyard Once part of the houses project that became so big that it became separate mod of its own. Although it is more of a modders resource I have added a small graveyard and crypt outside of Caldera, which should give anyone a change of scene.
Morrowind Workshop Dozens upon dozens of buildings, items, statues etc. etc. etc. for modders use
Modder Resource List links to various modder resources

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Morrowind mods and resources

General mod hosting and download sites
Morrowind Summit One of the larges Morrowind Mod, information and resource sites
The Unforgotten Realms Hosts various Morrowind (and few other CRPG) mods
Morrowind Source Morrowind mod hosting site Morrowind mod hosting site
Thelys Morrowind Mods Morrowind mod hosting site
Khalazza Production Morrowind mod hosting site
Morrowind Mod Hosting Hosts various Morrowind mods and other Morrowind related stuff
FilePlanet - Morrowind section Hosts various Morrowind mods (REGISTRATION REQUIRED)
Gamers Roam Hosts various Morrowind mods (DOWNLOADS REQUIRE REGISTRATION)
General Modding sites
Puma Man's Mods
PUMA Forums
Giants : Ultimate V. 2.7.1 , Winderness Sounds, The Wilderness, Advanced Guards...

FilePlanet link : Giants Ultimate 2.7.1

HG Morrowind Gateway Includes mods such as Illuminated order amongst others
Emma's Morrowind Companions Various companion, romance and related mods
Deveons Morrowind Mods Home of Morrowind meets AD&D + Wizardry Mod
The Sylph Site Various race and other mods
Tommy Khajiit's programs Various Plugins for morrowind
Elric of Melnibone in Morrowind

Portal Site of
Elric's Sword, Melnibone Race & other mods

Extension of above site

Cali's Mod Page Cali's New Betroll's, Clothing and Kitchen among others
ModMan's WindowLights Mod The mod adds atmospheric lighting effects to most windows through Vvardenfell Staff Mods Few larger mods
Ravenswell Few mods
GlassBoy's Morrowind Mods Dozen or so mods in various categories
Complete Morrowind series Cooking, wood chopping etc. etc.
Morrowind Modding Gone Wrong For Love or Money (MATURE CONTENT), some weapons and armour and house mod
Inferno Island Revisited Large quest mod
MagicNakor's Morrowind Mods Half dozen mods, also home of Morrowind Workshop modders resource
Baratheon79's Morrowind Mods
Number of mods in various categories
Character appearance enchantment addons and replacers
Psychodog Studios Home of the Better Bodies and Better Heads Mods. Also future home of better clothes mod.
Morrowind Visions Better Heads - Argonians, Argonian Heads and Hair, Spider Sword, Ultimate skirts & kilts
Niero's Smoother Body Smoother bodies with better joints. Works with existing clothes, both Bethesda's and mods made for the Bethesda mesh. Don't use these if you're using Better Bodies.
NPC Replacer 3.50 ZeroTheHero's NPC Face Replacer Mod
Motoki's NPC Replace This plug-in will replace NPC faces with different but usually similar ones of better quality. Hair will also be replaced in most cases.
Morrowind Faces Compilation V1.0 This mod replaces all of the faces in Morrowind, besides the khajiit males and females, and orc females. (FilePlanet link)
Head Compilation This is a compilation of every available head and hair pack I could find. There is over 500 heads and 150 hair styles. (FilePlanet link)
Rhedd's Heads Creator of first improved heads for Morrowind
New or upgraded clothing, weapons and misc. items
Jake's Modding Corner Home of Sharpened Weapon Models mod, future home of Sharpened Armour & Clothes Mods
Sharpened Clothes This package contains over 600 sharpened, and slightly modified textures of all clothes,
in Morrowind, which will make them look sharper and better.
Carnithus' Armamentarium Large compilation of Carnithus's weapons, clothing and armour designed for evil alliged characters
Marksman Mod Adds Tons of marksman weapons
Jeremy's Knights of Tamriel Several wonderfully designed knight armours with small quest to get them
CanadianIce & Howndog's Pluggins Metal Queen Boutique, Andromache and other mods
Divine Domina Female domina versions of most of the in-game armors.
Verymora's MW Page Mod download and links to few other modder sites
Neuman's Black Leather 1&2 Two sets of leather armour
Mantodea's Morrowind page Several sets and pieces of armour
Tenience's Rare Items The plugin adds a shop to the town of Pelagiad, called Tenience's Rare
Items. In the shop you'll find a Breton called Tenience selling all kinds
of new unique items.
Amulets and Rings This mod adds 246 amulets and 130 rings... Introduces several new classes of amulets and rings (Silver, lunai etc)
Key Replacer Replaces 200+ keys with 31 new meshes.
BB Dress Pack Adds six new retextured dresses for female characters, all based on Neuman's tight-fitting dress mesh. These dresses all use the groin slot, and thus are compatible with stock boots.
Creature packs and related
Giant's Ultimate, Wilderness, Guards... Puma Man's Creature Packs and Guard upgrade mod

