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House Redoran Quests

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House Redoran Guide


Exerted from House Redoran Guide  By Little Hamster 28 June 2003






This mini-guide is intended to help other Morrowind players to advance in the Great House Redoran.  It lists the quests you need to complete, with suggestions on how to do them. The information in this guide is gathered from the PC version of Morrowind, with no third party plug-ins or mods installed.






One of the little advices you get from various people around Vvardenfell is that the Dunmer Great Houses are where the real opportunities are.  There are three Great Houses on Vvardenfell: House Hlaalu, House Redoran and House Telvanni. You can only join one Great House.  Even if you are expelled from a Great House, you can't join another one (see note).  So be careful with your choice. Hlaalu’s are merchants, Redoran’s are warriors, Telvanni’s are mages. 


Note: From the GameFAQs board, I heard that a Redoran (or a Telvanni) can join

      House Hlaalu through a glitch in the game. It involves killing the guy in       the Dren plantation and Duke Dren will automatically make you a  Grandmaster of House Hlaalu.  I haven't tried it myself.

      * This is no longer possible with patch v1.2.0722.





To join House Redoran, speak with Neminda in the Redoran Council Entrance in Ald'ruhn.  The Redoran Council is in the Manor District, inside the ancient Emperor Crab Shell known as Skar.










Main Quests


This section describes all the quests you need to complete to advance from a lowly Hireling to Archmaster of Great House Redoran.  While doing the quests listed in this section, Neminda will tell you about further duties from:

        * Theldyn Virith - Outpost in Vld Velothi

        * Faral Retheran (Treasurer in Vivec) - Redoran Treasury, Redoran  Plaza, top tier of the Redoran Compound, Vivec

        * Lloros Sarano - Temple in Ald'ruhn

You don't need to do them to rise to Archmaster.  The promotion and quest sequence given in this section assumes that you are not doing these extra quests at the same time.



Mudcrab Pests

Neminda (in Redoran Council Entrance, Ald'ruhn) tells you that some mudcrabs are bothering Drulene Falen's guar herd.  She asks you to help Drulene.

I found her directions very confusing and I got lost many times before finally locating Drulene.

This is how I found Drulene, though there maybe other ways to get there. Leave Ald'ruhn through the west gate. When you see the first signpost , head towards the direction of Maar Gan.  At the second signpost, take the direction of Gnisis. Continue heading to Gnisis at the third and forth signposts.  At the fifth one, take the direction of Balmora and Caldera, NOT Gnisis.  This is the left fork to the southwest in the directions Neminda gave you.  In about 20 steps, the path splits into two.  Take the right turn towards the west.  Continue forward and you'll eventually see Drulene with her guars. The farm is directly to the west of Ald'ruhn, near Andasreth (it'll be on your paper map).

Talk to Drulene and she tells you the pair of hostile mudcrabs can be found in the southwest near the coast.  The mudcrabs are located between a swamp and the ocean, in the southwest direction (only a little south).  You'll find a dead guar next to them.  By the way, they are in the bitter coast region, not the west gash.  Kill them, and talk to Drulene again to get two, hackle-lo leaves. Report your success to Neminda


Note: There's a book in Drulene's hut that raises your blunt weapon skill.



Deliver Cure Disease Potion

Neminda asks you to deliver a cure disease potion to Theldyn Virith in Ald Velothi.  Ald Velothi is north of Gnisis and you'll have to walk there by foot from Gnisis.  The road is very well marked, so you shouldn't get lost.


Spoiler: On the road between Gnisis and Ald Velothi, you'll see a  woman asking you for help to find the ring that she has dropped into the pond behind her. You might not be able to find the ring, as it's really tiny and not enchanted.  Anyway, she's actually up to no good and will attack you if you find the ring.  Kill her and her "transparent" friend (looks like a ghost).  Her friend has the Amulet of Shadows that gives you 80% Chameleon.  Since they're outlaws, killing them will not incur a bounty.


Theldyn is in the outpost of Ald Velothi.  Give him the potion and report to Neminda.


Find Mathis Dalobar

Neminda tells you that a Redoran trader, Mathis Dalobar, is missing.  Travel to Maar Gan and talk to the towns people.  It's rumored that Mathis got stuck in the sudden and unexpected ash storm.  He's last seen leading some pack guar up to the Rothan Tomb.

