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The Imperial Legion

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Written By: Paul Ferris









QUEST:   Land Deed

ENEMIES: Window Vabdas or Lugrub gro-Ogdum, Rats, Kwama Warriors, Kwama

Maggots, Slaughterfish


From the Silt Rider, turn right and walk down to the Madach Tradehouse. Once

inside head downstairs and speak with Generial Darius. Joining the Imperial

Legion you are presented with your uniform (an Imperial Chain Curiass), and

given your first orders.


Darius wants you to recover the Land Deed from the Widow Vabdas (her hut is

located just outside of Gnisis, to the south west) as her land is vital to the

expansion plans of the Legion. Speak to the widow to learn that her husband was

murdered in the Gnisis Eggmine by a fellow Legion member, and that the noble

thing to do would be to avenge her husbands death.


Either pry the Land Deed from the Widow's dead fingers (and report back to

Darius), or head over to the eggmine.


Speak with Vatollia Appo (guarding the Eggmine) to gain the key and entrance to

the mine. Go past the first staircase, and then up the second staircase, and

turn right, through the door to the Lower Eggmine. You are confronted with a

guard (Lugrub gro-Ogdum) and warned to leave. Ignore him and take the opposite

door to the Underground Stream.


Speak with the ghost of the dead husband to learn that Lugrub murdered him, and

threw his body into the pool ahead, along with the axe used to kill him. Dive

into the pool and retrieve the axe to take back to Darius.


HINT: Head past the pool with the body and you come to the stream. Dive in and

swim along until you enter a large chamber. Inside on a ledge is a body and a

book titled the Ransom of Zarek, which raises the ? skill


Tell Darius about the Land Deed, and let him know that Mansilamat Vabdas was

murdered - giving him the axe as evidence. Lugrub is delcared an outlaw, and it

is up to you to take revenge for the dishonour to the Legion. When you go back

to fight him, try to lure him to attacking you by staying close to the door -

this stops the Kwama Warriors down the side passage noticing you and joining in

on the fight. Once he is dead return to Darius for a reward (Imperial



HINT: There is a book inside the tradehouse titled the Death Blow of Abernant,

which raises the Block skill.



QUEST:   Cure the Kwama Queen

ENEMIES: Kwama Warriors, Kwama Maggots


Having proven yourself with the handling of the Vabdas affair, Darius orders

you to fix the Eggmine situation, by curing the Kwama Queen of the Blight. He

suggests you speak with Hetman Abelmawia (his hut is near the Temple entrance),

and obtain a scroll of Cure Blight.


After getting the scroll, head back into the mines, to the chamber where you

met Lugrub. If you havent already, dispose of the Kwama Warriors guarding the

Queen, and cast the Cure Blight spell on her. Before heading back to Darius,

for a small reward of 100 gold.


HINT: The passage leading of the approach to the Queen's Chamber, leads down to

an ancient Dewemer ruin called Bethamez. Inside you can recover a book titled

Divine Metaphysics, Dwemer plans for an Airship, and scap metal from he body of

a Steam Centurion. The book is part of the Mage Guild quests (so hang on to it

if you intend to go that route), and the scarp metal can be kept for a quick

solve to a later quest.



QUEST:   Rescue Madura Seran

ENEMIES: Ashlander Outcasts, Bandits, Rats, Guar


Darius orders you to rescue Madura Seran, who has been take hostage by outcast

Ashlander near the town of Ald Velothi. Head out of Gnisis and follow the road

signs to Ald Velothi - depending on the route you take you may run into small

side quests.


Reaching Ald Velothi, you learn that the Ashlanders have a camp just south of

the town, on a hill to the main approach to town. The camp consists of a single

yurt, campfire and two guards. Entering the yurt, speak with the leader (you

may need to bribe him before he likes you enough to tell you) to learn that he

will release Madrua for a ransom.


Either pay the ransom, or dispose of the kidnappers, and speak with Madura. She

asks that you escort her back to the Ald Velothi Outpost (first main building

of the town). Once you enter the Outpost with Madura following you the quest is

complete. Head back to Darius for your next assignment.



QUEST:   Rescue Ragash gra-Shuzgub

ENEMIES: Rats, Skeletons


Darius asks you to find to find the local tax collector Ragash gra-Shuzgub, who

was last seen entering the tower of Arvs Drelen (located on a hill next to the

entrance to the Temple) the home of a local wizard named Baladas.


Enter the tower and turn right, then turn left and enter the room at the top of

the stairs. Obtain the key to the summoning room, and then head up to the top

of the tower. Speak with Baladas about Ragash (after a couple of bribes) and

let him know that if he releases her he will not have to pay taxes again. He

gives you the key to Ragash's cell. Head down to the cells (lowest part of the

tower) and free Ragash, escorting her outside the tower completes the quest.



QUEST:   Find the Aims of the Talos Cult

ENEMIES: Oritius Maro, Arius Rulician


Darius is concerned that the Talos Cult is plotting against the Emperor asking

that you infiltrate the cult and find out what they are up to.


