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Mage's Guild Quest Guide


Exerted from Mage's Guild Guide v1.77 06/09/03 by Zelgadis-sama (Daniel Guidotti)




This one's easy. If you are just starting out, visit the Mage's Guild on the

upper thoroughfare in Balmora. It's right next the Fighter's Guild. If you can't

find it, check the local map (by right clicking) and mouse over the tan boxes

that appears in town. If you still can't find it, explore Balmora a little more.

Once inside the Mage's Guild, head down the Stairs to the middle floor, assuming

you came in through the top door), and turn the corner and head down the hall.

There you should see the Guild Steward for Balmora, Ranis Athrys. Talk to her,

and ask to join the guild.


Keep in mind that the missions you accept from each character get increasingly

longer and any monsters you might face become stronger. You will probably level

up a few times during the quests, but it also might be a good idea to explore

any ruins/tombs/towers you come across in the mean time. You'll probably be

level 20 or so before you can even hope to become Arch-Mage. If you really feel

strong, try doing the Fighter's Guild quests in the meantime.



Missions in Balmora


The way I've listed the missions is a suggested order of completion. The Guild

Stewards do give the missions in a set order, but missions from multiple

Stewards can be carried simultaneously. This helps when some of the missions are

close to one another.


Ajira's Missions


I recommend doing these first. They are all short, easy, and can quickly earn

you a rank or two. Remember that you can still complete these missions even if

you can't advance in rank. Ajira can by found by descending to the bottom floor

of the Mage's Guild and entering the room directly across from the point where

you first enter the lower room. Ajira, a Khajiit, is in the same room as the

Guild Guide, partially hidden behind a large desk.




Mushrooms for Ajira


The first thing that Ajira will ask you to do in her quest to become a Journey-man apprentice before Galbedir  is to locate 4 types of mushrooms.

These mushrooms can be found in the Bitter Coast region. For now, just follow

the directions that Ajira gives by heading South along the river and head West

after you see the bridge. You know you are in the Bitter Coast Region when you

see green swamps. The mushrooms that you need are the Luminous Russula (blue and

brown toadstool), the Violet Coprinus (purple toadstool), the Hypha Faeria

(brown shelf fungus on a tree), and the Bunglers Bane (also a brown shelf

fungus). These mushrooms are common and can be found almost anywhere in the

Bitter Coast Region. Once you are done, show your finds to Ajira.



The Fake soulgem


Now Ajira wants you to sabotage Galbedir. Ajira gives you a fake soulgem (looks

like a lesser soulgem) and tells you to place it in Galbedir's desk. Galbedir's

desk is on the top floor with soulgems on it. Put the soulgem in Galbedir's desk and return to Ajira. Galbedir will actually come back to her desk during this time, so make sure you are quick or Galbedir will catch you and you'll be expelled from the Mage's Guild. After you finish, report to Ajira.



Flowers for Ajira


Now Ajira wants you to do more of her dirty work, and this time she wants flowers. On the path along the North face of the lake, you should find the four flowers that Ajira requests. To get to Lake Amaya, start out by heading East from the South entrance of Balmora toward Fort Moonmoth. Once you see the fort, head right on the path toward Pelagiad. Keep going and take a right at the next fork (toward Pelagiad). Take a left at the next fork toward Pelagiad. At the final fork in the road, take the middle path (of three). You should now be heading parallel to Lake Amaya. Ajira wants a Gold Kanet, Stoneflower Petals, Heather, and Willow Anther. (This is slightly deceiving. you actually want WILLOW flowers, which contain the Willow Anther). When you find the flowers, use an Almsivi Intervention to take you back to Balmora. Otherwise, hoof it back to Ajira.



Ajira needs a bowl


Now Ajira needs a ceramic bowl. She gives you 10 Septims and tells you to talk

to Ra'Virr the trader. Ra'Virr's is one building down from the Mage's Guild.

Talk to Ra'Virr and buy a Ceramic Bowl, then return to Ajira. She thanks you and

gives you another mission.


