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Morag Tong FAQ

By Ocissordei

March 10, 2003



1. Intro

2. How to join

3. Tips on traveling and assassinations.

4.Duties and Writs

5.Grandmaster Writs



1. Intro

So you want to be an assassin? It's a lot harder than it seems, you have to

have the skills and the mindset to be successful.  This guide is meant to help

you work through the Morag Tong guild all the way up to the role of the

Grandmaster.  Read on and Enjoy!



How to Join the Morag tong:

The Morag Tong members live in secrecy so you'll have to find them.  Head over

to the Arena canton and into the waistworks.  Go into the canalworks on the

western side.  Once inside, go down the stairs into the Arena Storage room. 

Once there, kill the rats, and go into the locked/trapped door.  Once inside

go down the trap door, and into the secret area.  Once inside head up the

stairs, around the beds, and talk to Eno Hlaalu he'll give you a quest to see

if you're worthy. In order to get orders from the Morag tong you'll need to

prove yourself.  You must kill Feruren Oran who is located in the Elven

Nations corner club in the Hlaalu Canton.  You can get to the club via the

northwestern part of the Hlaalu waistworks.  Oran is located directly in front

of you when you enter,  assassinate him, and head back to Eno Hlaalu and tell

him of your success.


3. Tips on traveling and assassination etc.

Part of the whole assassination deal is getting to the place where the person

you're killing lives/ is located.  You'll probably want an enchanted item with

levitation.  This will allow you to fly up into the sky, and get a broader

view of everything and will allow you to get over mountains instead of going

around them (a real time saver).  Levitation will also allow you to get up to

places where you can use bows and arrows to snipe people.  In many of these

quests you'll want to have the ability to open chests with locks of over 75,

so enchant or spellmake yourself something that will allow you to do this.  In

many situations you'll be engulfed with enemies that are slightly more

powerful than you.  Make/obtain a jink item (something that paralyzes your foe

for a certain amount of time).  Hit your foe with one of these until the magic

takes affect, then switch back to your regular weapon (hopefully its

stronger), and then smack them until the paralysis wears off, and then hit

them again with the jinkblade. 


A commonly asked question is how to get the Sanguine items, just look

everywhere when you go on special duties and always loot people that have

writs on them. 


4. Writs and Special duties

These are written in the order in which you can get them.  I also say return

to Eno after every one of these, because that's when you get your reward. You

don't have to do each one individually (it actually makes more sense to do all

of the ones assigned to you at a time and then return to Eno. 


Writ for Odaisha Yaslmibaal:

As Eno said, the hardest part about this is the finding of Odiasha not the

actual assassination.  Head to Sadrith Mora and then on a boat to Tel Aruhn

(you'll need to travel to Tel Mora and then to Tel Aruhn).  Swim southwest

until you reach the coast, and then find his yurt on the peninsula (its almost

directly west of wolverine hall, a little south).  Enter his yurt and

slaughter him (he's not friendly so if you need to summon a weapon or

something like that, do it before you enter), and when you're done head back

to Eno.


Writ for Toris Saren:

Head out of the Storage area and to the Redoran Plaza.  Saren's manor is

located in the southern part of the plaza.  You can find Toris down the trap

door near the hammock, up the ramp and through the wooden door at the end of

the hall.  Close the door behind you and slaughter him.   Pick up his weapon

(it's cool), and head back to Eno.


Writ for Sarayn Sadus:

Head to Sadrith Mora (or Tel Fry) and southwest  to the Erabenimsun camp (heal

if you need to), and head northwest until you see a steam pit.  Head directly

north from the steam pit and follow the path to Zaintirari.  Enter Zaintirari,

and kill the man in front of you, continue on and kill the Dunmer, there will

be a mage and a dunmer with a two handed long sword down the stairs, kill them

before they kill you.  Head downstairs and raid all the crates, then  when

you're done go open the trap door and kill Sadus.  When you're done raiding

Sadus' room go back to Eno.


Writ for Ethal Seloth and Idroso Vendu:

Head to the Telvanni Canton in Vivec, and then up into the Plaza, go into the

temporary housing near the northern entrance both will be inside here. It will

be tricky because it is so crowded, but you should be able to do away with

them.  Head back to Eno.


Special Duty: Dark Brotherhood

Comonna tong v. Morag tong! W00t w00t!   Head over to the foreign quarter's

lower waistworks.  Head to Miun Gei's enchantment shop, which is located in

the southern part of the lower waistworks.  Ask him about the dark

brotherhood, and then bribe him some money until he tells you his contact. 

Head back to Eno and tell him about the dark brotherhood. 


Writ for Guril Retheran:

Head to the Redoran canton's waistworks, and then to the Flowers of gold

corner club, which is located in the eastern part of the waistworks.  Guril is

located downstairs.  Kill him, and head back to Eno.