File Planet link : Giants Ultimate 2.7.1

Wormgod's Mods Morrowind Advanced creature pack
Morrowind Additions Adds tons of new and modfied monsters, including dragons, to Morrowind
Terrain and general graphics upgrages
Albedo's Modifications Landscape Remix, the first comprehensive terrain texture improvement mod for morrowind
Morrowind Visual Pack Enhances the textures in Morrowind by making them more realistic and increasing the resolution. Graphic intensive. Also check the Nature Update
Morrowind Visual Pack XT by Qarl Replaces some of the Visual Pack's textures with even more graphic intense ones and adds some new ones.
Sound effects, music and voice addons
Dungan's Atmospheric Sound Effects 3.0 This mod adds over 220 sound effects to the entire land of Vvardenfell. There are 13,621 emission points in exterior locations, 283 points in taverns for sound effects, 20 for music, and 180 inside Daedric shrines. Most sounds are randomly picked, play at random time intervals, and are controlled by weather conditions and day/night cycles.
Wilderness Sounds 3.0 There are different looping sounds for each region. You will not hear the same sounds for the woods of The West Gash as you will for the beaches of Azura’s Coast. You will hear an assortment of 3d-positioned birds and insects during the day time and crickets and frogs and the like at night time when you are in range of the natural flora like trees. The weather affects the sounds too so birds will not sing in rainy weather while overcast and foggy days will have some birds and some frogs or crickets making sounds. The photodragons in the Bitter Coast will only come out and buzz in the day time, avoiding rainy weather too. When rain approaches new ambient sound of raindrops on foliage occur on plants throughout the whole of Vvardenfell then smoothly fade away when the sky clears.
The Morrowind Voice Addon Project Dagoth Gares Voice Addon, Dagoth Ur Voice Addon, Vivec Voice Addon...
Almalexia Voice-Over Mod This mod allows the goddess Almalexia to speak all of her lines to you! This mod requires Tribunal. The mod will work if you have Bloodmoon installed, but it is NOT required.
PC Voice Complete This is a Player Character Voice Mod for the game Morrowind. Gives the player the chance to give their character a voice of their choice. Size about 120MB. (Fileplanet link)
Darker Music Compilation This is a music addon for Morrowind that gives it a bit of a darker feel. (FilePlanet link)
Freelancer's Music Pack Adds three battle and eighteen explore tracks to the game music. (FilePlanet link)
KingOfFools Plugin This "plugin" replaces the original Morrowind music with some music from the old (but still very good) games "Wing Commander 1&2" and "Privateer". (FilePlanet link)
Enhanced Daggerfall Music v2.1 As soon as you enter the tavern/dungeon you will immediately get a flavour of the old Elder Scrolls games with these 13 music tracks. (FilePlanet link)
EvilGreebo's Music Mod

This adds dynamic music based on your location to Morrowind. Every region and town type has its own music from nearly 150 songs. This also adds the ability to run your own 10 song play list. Most importantly this gets around the battle music interrupt problem.

Fileplanet links : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - (about 200MB total)

Bug fixes, game balancing and game enchantment
Morrowind Enchanced

Various game enchantment mods

Combat Enhanced - Adds combos, slow-motion, difficulty sliders, and more to the combat system in Morrowind.

Journal Enhanced - With a quill and inkwell, the player is able to type notes into their journal from within the game.

Blocking Enhanced - Gives the player manual control over blocking.

Writing Enhanced - Adds 80 blank books and 70 blank scrolls sold from 10 locations. Equipping them allows the player to name them and then write up to 3000 characters of text to fill them.

All 'Enchanced' Mods require Morrowind Enchanced base component
Life to Morrowind Currently provides possibly most comprehensive fix-pack for Morrowind. Later aims to provide various plugins to make Morrowind more realistic and more 'alive'.
Text patch by Kevin Dorner fixes 2,966 errors and inconsistencies in the game text of Morrowind with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions present. Fixes errors in all manner of dialog, journal, subtitles, books, activators, scripts, NPC and creature names, weapon and other item names, menus and game feedback, and more.
Morrowind Quest bugs & Fixes Provides two bug fix plugins. One for fixing problems with various journal topics and other for fixing problems in quests.
Wakim's Game Improvements This is a compilation of tweaks which have been posted by Wakim on the forums, in mod format for easier use. These tweaks tend to make Flee AI actually work, balance gameplay, spells, characters, almost everything...

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Large Mods and Total Conversions

Tamriel Rebuild Project Massive project aiming to recreate entire continent of Tamriel with Morrowind Construction Set
Veldion, Quest for a King You will start you adventure by talking to a guard from Veldion that you will find in 4 of the major cities. On you quest(s) you will learn alot about the strange land of Veldion and its past. You will learn about the Orbs of Trials, they used to be used long ago to gain access to Castle Veldion when the land was used as a training area for the local knights. But what is a castle without a king, and where is the king? Is he alive or dead, and why is a priest and a mage running the island, are they the reason the king is missing?