Galbedir's Revenge


Ajira's mushroom and flower reports have been stolen!! Galbedir has hidden those purloined reports somewhere in the Mage's Guild. The mushroom report is on the middle floor under a basket by the stairs leading up to the upper entrance. The flower report is in the upper left-enclosed area of the big room on the bottom floor, to the left of the door to the guild guide. The report is under a cabinet with lock-level 15. Once you find the reports, talk to Ajira again to claim your prize. One you complete this mission, Ajira won't give you any more missions until you become a Warlock.


NOTE: If you do all of these missions, you can advance to the Rank of Evoker.

You should become Apprentice, Journeyman, and then Evoker.



Ajira knows a Secrete


NOTE: You must be a Warlock to complete this mission.


Once you've done the first five missions, Ajira tells you to come back when you

become a Warlock and she will have some secrets to tell you. Ajira will first

talk about the Staff of Magnus, which can be found in Assu on the slopes of

Mount Kand. Although it seems obscure, Assu is rather easy to find. Start out by

taking the Silt Strider from Balmora to Suran, and then to Molag Mar. Once

you're in Molag Mar, take the path going North past the Silt Strider, and keep

going North at the fork in the road. After going North for a little while

longer, the path will fork again. Don't miss it. Take the left part of the fork,

this should be sloping upward. The path will begin to turn Westward and

eventually it will be heading almost due West. At one point, the path will come

to a shar7p turn and abruptly head North again. The Mt. Kand cavern is here.

Explore it if you like, but there is nothing worthwhile inside. The path will

split after a short distance. Take right path. It will almost do a u-turn, and

head South. You should approach the cavern of Assu. There are several annoying

Dremora and some powerful sorceress are in there, so tread cautiously. Search

around Assu. Eventually you will find a room where you must levitate to get up

the wall. Do so, and you will be attacked by a sorceress. She will summon a

Greater Bonewalker. Kill her, and take the Staff of Magnus. You can also take

this opportunity to search for scrolls of Ekash's Lock-Splitter. These 100

magnitude lock-breakers are good to have. Although they randomly spawn in crates

and urns, there is still high probability of finding one here. Use Almsivi

Intervention to return to Molag Mar, and take the Silt Striders back to Balmora.

Report to Ajira.


NOTE: The Staff of Magnus cannot be used to satisfy the requirement of obtaining

a Wizard's Staff. Even if you have the Staff of Magnus, you still have to get

one from Sud, or buy one from the Guild Steward that you talk to about the



Ajira Knows More Secrets

This time Ajira tells you about the Warlock's ring, held by a Vindamea Drethen in a cave called Ashirbadon East of Bal Fell. Ajira also adds that she doesn't exactly like Vindamea. If Bal Fell has been marked on your map, head there now. Otherwise, follow the directions below.


Start by taking the Silt Strider to Vivec. Once you're there, jump in the water

and swim to the boomerang-shaped island East of Vivec. If you happen to find the

Omani Manor while you are running around, you are in the right place. Head to

the East side of this island and jump in the water again. The next medium-sized

island East is the island of Bal Fell. Swim over there and make sure you find

the Daedric ruins. If you explore the ruins, there are some boots in the inner

sanctuary worth 22k, otherwise head to the East side of this island as well. The

island with Ashirbadon on it is directly East of Bal Fell. Swim out to it and

search in the middle of the island. Once inside Ashirbadon, you will need to

fall to the ground. Search below for an old chest with an old key. Then levitate

to the ceiling and look for the next passage. Head down it, kill the sorceress,

and take the ring. Unlock the chests with the key and search for good scrolls.

Almsivi Intervention will take you back to Molag Mar.




Missions from Ranis Athrys, Balmora Guild Steward


Once you're done with Ajira, talk to Ranis Athrys again for another reasonably

easy set of missions and possibly some advancement if you qualify.


Double Trouble


The first thing that Ranis asks you to do is double duty. She has two problems

that is very close to each other. The first problem is Manwe, who can be found

in a cave called Punabi. She hasn't paid here 2000 Septims of guild dues in

three months. Ranis, offers you half of the cut if you fix the problem. Your

second problem is Llarar Bereloth whom Ranis would like to join the guild.