Leave Maar Gan through the west gate (close to the silt strider).  You'll be heading straight west.  As soon as the road starts heading *slightly* away from west, leave the road and walk on the hilly area on your right.  You'll soon see the Rothan Tomb ahead of you.  You can't see the tomb from the main road and there are no paths leading from the main road to it.  You should only past one signpost on the way.  If you've reached the second one, you've gone too far. Enter the tomb. Escort Mathis to the Shrine in Maar Gan. Report to Neminda.



Founder's Helm

Neminda wants you to retrieve a Founder's Helm from a Hlaalu guard, Alvis Teeri, who has stolen the helm from the Redoran’s.  Travel to Balmora. The Eight-Plates is at northwest side of town.

Alvis Teeri really doesn't like you. When I asked him about the helm, he replied "I don't think so, I like the way it fits".  Improve his disposition to 70+ with "bribe" or "admire".  He'll just give the helm back when you ask again.  Report back to Neminda.



Trouble with Bandits

Neminda wants you to help Drulene Falen again, this time with bandit’s trouble. Find Drulene and she tells you the bandits are located in the south of her farm.  It's the Telvayn Ancestral Tomb, somewhere south of her farm.  Kill the bandits.  Report your success to Drulene, then Neminda.


Guard Sarethi Manor

Neminda asks you to protect Athyn Sarethi, a councilor of House Redoran.  Head over to his manor (Sarethi Manor, obviously), also in the Manor District in Ald'ruhn.  Talk to Athyn and two assassins will arrive almost immediately. Kill the assassins and talk to Athyn again.  Report to Neminda.


Neminda has no more duties for you.  Also you can't advance in House Redoran anymore without a Councilor sponsoring you.


Rescue Varvur Sarethi

All six councilors of the Great House Redoran live in the Manor District. They are Brara Morvayn, Hlaren Ramoran, Athyn Sarethi, Garisa Llethri, Miner Arobar and Bolvyn Venim.  You can ask any one of them to sponsor you.   Athyn Sarethi is a good choice since you just saved his life. Ask him about duties and he agrees to sponsor you if you do him a favor. Bolvyn Venim is holding his son hostage and he asks you to rescue his son,

Varvur Sarethi. Go to Venim Manor, also in the Manor District, Ald'ruhn.  Enter the Right Wing. You'll found a "Note to Malsa Ules" and a key on a bench.  Steal the key (using sneak or chameleon) and you won't alert the guard, Malsa Ules, there.  Read the note if you want to.  Varvur Sarethi is in the room in the northwest of the Right Wing, behind the tapestry.  Enter the room with the key you've just stolen.  (You can just open it with a spell or pick the lock if you can't steal the key).  Enter and ask Varvur to follow you.

The best course of action here after you get him to follow you is to run like the wind. If you do this part right, you can get out without having to kill anyone.  Leave Venim Manor as quickly as you can, since you're safe once you get back to the Manor District.  Bring Varvur Sarethi back to his father.



Clear Varvur Sarethi's Name/Ash Statue

Varvur Sarethi has been accused of the murder of his close friend, Bralen Carvaren.  Athyn Sarethi asks you to help clean Varvur's name. Go to the Guard Quarters inside Sarethi Manor.  Varvur's room is the second one on the left.  He tells you how he's been having bad dreams since having a ash statue and how he dreamed about killing Bralen Carvaren.  Take the statue from the shelf behind him and ask Varvur about the statue.  Then talk to Athyn Sarethi about the statue.  Go to the Temple in Ald'ruhn and talk to Lloros Sarano there.  Give the statue to him and he'll tell you that it has "some kind of corrupting influence".  Go back to talk with Varvur and he promises to go speak with Lloros.  Also, he now remembers winning the statue from gambling with Galtis Guvron, at the Rat in the Pot, Ald'ruhn.  Talk to Athyn and then Lloros again. Go to the Rat in the Pot and ask Galtis Guvron about the ash statue.  To find him, enter the Rat in the Pot, go up the stairs to where the counter is, then down the stairs on the right.  When confronted, Galtis Guvron will attack you. Kill him and take the note from his body.  Take the note to Lloros.  Lloros gives you some useless potions or scrolls (I forgot to write it down) as a reward.  He then asks you to investigate Hanarai Assuttanipal. Hanarai Assuttanipal's house is just outside the temple.  Enter and talk to her.  She mumbles something about Dagoth Ur and then attacks you.  Kill her. Open the trapped and locked door downstairs to look at her shrine, if you're curious.  Report  to Lloros about your success.