During your quest you will learn the secrets to why things are the way they are in the land, you will meet new people to talk to and find the materials to make new armor that can only be smithed or sold on the island.

Your journeys will take you deep into the East Mountains through the East Mountain Mines, You will be challenged by the West Labyrinth which will require you to be very sharp on your directions as you map (either one of them) will not work while inside the Labyrinth. You will travel deep into the Catacombs/Crypts and see some of you fallen comrads and read of there adventures. You will find an extensive sewer system that travels under the entire island, you never know what you will find in there.

Sea of Destiny Sea of Destiny offers the player a complete new experience by adding tons of new content to your game. Around 400 new cells of land to explore, a bunch of new armor, clothing, and weapons, even complete with quests. If you want to add onto your Morrowind, Sea of Destiny is the perfect mod for you.
Sea of Destiny: Frost Fall Sea of Destiny: Frost Fall the expansion to Sea of Destiny. Frost Fall adds on a complete new island covered in snow off the coast of SoD. Explore a human stronghold with huge stone walls surrounding it or the huge forest. Frost Fall also offers a hunter village, barbarian outposts, ancient castle, and so much more. Continue exploring your destiny with Frost Fall.
The Black Queen Chronicles Get drawn into the political double dealings of the upper echelons of Tamriel's hierarchy. If you thought the Wolf Queen was an interesting lady... You haven't met Morgiah.
The Black Mill Anxiety has risen amongst the highest ranks of the Temple, for their spies reported the coming of a new Special Agent of the Emperor to Vvardenfell - another Stranger with no known lineage.

Even the Temple's Inquisition, focused on rumors about the return of an ancient evil, turned its gaze towards this newcomer, and summoned its trackers to find the Imperial Special Agent who came before in a similar way - you.

Informed that you were on your way to the small seaside town of Seyda Neen, an Inquisitor with two Ordinators journeyed by Silt Strider to meet you there.

Doom Door What is the secret behind the mysterious Doom Door and who is the equally mysterious Telvanni Mage so intimately connected with it? Meant for Level 20, or higher, characters, this mod will take you on an adventure to a new Drow City on Vvardenfell and through dungeons, mystical islands and a full-scale "military style" battle in which the magnificient Moon Armour appears. Not for the faint-at-heart, although brawn alone will not be sufficient to succeed. Brains and lock-picking skills (up to level 50) are also essential.
Return of the Hell House This house mod is made to cater to the more, shall we say....evil....characters.
Velayia Velayia is the second landmass of the wood elves. The land is west of Vvardenfell, and it is populated with elves and orcs... the latter of which are threatening the wood elves. Get lost in the dense, deep forests, become the militia leader and lead the biggest war ever in Morrowind. Dozens of side quests even await you in this huge elven landmass. Discover a huge tree city, children running about, and lead a massive wr no one has ever seen in Morrowind, and interactive dialogue.
Magus Castle Time weaves and tears through the worlds, and the great world where there are horrid monsters, that threaten the world, and giant creatures, that suck the very worlds strength, has been thrown into Morrowind by some strange turn of events unknown to the people of Vvarvendfell. A great castle, pulled right unto an island, seems to have appeared, the Empire was quick to notice, and established a fort by on a small island next to the one with the Castle. Some troops were sent to investigate, but never made it back. No one knows what happened to them, or why this castle is here. The Empire kept a small force of soldiers at the fort, and built a bridge connecting the two islands.

Now, not long after the building of the bridge, terror strikes. A small army of skeletons march across the bridge. The imperials see them coming, and at this moment, are trying to defend the very bridge they had built not to long ago.

Will these skeletons win? Will The Imperials be able to defend the bridge? The skeletons outnumber the imperial soldiers. Word has it they need recruits. Are you ready to face the challenge of the defending the bridge, and finding out what caused this attack? Are you brave enough to dare venture into Magus's Castle?

If so, this is your chance, the great twist of time and fate has come, once you are inside the castle, you will notice that the things inside didn't expect you... Maybe this castle has come from another world? It is your time to find out, and stop whatever evil is brewing inside this mighty castle... Can you do it?

Rafer: Sands of an Era A massive 170 MB modification for Morrowind, in which you take on the evil Beholder's Cult. (Fileplanet link)
A Drow Story

A hero is needed once again in Morrowind. This time, however, it is not just Vvardenfell that needs one. A beautiful young drow is looking for an adventurer to help during her journeys in these foreign lands. Are you brave enough? (Fileplanet link)

Sword of the Perithia This is a total conversion, whole new stand alone RPG, developed using TES.

Alternate download site

Children of the Night  
Adventurer's Guide to Morrowind Home of Adventurers Total Conversion and Adventurers, Super Adventurers, Adventurer's NPCs, Feminine Body and New Splash Screens Plugins
Morrowind 4Kids Total Conversion under developement aimed for younger audience


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