Llarar is in the domed hideout of Sulipund. Ranis explains that these two

locations are near an old Dunmer stronghold called Marandus, which she marks it

on the world map for you. From Balmora head Southeast toward Moonmoth fort, but

take a left at the first fork toward Caldera. This will take you around the top

of Fort Moonmoth to a large Dwemer bridge. Cross the bridge. Now head East

toward Marandus any way you can. Following roads doesn't matter and you'll get

there faster if you don't. Once you are in sight of Marandus head to the

Northernmost corner of the fort (it's at an angle). From here, go a little

Northeast and take the path that heads directly North. You should see the cave

of Punabi shortly. Manwe is just inside. Talk/Bribe/Kill Manwe.  A little ways North on this same road is Sulipund. Once you find the entrance, head to the top floor to find Llarar. He doesn't like you very much and you will need to bribe him in order to avoid

killing him. Otherwise, kill him and his followers. They won't give much of a

fight. There is no penalty for killing them. Use Almsivi Intervention if you

have one. It will take you back to Ald-Ruhn. From there, use the guild guide to

get back to Balmora. Talk to Ranis


NOTE: When you finish these missions, assuming that you did Ajira's missions

first, you can now become a Conjuror if you pay Ranis 200 Septims (or any other

Guild Steward for that matter).


Unsanctioned Training


Next, Ranis will inform you that an Argonian (Only-He-Stands-There) is at the

South Wall teaching unsanctioned restoration. The South wall is located across

the river, near the Silt Strider. Once inside the South Wall, go to the bottom

floor and find the lizard. Talk to him about unsanctioned training. He will

offer you his skills. You may need to bribe him first. Tell him to stop teaching

restoration and he will agree. If you accept his offer of training you can lie

to Ranis about it and take training from the Argonian later. Return to Ranis to

complete the quest.


Itermeral's notes

Ranis, now wants you to escort a scholar named Itermeral to Pelagiad, however,

she informs you that all she really wants are his notes. The scholar is waiting

at the Eight Plates just North of the Mage's Guild. This is where a good sneak

skill comes in handy. I simply stole the notes from him inside the Eight Plates.

If you can't STEAL Itermeral's notes at the Eight Plates, lead him to an

isolated location and steal from him, or kill him. Otherwise, ask Itermeral

about his notes. You will probably need to bribe Itermeral before he will listen

to you. 80+ favor, should do the trick. Itermeral will then inform you that he

needs to be escorted to the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. Once you arrive at the

tavern, Itermeral will inform you that he will now give you access to his notes.

When finished, return to Ranis.



Ranis’ Revenge


It seems that Tashpi Ashibael has turned to Necromancy, or has she? Ranis asks

you to go to Maar Gan and take her out. Take the Silt Strider to Ald-Ruhn and

then to Maar Gan. Check around the South end of town to find Tashpi's hut. Once

you find her hut, and ask her about necromancy, you will be asked a series of

questions. Tashpi will first ask you who told you she was a necromancer. If you

say 'Ranis,' Tashpi will say that Ranis is taking revenge for Tashpi's not

joining the Mage's Guild, and ask another question. If you say 'none of your

concern', Tashpi will tell you to ask around town. Your next choice will be to

'Learn more' or 'Die, necromancer'. You can talk to Tashpi or kill her. If you

take the first choice, Tashpi will tell you how she helps the local citizens,

and you will be offered a final choice, to let Tashpi go, or to kill her. Take

your pick. If you choose not to kill Tashpi, she will leave Maar Gan. Return to

Balmora and talk to Ranis. If you didn't kill Tashpi, you will need to lie in

order to complete this quest.


NOTE: If you did Ajira's missions and Ranis' missions, you can become a Magician

at this point if your stats are good enough.



Telvanni Spy


It seems that there is a spy in the Mage's Guild, and Ranis wants you to find

the Telvanni spy. The spy in question is located in the Vivec Mage's Guild. Use

the guild guide in Balmora and head on over to Vivec. On the lower level of the

Vivec Guild is a man named Tiram Gader. Ask him about the Telvanni Spy. He will

be insulted and deny your accusation. Now talk to Arch-Mage Trebonius about the

problem. He will ask about the identity of the spy. If you say that it is Ranis

Athrys then Trebonius will thank you and when you return to Balmora, Ranis will

be gone. This isn't too bad because you have finished all of the Balmora

missions anyway. If you say it is Tiram Gader, Trebonius will hand you Tiram

Gader's Credentials. Take these to Ranis as proof that the spy is in Vivec.