Writ for Galasa Uvayn:

Head to the Hlaalu canton's waistworks, and towards the Hlaalu Treasury, which

is located in the northern part of the waistworks.  Once you enter, go left

and down the hallway, near the entrance to the Hlaalu records you will find

Galasa, kill her (she has a dire flameblade), and return to Eno for your



Special duty: Belt of Sanguine Fleetness

Head to Pelagiad (Walking from Seyda Neen is probably the fastest way to get

there.) Head to the Halfway Tavern, which is located.  Once inside of the

tavern head up the stairs and into the unlocked reinforced door.  Hrordis is

inside of this room.  She won't get angry until you hit her so, feel free to

talk to her.  Close the door behind you so that no one will see your crime. 

Make sure you loot her body in order to get the belt.  Once you're done head

back to Eno for your reward.


Writ for Mavon Drenim:

Pretty simple, but you'll learn simplicity is hard,  Head to the Telvanni

Canton's plaza, and into the tower (its located in the western part of the

plaza).  In the upper floor Mavon Drenim two other mages stand to kill you if

you can avoid their magic or counter it, you should be fine, but they are

pretty powerful.  It will probably suit you best to bring a few cure poison

potions and an intervention scroll.  I went to the mage guild in Vivec and got

potions of reflect, cure poison, cure paralysis, fortify endurance etc. and I

was fine.  Once they run out of magicka you'll probably kill them if you have



Writ for Tirer Belvayn

Travel to Dragon Fel (taking a boat from Sadrith Mora will probably be the

fastest way).

Take the road out of DF that points west into Sheograd.  Continue west until

you get to a fork that points DIRECTLY SOUTHWEST, there is one that points

directly south that will bring you to the wrong part of the coast.  Once you

get to the coast, go south across the water and past the Orethi Ancestral

Shrine until you get to Shara. Head straight and up the ramp, then up the

stairs, kill Tirer, and collect his cool magic items and head back to Eno.


Special duty: Movis Darys

Head to the Ald'Ruhn mages guild (you can warp there by guild guide from

Vivec). The hardest part about this duty is finding Movis. He usually hangs

around in the open area on the bottom floor near the imperial cult altar. Talk

to him about joining the Morag Tong, tell him that you know whom he is and

that if he doesn't join he will die. Report back to Eno. 

Writ on Mathyn Bemis:

Don't mess with Morag Tong... Head to the Hlaalu Canton's canal works and into

the ancestral vaults.  There will be some skeletal warriors so get ready.  To

the right there is a wooden door Bemis and 2 of his minions are there. Taking

them all on at once is basically suicide. Try to hone in on Bemis and only

Bemis, and when he dies, teleport out. 


Writ on Brilnosu Llarys:

head to Balmora,  exit through the north and head west to Hlormaren, which Eno

should've marked, on your map.   You might have to do some mountain climbing

so levitate would be a nice spell to have. Once you get there, enter through

the bottom level of the keep.  Kill everyone you find on the upper and lower

floors of the keep if you can, (you can find a glass jinksword on a female

dunmer!).  If not head to the top level of the entire place (the roof). 

Brilnosu is there, and she really isn't that much of a challenge except when

she conjures greater bonewalkers, but deal with her and they'll go away.  She

has a cool spear, and a key (on the opposite side there is a dude with some

other cool items if you kill him.  If you want some more items, and want to

free slaves, go into the dome, open the locked chest, and talk to the

Khajiits.   When you're done go to Eno.


Special Duty: Careclamo's Ultimatum

Head to Hla Oad, then north to Hlormaren, and then to the west to the coast. 

Head south until you see bridges to an island.  Go to that island, then across

another bridge to the island next to it, Ashalmimilkal is there.  Some frost

atronachs should greet you, dispose of them and head to the stairs and kill

the stone atronach. Head into the shrine. Kill the monster and the high elf

head across the water and down the corridor to Careclamo.  Tell him the

ultimatum.  Kill him when he denies you, take the scrolls on the table if you

want them, and head back to Eno.


Writ for Navil Lenith and Ranes Lenith: 

Head to Seyda Neen, Suran, or vivec, and make your way to the dren plantation

(It's on the big map so I shouldn't have to give you directions).   Go to

Ovras Dren's villa, and open the trapped door down the stairs, and the trapped

door through that one.  Inside is Navil  and Ranes are both in this room. They

have pretty powerful weapons, but if you can cure paralysis and heal, you are

fine. They have some good items locked up in this room (8k in drakes, and a

bunch of Rubies and Diamonds, along with a note from Dren!!!).  When you're

done head back to Eno. 


