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Berne Clan Quests

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Vampire Clan Berne Walkthrough/FAQ

Exerted from Vampire Clan Berne Walkthrough/FAQ by


Q. Where is Berne Clan located?

A. Their main HQ is Galom Daeus Dwemer observatory. This is in the North Central Part of Molag Amur mountains. Easy way to find it is go to the Erabenimsum Camp and follow the lava edges. Also found in Raviro ancestral tomb west of Molag Mar, The Othrelas ancestral tomb near Balur Salvu's farm just outside of Vivec, the Andrethi ancestral tomb southeast of Hlormaren.


Q. What are they good for?

A. They are stealthy vampires; you get the following stat boosts:

   - 20 pts Agility

   - 20 pts Sneak

   - 20 pts Unarmored

   - 20 pts Hand-to-Hand


Q. How do I get infected?

A. Well, if you have passed the part of the game where you become immune to disease its simple. Just go get beat up by them, MAGIC DOESNT COUNT THEY HAVE TO HIT YOU WITH FISTS OR A WEAPON. If you did pass this part in the game, then you must make a spell, item, whatever that does weakness to common disease 100%-100% for >blank< amount of seconds. Cast it, and then get beat up (this takes a lot longer). Then rest somewhere for a few days, and you will have a dream and then VIOLA! and vampire is YOU!



Mission Walkthrough


After being infected, the clan won’t like you so you’ll have to book it up through the observatory and talk to Raxie Berne; he's all the way up as high as it goes. Talk to him, he will call you an accidental vampire and pick on you :(. That’s ok, talk to him about doing an errand and you will get the following mission:




- Quarra Vampire Blood Potion

This mission is easy enough really. Go to the Urshilaku Ashlander camp.

From here go southwest, not far you will see Dwemer ruin of Drucashti. Go inside, and kill everything and everybody, at the very end you will meet Volrina Quarra. She’s not to tough, she’s got a pretty good magic spell, then get the key from her, open the Jug, get the potion and bring it back to Berne.

~ Mission Goodies:

 = Full Ebony Set Armor (Vampire in Drucashti)

 = Full Glass Set Armor (Vampire in Drucashti)

 = Ability to use Vampire Services in Berne Base (Mission End)

 = Not being attacked by Berne (Mission End)


- Killing Merta the Vampire

This can be a pain in the butt; they don’t give very good instructions so I will try. Get the mission; learn about Merta and the cattle stealing. Go to Maar Gan, this could be a hell of a hike since you can’t use any means of transportation but foot. When you’re in Maar Gan, head EXACTLY WEST, yes it means going over a Mountain so make sure you can jump high or have levitate. Then you will come into Grazeland regions, etc. It will look a lot greener, then just KEEP GOING EXACTLY WEST and you will eventually end up by the tomb. Go inside, kill the skeletons and ghosts. Head through the door inside to find Merta. She’s pretty weak; she’s got one good magic spell that does a lot of fire damage, if she has time to use it ;). Kill her, loot the body (nothing great), return to Berne for mission end. And to receive an amulet that by equipping lets you get to Berne Clan HQ automatically. So now you can mark in Balmora or something that’s close to everything ;).

~ Mission Goodies

 = Poison mirror Robe (Killing Merta)

 = Berne Amulet (Mission End)


- Killing Aundae and Quarra Vampires

Well, not exactly a great info giver that Berne is, you are given the "task" of killing more Vampires of the other clans. So lets do the following: 1.) Head to Aundae HQ, which is an island southwest of Sheograd ,Sheogorad will be all the way in the central northern part of your world map. It’s relatively close to Ald Redaynia and Sanctus Shrine. When there, look for Ashmelech tomb. Go inside and OBLITERATE EVERYTHING THAT MOVES! When you first enter, there will be Iroroon, a vampire with a Glass Jinkblade, which means he will probably paralyze you, if you’re not immune to it yet ;). Kill him then go left, now at this point it starts zig zagging all over the place, so ill leave it up to you to kill in whatever way you want, JUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL DEAD. There’s also a room with some locked chests and weapons in it. At the end, there’s the main vamp, Dhuahayne Aundae, she’s carrying an ebony sword, and an entire EXQUISITE CLOTH SET! And she’s got an Aundae ring, but it doesn’t work for us since we are in Berne :(. She’s go low HP. If you can’t find her, keep wandering around until you see a hole in the floor, FALL DOWN BUT it’s quite a drop so you may want to use slowfall, or something. In this room there’s also some people locked up, now you COULD kill them, but they may be important for another quest, like I don’t know rescuing them, I'm not 100% on this so id just wipe them out, I did actually :). Then go back up the steep walkway, kill the few vamps left. Id say all in all there’s about 10-15 Vampires total. Now, unless they like you more than me, you can go back to Golam Daeus and he still wants you to kill more vampires, so next Vamp Lair here we come!