Ranis will thank you and inform you that she has no more jobs for you.



Missions from Edwinna Elbert, Ald-Ruhn Guild Steward


Edwinna has a lot of missions for you. Some are easy, and some may take hours.

Be warned that the later missions may require you to be level 15 or higher in order to

survive long enough to finish the mission.


A Rare Book


The first thing that Edwinna Elbert will ask you to do is locate a rare book

known as The Chronicles of Nchuleft. She says that none of the other Guild

locations have a copy of this book. Edwinna will give you 250 Septims to cover

the charge. This book can be obtained in Vivec at Jobasha's Rare Books. Use the guild guide to get to Vivec and go down to the lower waistworks of the Foreign Quarter to find Jobasha's rare books. He has several copies of The Chronicles of Nchuleft. Return to Edwinna once you have the prize.


NOTE: At this point you can become a warlock and head back to Balmora and finish

up Ajira's 2 remaining missions if you would like.





Revel Creature Potion


Next Edwinna informs you that she desires a certain Reveal Creature potion form

Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, the Guild Steward in Sadrith Mora. Use the guild guide

and talk to Skink-in-Tree's-Shade about the potion. He will hand you the potion

with a little bribery. One you have it, Return to Edwinna.




The Chimarvamidium Caper


Apparently, Sirlonwe has a copy of a book known as the Chimarvamidium, and it has rare Dwemer information. Your mission is to swipe this book and bring it to Edwinna

for inspection. Edwinna will slide you two Scrolls of Ondusi's Unhinging to help

you out. Take the guild guide to Vivec. Sirlonwe's room is the first left after

you leave the guild guide's, and down the hall. If you ask Sirlonwe about the

Chimarvamidium, she denies everything. We know better. There is a closed door in

Sirlonwe's room. Open it, step inside, and close the door, as we don't want her

to see our thievery. Open the locked chest (level 30) and grab the book. Make

sure you don't talk to Sirlonwe after you steal the Chimarvamidium or she will

sound the alarm, and you will be expelled from the Guild. Return to Ald-Ruhn and

give the book to Edwinna. She asks if you have the book. Give it to her to

complete the mission.



Summoned Scamp



Edwinna is busy with the Chimarvamidium, so she sends you to deal with a problem

in Maar Gan in her stead. There have been strange reports of monster activity in

Huleen's hut, a local sorceress in Maar Gan. Edwinna asks if you will do this

mission for her. Say yes. Take the guild guide to Caldera and then take the silt

strider to Maar Gan. Huleen's hut is outside of town down the road that runs in

front of the Silt Strider. Once you open the door, a Scamp will attack you. Kill

it, search it for the key to Huleen's Hut, and open the locked door (lock-level

30) at the back of the hut. Listien Bierles, Huleen's apprentice will be inside

shaking in fear. He informs you that he summoned the Scamp to impress Huleen,

but that it disobeyed him and went out of control. He promises never to summon

another Daedra. Return to Edwinna with the good news.


The Return of the Chimarvamidium  


Guess what? Edwinna wants you to return the Chimarvamidium to Sirlonwe. So do it

already. When you arrive back, Edwinna informs you that she has tougher jobs

coming, and gives you some amulets to help you avoid sticky situations.


NOTE: You don't HAVE to return the Chimarvamidium. Even though returning it is

insanely easy, you can simply talk to Edwinna again and tell her that you did

it. She believes you, and you can keep the book, or sell it.


The Dwemer Tube



Edwinna is an ardent scholar of Dwemer artifacts. As such, she asks you to

locate a rare Dwemer tube in Arkngthunch-Stardumz. This Dwemer ruin is West of

Ald-Velothi. To get there, take the Guild Guide to Sadrith Mora, and from there

catch a boat to Dagon Fel. Then take the boat from Dagon Fel to Khuul. In Khuul,

head West, staying along the coast near the water's edge. If you follow the

coast, you will eventually find Ald-Velothi, a very small coastal town. Go

through Ald-Velothi and continue following the Coast. A little ways Southwest of

Ald-Velothi you will eventually see two huge Dwemer Bridges. There are difficult

to miss if you are following reasonably the coast. Climb the hill and cross the

bridges to Arkngthunch-Stardumz. Once inside, the Dwemer tube is in the furthest

room on a shelf. Grab it. Use the scroll of Almsivi Intervention, which will

take you to Gnisis. Catch the local Silt Strider to Ald-Ruhn. Otherwise

backtrack to Khuul and return to Sadrith Mora. One you find your way back to

Ald-Ruhn, give the tube to an ecstatic Edwinna.