Head over to the Gnisis Barracks and speak with Oritius Maro. After a couple of

bribes/flattery he tells you about the cult, asking if you want to join. Take

the key and head down to the lower storeroom, opening that trapdoor in there.

Speak with Arius Rulician to learn more about the cult, and that they have



The evidence you need is in the locked chest on the alter. Take it and defeat

Arius and Oritius and return back to Darius with the evidence.


HINT: There is a book in the Barracks titled The Locked Room which raises the

Security Skill.


Darius advises you that he has no more quest for you - suggesting you go to the

other Forts and speak to the Commanders. Head to Balmora and Fort Moonmoth for

the next quest.



QUEST:   Retreive Scrap Metal

ENEMIES: Mad Wizard, Skeleton, Cliffracer, Dewemer Spider, Steam Centurion,

Dewemer Ghost


The Buoyant Armigers have challenged the Imperial Legion to a hunt. They claim

they will bring in the skin of a corprus beast. Radd Hard-Heart (the head of

the Legion at Fort Moonmoth) wants you to bring in the scrap metal from a

Dwemer Centurion.


While any peice of scrap metal will do (and if you kept the piece from the Egg

Mine quest you can end this quest without leaving the fort) the nearest

location is the Dewemer Ruin of Arkngthand which is on the hill next to the

Fort. (This is also the location of the first main story quest so you may want

to head into Balmora receive it).


In the mind explore until you find the Centurion, and kill it to find a piece

of scrap metal on  its body. Return to Radd to complete the quest



QUEST:   Resuce Jocien Ancois

ENEMIES: Diseased Rats (others depend on how you get to Erabenimsun camp)


Radd Hard-Heart asked you to rescue Jocien Ancois, who is trying to teach the

Ashlanders of Imperial culture and virtue. Radd informs you that he was taken

from the Erabenimsun camp by outcast Ashlanders, and that you should start your

investigation there (he marks the location on your map).


The camp is basically due east of the Fort, but is a fair distance away. I

found the easiest way to it was to head back to the Dewemer ruins, and just

follow the road that runs past the ruins into the ashlands. Eventually (keep

checking your map) you will reach the camp.


Speak to the villagers (may need to bribe) to learn that Jocien has run off,

like a love sick puppy, after the wise woman (Mabrigash) of the camp by the

name of Zennammu. Head north from the camp and you should spy some pages that

have fallen from the many books Jocien carries. Follow the trail of pages and

you eventually reach the camp where Jocien is being held.


Speak to Zennammu to learn that she will free Jocien if you bring the

Erabinimsun hunter Assaba-Bentus to her (he can be found in the Erabenimsun

camp). Go speak to him and question his bravery by saying he is too scared to

live in a camp with woman, and eventually he demands to follow you back to the



Escort him back to Zennammu to have her realse Jocien



QUEST:   Resuce Dandsa

ENEMIES: Humans, Slaughterfish, Crabs, Rats


Radd Heart-Hart asks you to rescue Dandsa, an Imperial citizen, who was

captured by raiders, and is being held in dungeon of Abernanit (on an island

south west Gnaar Mok). The easiest way to get there is to grab a silt rider up

to Caldera, and then travel west from there

to Gnaar Mok.


But before you do, head to Balmora and pick up two potions of water walking


Reaching Gnaar Mok, walk out to the dock, and then head south west out into the

ocean. Before you get to far you should see the island. The dungeon is in the

middle of the island.


Explore the dungeon and you should locate Dandsa, simply escort her outside the

dungeon to complete the quest.



QUEST:   Slay the Netch threating Gnaar Mok

ENEMIES: Bull Netch


Radd Hard-Heart asks you to head back to Gnaar Mok and kill the two Netch that

are breeding north of the town.


This is a pretty easy quest - just retrace your steps back to Gnaar Mok, and

you should find that there are two Bull Netch north (along the coast) of the



Slay them to complete the quest.



QUEST:   Slay the Sorkvild the Raven

ENEMIES: Sorkvild the Raven, other humand guards


Radd lets you know that a Necromancer living in the Dwemer ruins near Dagon

Fel, is threatening the delicate relations between Dunmer and Imperials. Radd

Hard-Heart wants the Necromancer dead before he ruins the reputation of other

Imperial citizens.


The easiest way to get up to Dagon Fel, is to catch a silt strider to Gnisis,

and then another up to Khuul. From there catch a boat up to Dagon Fel.


Sorkvild dwells in the Dewemer tower on the edge of town. While he lives in

style upstairs, three minions guard the lower levels. Defeat them, and then

head up the stairs and slay Sorkvild


HINT: There are several books upstairs that will increase stats. The downstairs

guards have a number of nice magic items (vey nice if you are doing these

quests be fore any others).


When you return to Radd, he informs you that he has no more quests available

for you to do. So head up to the next fort for your newest post.

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