~ Mission Goodies

 = Exquisite Set of Clothing

 = Ebony Sword

 = Aunda Signet Ring

 = Leveled Treasure in Chests

 = Spear of *forgot name*



Sarethi ancestral tomb northwest of Dagon Fel is where we are heading to now. Get to Dagon Fel, not to far from where you should be now. Then wander around heading North-Northwest and you'll find the Sarethi tomb. If you look on your map you will see by Dagon Fel There’s a little strip of water separating 2 pieces of the same land, cross that and on the North-East tip you'll find Sarethi. Upon entering, make a left and kill the Vampire. Go back across to the right, kill that Vampire, go into the room ahead of you, kill the 2 no name vampires in there, there’s also a few chests with some garbage leveled items, I was level 67 doing this and I found an exquisite ring and bonemeld  cuirass. Go back into the room, and take the other door now->kill the no name chick vampire and open the chest to find some more garbage loot. That’s it for this tomb. At this point, use your amulet, return to Berne and find out he’s pleased with you, and he lets you 'use' the cattle, but don’t kill them. He will no longer give you missions, and that’s basically that.

~ Mission Goodies

 = Leveled Loot in chests

 = Using Berne Cattle!?!

(Mission End)



Getting Cured

Unless you want to remain a vampire, and not be able to do any more missions, keep reading to find out how to get cured. I’m going to do this step by step the way I am doing it; I’m doing it now as I write this (figuring it out by myself too). So if you don’t have a copy of Vampires in Vvardenfall II, it says a guy was cured and is now in Halls of Wisdom serving his 'time' for heresy or something. So let’s get on the road to Vivec! (FYI. I almost got there 2 times and then my game gave me the Dirty Disc Error so watch out!) By the way, the mans name is "Galur Rithari"


Once you get to Vivec, head to the Temple, then to the Halls of Wisdom. Now, we have to look for him. The book says he's in the Library, or was, so I went in. Strike one, no one there will talk to me, and he sure as heck aint there. Now, I read further into the book and find out he was stationed at Bal Ur, the birth place of Molag Bal (King of Monsters or something). So, since I do not know where Bal Ur is, I’m going to open up TES Map ( and search for it, first time I had to use anything other than brainpower for this whole guide, oh well :(. Ok, so I now know its North of Suran in the mountain area. And we're off by foot once again. Sweet, almost there and I got another Dirty Disc Message. While my X-Box is rebooting ill take this time to hope to god that it is in fact possible to be cured of Vampirism, as I’ve never read forums or anything so I’m not sure, that would suck if I can’t. I’m planning on sending this to Gamefaqs and on the Elderscrolls forum, if I can find that too. X-Box is back on, here we go! I’m at Suran, currently saving my game; I’m about to head north. Here I go. Wow, real easy to find. Over the mountains, it’s a Daedric Shrine! Once inside, you will face 3 crazy Nords. Kill them. Head through the door marked Bal Ur, Underground. (Getting close I hope) Continue on in and fight the hordes of Daedric Monsters (Daedras, Golden Saints, etc.) And you will see a STAIR CASE THAT LOOKS PROMISING! WE MAY HAVE FOUND IT! Continue on, and Talk to the Mage up top AND SHE TELLS YOU MOLAG WILL PROBOBLY CURE YOU! WOOO!! Also, there are some glass things behind her; I plan to steal after I’m cured ;). Jump up, and talk to the statue of Molag Bal he will explain your mission and when you do it, he will cure you!!! Ok so let’s do this mission shall we?


- Mission to kill Molags Daughter and the Frost Atronach (requires levitate spell)

Reading my journal it says its south of Vos, so Mark by Molags Statue and then cast Almsivi Intervention, it should bring you to Molag Mar, so let’s begin this Hike North to Vos! Here we go! 10 Minutes and 3 Dirty Disc Errors Later, I got to Vos. Follow the path that leaves Vos South until you come to a Mountain, small one, and go over it and on the other side is Dubdilla Door. If this doesn’t help just keep following paths from Vos, one of them takes you right to it, but remember the way your going it will be hidden you have to be on the other side of it to see it. No go inside! Go left, kill Cumona, and take the key off the table, open the chests if you like, its leveled loot, go straight across and kill the Dremora for good measure, then go the only other way, right from the Dremora room. Jump, levitate across both jumps, or fall down and make your way until you reach another door marked Lower Caverns. In this room, go into the water and you have to levitate up to reach the amply named "Door." Go inside, Kill the beast that awaits, Storm Atronach, and then levitate over to the other ledge. Then inside there is a Frost Atronach and a Winged Twilight, its Molags daughter. Kill them, recall (or walk) back to Bal Ur, and behold, cured of Vampirism! In the end, all in all, its worth doing this just to say you did. You don’t keep your stats boosts, which is a shame I will say I thought you did. But, pat yourself on the back, you have been to the undead and back!


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