NOTE: Your Dwemer Tube doesn't have to be from this particular ruin, but you are

guaranteed to find one here. If you have explored other Dwemer ruins up to this

point, and you have a Dwemer Tube, you can give it to Edwinna and be done with

the mission.



Finding Nchuleftingth is harder to find than it is to spell!


NOTE: While you are one this mission, make sure you grab the Hanging Gardens

from these ruins if you want to complete a quest for Trebonius later in the




Edwinna never seems to run out of things for you to do. Now she wants you to

find the Dwemer ruin of Nchuleftingth. (It’s marked on your map)

Enter Nchuleftingth and enter the first door on the right. Talk with Senilias

about the excavation plans. He will inform you that he does not have the report

and that his assistant Anes Vendu has disappeared. Leave the room and go around

the corner. Enter the Test of Pattern. In the large room, find the Dwarves Crank

on left wall to open the passage going down. Enter Lower Nchuleftingth and find

the body of Anes Vendu. Take the report from Anes, and make sure you grab the

red book sitting next to him. Talk to Senilias again. He will thank you and

instruct you to return to Edwinna. If you use Almsivi Intervention, it will take

you to Molag Mar. Take the Silt Strider to Balmora, and then to Ald-Ruhn.

Otherwise, return any way you can, and Edwinna will thank you.



The Ruin Goes On...


NOTE: Make sure you grab the Egg of Time on this mission. If you take the easy

way, you won't be able to get the book. This will make it impossible to complete

a mission from Trebonius later, so plan accordingly.


Edwinna never grows tired of Dwemer ruins. Now you need to find Scarab Plans at

the ruins of Mzuleft near Dagon Fel. Lucky for us, the Scarab plans are even

closer than they seem.

Mzuleft is very close to Dagon Fel, to the Southwest. Follow the road leaving West from the lower portion of Dagon Fel. Take a left at the fork and a left at the next fork. The next road you see should be a green path heading North. Follow it to the entrance of Mzuleft. Once inside you will encounter Dwemer machines, and some Orc’s that carry powerful weapons. It can be very easy to die if you aren't careful. Search the ruins for the Scarab Plans. Once you find the plans, check to find the Egg of Time nearby. Don't leave the

ruins without it. When you are finished, use Almsivi intervention, which will

take you straight to Ald-Ruhn. Talk to Edwinna to finish the mission


And On and On...



Edwinna isn’t done yet. She found another Dwemer ruin, and you guess it, she

wants you to go investigate. Egg-mine workers in Gnisis have discovered

Bethamez, an old underground Dwemer ruin. Naturally, the workers are inept, so

it’s up to you to find the Dwarven Airship plans that are located somewhere in

the mine. Take the local Silt Strider to Gnisis. Once there, the mine is located

across a bridge in the right wall of Gnisis. Bribe the Imperial Legion guard to

give you the key and enter the mine. Find the door to the lower egg-mine and

enter it. Once inside you will be confronted by an Orcish member of the Imperial

Legion named Lugrub gro-Ogdum. He will inevitably attack you so be prepared for

a tough fight. Once you win, locate the door to Bethamez. Enter and look for a

table on you left. Find the Divine Metaphysics and some Dwarven Airship Plans.

Grab them both and return to the Ald-Ruhn Mage's Guild. Edwinna will inform you

that there are no more missions.


NOTE: Make sure you grab the Divine Metaphysics on this mission. It is crucial

in solving a quest for Trebonius


NOTE: You can also get the key to the mine by doing missions to the Imperial

Legion. If you are having trouble bribing the guard to give you the key, this

might be an easier solution.