Ondres Nerano's Slander

Ondres Nerano, a Hlaalu Noble, claims Bolvyn Vemin is sleeping with the wife of another Councillor.  Athyn asks you to go demand him to withdraw his slander. Travel to Balmora.  Nerano Manor is in the northwest part of town.  Ask Ondres Nerano about the slander and he challenges you to a duel.  Hit him until he admits defeat and promises to take back what he said about Bolvyn Venim. Report your success to Athyn.






Athyn Sarethi asks you to take care of some smugglers in Gnaar Mok.  Travel to Gnaar Mok.  The smugglers are in the cave of Shurinbaal, southwest of Gnaar Mok.  It's among the swamps, along the coast, in the Bitter Coast Region.  Kill the smugglers and report to Athyn afterwards.


Mad Lord of Milk/Delyna Mandas in Tel Fyr

Athyn Sarethi tells you that a Redoran noble, Arethan Mandas, has gone insane, and is demanding tribute from travelers from the cavern Milk.  He wants you to take care of the situation.

 Travel to Ebonheart to speak with Arethan's father, Llerar Mandas (a Grand Council Representative).  He's at the Grand Council Chambers in Castle Ebonheart's west keep.  The fastest way to get there is casting a Divine Intervention Spell once you get off the boat at Ebonheart.  That is because the Imperial Shrine is next door to the Grand Council Chambers.  Talk to Llerar Mandas and he tells you that his son has gone mad since Arethan's daughter, Delyna Mandas, has been captured by the Telvannis at Tel Fyr.


To get to Tel Fyr, travel to Sadrith Mora and swim.  Tel Fyr is southwest of Sadrith Mora.  The entrance to the wizard tower is near the boat docked at the island.  Enter Onyx Hall, and then Hall of Fyr.  In the centre of the hall where the entrances of the three rooms meet, there is an opening above your head.  Levitate up the tower and go to the north room. (There are no other ways to reach the room where Divayth Fyr, the master of Tel Fyr, is).  Ask Divayth about Delyna Mandas.  He tells you that he has too many visitors and he doesn't keep track of them.  He also tells you that you're welcome to search for her. Go back to Onyx Hall.  Open the locked and trapped door named "Golden Door". Delyna Mandas is locked inside there.  Talk to her and escort her to the outside of the tower Tel Fyr.  Once outside, she gives you a locket to give to her father. Go back to Ald'ruhn and off to the cavern Milk. Leave Ald'ruhn and at the first signpost, head towards Maar Gan.  At the second signpost, continue in the direction of Maar Gan (Gnisis and Caldera is in the same direction).  At the third signpost, head west to Gnisis and Caldera.  The road to Maar Gan spills off at this signpost towards north.  At the 4th signpost, continue west to Gnisis.  At the 5th signpost keep going towards Gnisis.  You should be able to see the 6th signpost from the 5th one.  Keep going towards Gnisis at the 6th signpost.  When you see the first set of trees on your right after the 6th signpost, take the path between the 1st set of trees and the 2nd set (also 3 trees).  The path heads north.  Follow this path and you'll see the entrance to Milk. Enter the cavern Milk.  To avoid bloodshed, sneak or cast chameleon or invisibility.  Find and talk to Arethan Mandas.  After you give him his daughter's locket, he partly recovers and promises not to attack travelers again. Report to Llerar Mandas at Ebonheart to get an Ebony Closed Helm.   Report to Athyn Sarethi afterwards.


NOTE: There are no more duties from Athyn Sarethi.  He also tells you that in order to advance further, you must earn the support of at least two of the Councilmen.  He suggests Brara Morvayn and Hlaren Ramoran.  You must also build a stronghold.