Special Duty: Ring of the Sanguine Sublime wisdom

Head to Gnisis (Ald Ruhn Stilt Strider probably the best way), and then head

north to Ald Velothi.  Once at Ald Velothi, head west past Arkngthunch-Strdumz

(don't think spelled right). Continue past the people at the campfire, and

then towards another group of dwemer ruins.  Kill all the Atronachs, scamps,

and other enemies that you see and head into the Yassamidan Shrine.  Kill the

monster (it is random, one time I go in and there's a dremora, and then some

alligator dude), and head down and kill the Anel::chuckle::: Rethalas, loot

him of the ring  and head back to Eno (you could continue in and fight the

monster and lady with a large sword)

Special Duty: Durus Marius at Assernerairan

W00t! w00t finally a local mission!  Head over to the St Olm's canton's

waistworks, and into the canalworks. The underworks are located through a trap

door on the floor.  (you'll probably want water walking or levitate for this

part), Assnerairan is located in the  southeastern part of the underworks. 

Kill the woman with the devil tanto and then head in (it's probably a good

idea to save before you do this.  If you try to come in swinging you'll

probably die, because you'll get knocked down and burnt to a crisp by Durus

and his minions.  If you walk in and let them come to you and then start

swinging or use more stealthy tactics they should go down pretty easily.  One

of his minions has a good sword and more armor than he does. Try not to get

knocked down, because you'll get destroyed (almost guaranteed). It's probably

good to move around while fighting because when they all start hitting you

you'll probably find it hard to move.  If you have levitate you can snipe them

from above until your spell runs out.  If you want to be a sissy you can

probably just aim for him and leave and if you want to kill the others, heal

and then go back in.  Marius is located in the back and has a crossbow with

frost arrows.  I like to kill them one at a time (I don't heal, I just wait

for fatigue meter to refill). If you are fast and have levitate or good

jumping skills you can use the statue to your advantage.  Once you get rid of

him you can head back to Eno in the arena storage area.  

**** If you have completed all of these quests you will be able to advance

enough to be able to challenge Eno for the title of Grandmaster, or let him

retire, you don't have to do either and can continue on and do more duties. 

If you do have doubts about fighting him, don't worry, he's fairly weak, I

just hit him with a jink blade and did away with him with my normal weapon.


Special Duty: The dark brotherhood's night mother Severa Magia

Head out of vivec to Ald Sotha.  You can cut right across the water near the

stilt strider, heading east, and you'll eventually g get there.  Kill the

frost Atronach (and the daedroth if you need to), and continue in until you

get to a dunmer in bone mold armor.  Kill him then turn around and head toward

a female dunmer. Kill her, and then find your way into the upper level of Ald

Sotha.  Get yourself down the northern entrance to the lower level.  Once

inside, head down and take a right, Severa and a Dremora are down here (both

have daedric weapons).  When you're done head back to Eno (make sure you get

all of the scrolls on the table before you leave, there are some good ones). 


5.Grandmaster Writs

Okay, first off Grandmaster writs are writs that are done after you are

grandmaster.  You do not have to beat the game before becoming GM to do these

quests.  These writs give you a LOT of money for rewards (always in the

thousands).  To get these quests you must get the option of talking about

these people to get the writs.  To get these options you have to have someone

talk to you about them in BLUE. Then you must ask a quest giver about that

person. Here is how you get them for each of the four writs:

Baladas: in Gnisis ask people about specific place or someone in particular,

then talk to a quest giver.

Mistress Therena: Go to Tel Mora and ask people about Tel Mora and they'll

tell you that it's her tower.

Larrius Varro: Talk to quest giver about Fort Moonmoth (you'll probably have

to go to Balmora MT guild for this one)

Dram bero: Ask around in the Hlaalu and St Olm's quarters in Vivec and your

quest giver should be able to talk to you about it. 

Writ for Beladas:

Head to Gnisis (silt strider from Seyda Neen or Ald Ruhn), and into Arvs-

Drelen (his tower).  Head all the way to the top through the 50 lock trapped

door, up the stairs past his Daedroth.  Kill him and head back to your quest

giver for your reward.


Writ for Mistress Therena:

I actually did this quest by accident (I went on a killing spree in Tel Mora). 

Head to Tel Mora and into the tower.  Make your way up until your reach a room

in which there are large holes in the roof.  Levitate up, find Therena, kill

her and get the heck out before her mages come and kill you. 


Writ of Larrius Varro

Head to Fort Moonmoth, and down the stairs and into Larrius Varro's bedroom,

kill him and return to your quest giver for your large sum of a reward. 


Writ for Dram Bero:

Bero is located in the Haunted Manor in St Olms' plaza.  Head Down through the

locked doors and he'll be standing there giving orders to another dunmer. 

This might be difficult because it's a two on one but it killing Dram will

give you a large reward.