Trebonius Baloney


If you complete all of the Balmora, Ald-Ruhn, and some of the Sadrith Mora

Missions,  that should be enough to raise your rank to Master-Wizard. Once you

are a Master-Wizard, talk to Edwinna again, and she will complain about

Trebonius not caring for Dwemer artifacts, and ask you to speak with him about

it. When you talk to Trebonius again about advancement, he will offer to duel

with you in the Arena in Vivec for the honor of Arch-Mage. Accept and defeat

Trebonius for the top spot.



Missions from Skink-in-his-Shade, Sadrith Mora Guild Steward



Day Job


Tenyeminme needs to be escorted to Cal Arethi's ship, the Elf-Skerring on the

Telvanni docks. Tenyeminme is staying at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Northeast the

Wolverine Hall. Take Tenyeminme through town to her destination and return to



NOTE: Don't forget to talk to Tenyeminme again. She gives you the reward! This

also holds true for other people that you help/escort. Don't forget to talk to

the people you help before you return to the guild hall.


The secrets of the Forbidden Book


Now Skink wants a rare book, called Vampires of the Vvardenfall, Vol. II, and it

seems that it's not quite legal. We know where to get rare books. Use the Guild

Guide and head on over to Jobasha's Rare Books (again) in the lower waistworks

of the Foreign Quarter of Vivec. Jobasha is reluctant to talk, but admits he has

the forbidden book and will sell you a copy. Give Skink the book, and he will

reimburse you 1000 Septims for your troubles.



A Meeting of Minds


Skink wants to talk to an Ashlander Wisewoman, and he suggests that you find the

Ahemmusa camp. Skink also mentions the Zenaib, Erchenimsun, and Urshilaku camps,

but says that those Ashlanders will be less willing to help.


Take the boat from Sadrith Mora to Tel Mora.

From Tel Mora head Northwest across a few islands to the rightmost tip of the

large continent. The Ahemmusa camp shouldn't be hard to find. The Wise Woman is

in the largest Yurt. Sinnammu Mirpal is the local Wisewoman. Talk to her, but

she won't agree to help so easily.


Instead, Sinnammu sends you to the Favel Tomb to find her apprentice Wisewoman,

Minabibi Assardarainat. She says that Minabibi needs to find out what the

outsiders are really like. Leave the camp heading East and follow the coast

close to the water. Eventually you will pass a Deadric ruin called Kushtashpi,

enter if you dare, but there are several Dremora Lords inside, which can be a

pain to kill. Keep heading East until you are just at the rightmost edge of the

lowest extension of Sheogorad Island, the second largest landmass. From here,

search Southward until you find the Favel Ancestral Tomb and enter. Minabibi is

just inside and she will ask you to kill an evil spirit in the tomb named Kanit

Ashurnisammis. Talk to Minabibi again after you kill it, and she will send you back to Sinnammu. Return to the Ahemmusa camp and talk to Sinnammu again. She will ask you if you killed the spirit. It doesn't matter how you answer the question. Sinnammu will allow Minabibi to meet with Skink. Return to the Mage's Guild in Sadrith Mora and tell

Skink of your success. Notice that Minabibi Assardarainat is also standing

nearby. Talk to her about the meeting, and she will give you the Ancestral Ring.

It summons an Ancestor Ghost for 60 sec.


Necromancy is bad for business


 Telura Ulver has become a necromancer, and everybody knows necromancy is bad. Your mission is to find Shal and eliminate her. Skink warns that Shal may be hard to find, but fortunately, it's not. The quickest way to Hla Oad is taking the Guild Guide to Vivec. Leave the Foreign Quarter Canton, head to the bottom of the canton to the North, and take a left to reach the boat. Take the boat to Hla Oad. Once in Hla Oad, take the road going North until you cross a bridge. After the bridge, stay to the left along the coast until you reach another bridge on your left. Take this bridge and once you cross it, head

slightly Southwest. The entrance to Shal is on the edge of the water. Kill Telura Ulver. She summons Greater Bonewalkers so make sure you have the proper restorative (strength and endurance) items. Return to Skink for the next quest.



Ash Ghoul Soul


NOTE: You must be a Wizard in order receive this mission from Skink


The lizard informs you that he would like to study the soul of an Ash Ghoul. He

is also kind enough to provide the location of the Ash Ghouls: Yakin. Skink will

provide two grand soulgems and two scrolls of Ephyggi's Gem Feeder to help you

out. To reach Yakin, take the boat in Sadrith Mora to Tel Aruhn an Island over.

From Tel Ahrun, head almost exactly NW over the water until you reach the coast

of the mainland. Yakin is almost at the water's edge, so if you don't see Yakin

right away, move up and down along the edge of the coast. Yakin is large and

contains many monsters, many of which are tough. The Ash Ghouls move around, so

run around Yakin until you find one. Once you do, use the Gem Feeder Scroll on

it, and kill it as quickly as possible. If you do it right, you should receive a

message saying that you successfully trapped a soul. The Ash Ghoul soul is worth

50k if you need cash. Return your prey to Skink to complete the quest.



The Vampire Chronicles


Skink wants you to find yet another Vampire book for him. This one talks about

an Ordinator from Bal Ur who was cured of vampirism. The book is called Galur

Rithari's Papers. Skink doesn't give much to go on, but when it comes to rare

books, there is only one place to go. Jobasha's Rare Books in the lower waistworks of the Foreign Quarter of Vivec. Use the guild guide. Upon talking to Jobasha, he informs you that he doesn't have a copy. Instead, Jobasha suggests that you can find what you are looking for in the library in the Hall of Justice (you don't have to talk to Jobasha). There IS a library in the Hall of Justice in the Office of the Watch. When you arrive in Vivec, cast Almsivi Intervention to be transported to the temple. Head to the other side of the temple, and enter the Hall of Justice. Check the Office of the Watch for a trapdoor under the rug, in the upper right corner. This door has a lock-level 50, and is also trapped. You'll need to sneak to avoid being caught. Once you get inside the library, Galur Rithari's Papers is a smallish red book. It is located on the middle shelf of the bookcase closest to the door to the Justice Offices (you can get in from the Justice Offices as well, but that door has a lock-level of 75). Grab the book and take it back to Skink.


NOTE: Here is another method of obtaining Galur Rithari's Papers. If you enter inside the Ghostgate, there are several large Dwemer Strongholds. One of them, Tureynulal, has a location called the Library of Kagrenac inside. You can find Galur Rithari's Papers by entering the door directly across from the entrance. You will need to kill Dagoth Tureynul in order to walk around unhindered. Galor Rithari's Papers are located on a bookshelf to the left of the entrance. Only use this if you are far along in the main plotline. It is MUCH easier (and less time-consuming) to search the Hall of Justice in Vivec.


Trebonius' Walking Papers


After you fulfill all of your other duties, Skink will tell you that he has a

letter to deliver to Trebonius from Ocato, the person who appointed Trebonius to

the head of the Mage's Guild. Deliver the letter for Skink by using the guild

guide to reach Vivec. I haven't completed this mission yet.


NOTE: Skink's letter makes you the SECOND Arch-Mage along with Trebonius. You

can still complete Trebonius's other missions as well, so if you are in a hurry

to become the Arch-Mage, you can do both. If you manage to complete Trebonius'

second mission, you can also get his amulet and ring.



Missions from Trebonius, Vivec Guild Steward


Dwemer Insanity


The high Guild Steward, Trebonius, randomly tells you to find out what happened

to the Dwemer. The locals in Vivec think he's a little loco, and there isn't much to go on. Trebonius tells you to talk to the local Mages in Vivec. If you talk to Trebonius again, he will suggest talking to Edwinna in Ald-Ruhn. Edwinna isn't much help. Remember how you picked up those three books, the Hanging Gardens, Egg of time, and Divine Metaphysics? You need them now. Take the local guild guide to Sadrith Mora. Once you leave the Wolverine Hall, head Southwest into the water. Swim directly Southwest until you approach a small island with a dock. On this island is the Telvanni tower of Tel Fyr. Enter Tel Fyr and find the Corprusarium. Go straight ahead through the wooden gate, and find the door to the Corprusarium Bowels. Search around in here for an ugly fat Dwarf called Yagrum Bagarn. He has the distinction of being the last living dwarf. As such,

he seems to know what happened to the dwarves. Talk to him until your journal is updated. Once it has, use Almsivi Intervention. This will take you to Molag Mar.

Take the Silt Strider here to Vivec. From here, find the Mage's Guild and talk with Trebonius. He talks big, but he doesn't understand what really happened. He thanks you, and promises another mission later.


NOTE: If you do this quest BEFORE you finish the main quest and obtain the

Corprus immunity, you will catch Corprus disease, which cannot be cured until

you advance the main quest.


If you want to avoid getting sick, you don't have to go to the dwarf in the

Corprusarium. Instead head to Gnisis, which should be marked on your map. Get

there any way you can, and find the Telvanni Tower called Arvs-Drelen. The

Telvanni wizard may or may not be hostile depending on the missions that you

have completed, and he can translate the texts to complete Trebonius quest.


The Telvanni Weedwhacker


NOTE: In order to be able to accept this mission, you must first complete the

main quest. Otherwise, the Telvanni Wizards that Trebonius asks you to kill will

prevent you from finishing the game. If you haven't finished the main story,

then Trebonius will say something to the effect of "I will have more duties for

you when this dies down."


For some reason, Trebonius doesn't like the Telvanni. He asks you to 'remove'

six of the most powerful Telvanni Mage's.





Death to Trebonius


This is what you have been waiting for. Once you reach the rank of Master-

Wizard, you can challenge Trebonius to a duel to see who will be Arch-Mage of

the Mage's Guild. Trebonius challenges you to fight him in the Vivec Arena.

Search around central Vivec until you find the Arena Canton. Enter the Arena Pit

and Trebonius will be waiting for you. If you win the fight against Trebonius,

then the Mage's Guild is yours.


Yet another way to remove Trebonius


Remember the letter that Skink gave you? If you give that letter to Trebonius,

you will become Arch-Mage.


NOTE: If you use this method, you can't fight Trebonius in the Arena and take

his things. If you still want his cool stuff, 'taunt' him into fighting you.

When he attacks, kill him and take his stuff.


Getting A Wizards Staff


I'm placing the mission to Sud after everything else so it can be easily found,

and also because it can be obtained from any of the Guild Stewards.


When you ask advancement to become a Wizard, you are given a choice. You can buy

a Wizard's Staff from whomever you are talking to (for 5000 Septims) or you can

go on a trip to find one.


It's much easier to buy the staff, which itself is worth 10k. If you sell the

staff to Creeper, you can make a nice 5k profit, since the game doesn't seem to

care that you keep it. You only have to purchase one to pass the event.


Otherwise, you will be given directions to find a rogue Mage's Guild member,

Anirne, in Sud. The directions to Sud aren't too difficult. Head out to Dagon

Fel. Once you're there, head West, and keep heading West until you reach the

Western coast of Sheogorad Island. Make sure that you go past the large finger-

shaped area of Sheogorad. Once you reach the coast, Sud is on a large beach, at

about the same level as the split between the 'finger' and the rest of Sheogorad

(where the water ends). Searching shouldn't be much of a problem, because Sud is

very close to the coast. Once inside there will be many Skeleton Archers. These

can be a problem if you aren't at a high enough level. You may need levitation

to get by at some point if your acrobatics skill isn't high enough. Search

around until you find Anirne. She will attack you with powerful spells. Kill her

and grab the staff. Then talk to any Guild Steward to be promoted to Wizard

REWARD: A Wizard's Staff and advancement to Wizard



NOTE: The Wizard Staff you get from Anirne is the same as the one you purchase

from the Guild Steward. It's probably not a bad idea to get the one from Sud and

sell it. Although the Guild Steward implies that you should keep the staff with

you at all times, I've seen no indication that this is true. I sold the staff

and didn't have any problems.


NOTE: There is another way to get a Wizard's staff, but it requires you to do

the main quest. When you are told to go into the Urshilaku Burial Caverns, Sul-

Matuul to retrieve the bow, search for the Laterius burial chamber. Once inside,

find the door to the Juno caverns. Use a levitate spell and search the mummies

near the Juno Caverns door. This may or may not be easier to do than Sud,

depending on how far along the main quest you are.


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