Brara Morvayn


Mission to Morvayn Manor

Brara Morvayn lives in the Morvayn Quarters in the Redoran Council Hall.  It's in the northwest corner, directly underneath Galsa Gindu's House.  She will support you on the council if you can destroy an ash statue for her.  She suspects the ash statue indirectly caused the death of her husband.

Enter the Morvayn Manor, east of Skar (the Manor District).  You'll be in a dining area with two doors.  Enter the locked door.  There are corprus beasts in the Manor so be prepared for some action.  Go down the stairs and then go up the stairs at the other end. (Use either of the two. They lead to the same place).  Enter the only room and you'll find the ash statue on top of two crates in the centre.  Take the ash statue to Lloros Sarano at the the Ald'ruhn temple.  Lloros Sarano will destroy it for you.  Report to Brara Morvayn.



Hlaren Ramoran


Taxes from Gnisis

Hlaren Ramoran is in the Ramoran Private Quarters, Ramoran Manor, Manor District (Skar).  He wants you to collect taxes from Gnisis for him because his regular tax collector has fallen ill.  Go to Gnisis and enter Abelmawia's Hut, west of the temple.  Ask Hetman Abelmawia about "taxes from Gnisis" and he'll give you 60gp.  Return to Hlaren Ramoran with the money.



Nalvilie Saren

Hlaren Ramoran wants to find out what happened to an old acquaintance of his, Nalvilie Saren.  The Saren family lives in Vivec.


Note: For those who have yet to set foot on Vivec.  Vivec is divided into different buildings, called Cantons.  Each canton is divided into four tiers - upperworks, waistworks, canalside and underworks.


Travel to the Saren Manor in Redoran Plaza (upperworks of the Redoran Canton/Compound) in Vivec.  There are two doors to the Saren Manor from the Plaza, one south, the other southeast.  Enter the door at the southeast corner of the Plaza.  Speak to Toris Saren.  He tells you that Nalvilie has disgraced the family and she now has a consignment shop on the canal level of St Olms Canton (Vivec). Her shop is in Canal South-One (that's at south canalside) of St Olms.  Talk to her about Hlaren Ramoran and she refuses to ever speak with him.  Go back to Hlaren Ramoran in Ald'ruhn.  When you talk to him, you automatically lie to him that Nalvilie is dead.



Stronghold: Commence Work

Go to the Redoran Council Entrance and enter the Redoran Council Hall.  Enter Galsa Gindu's House in the northwest corner of the Redoran Council Hall.  Talk to Galsa Gindu and she tells you that you need 5000gp and a construction contract from Duke Dren in Ebonheart. Go to the Grand Council Chambers in Ebonheart.  There are three spiral staircases.  Walk up the southernmost one.  It leads to the hall where Duke Dren is in.  Talk to him and take the "vow to do what you can for the people" and he'll give you the construction contract.  Return to Galsa Gindu with 5000gp and the contract and she'll commence work on your stronghold.  She tells you that your stronghold will be built in Bal Isra (see your paper map, it's north of Ald'ruhn).  Don't bother going there yet.  You won't find anything.



Stronghold: Inspect Construction

About a week after you have handed over your gold and the construction contract, you'll get a journal entry telling you to go see Galsa Gindu, to discuss the progress of the construction. She wants you to check on the site.

 Take the road from Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan.  You shouldn't miss the construction site at all because the lower right hand corner of your screen will say "Bal Isra". Get off to the east side of the road and you'll see an Orc standing near a typical Ald'ruhn style hut.  He's your foreman in charge, Bugdul gro-Kharbush.  Talk to him.  He tells you that the first stage of your stronghold will be finished within a week.  Report back to Galsa Gindu.


Promotion: When the first stage of your stronghold is finished (You will get an entry in your journal when that happens) and you've gained the support of both Hlaren Ramoran and Brara Morvayn, see Athyn Sarethi to be promoted to House Father.  (Ask him about advancement again and he'll tell you need the support of another two councilors and a better stronghold to advance to Councilman.   



Shut the Mines Down/Evidence of Corruption

Councilor Garisa Llethri lives in Llethri Manor under Skar. To find him, go to Llethri Manor Entrance enter Llethri Manor Bedrooms, then go into Llethri Private Quarters.  He will give you support on the council if you shutdown the Caldera ebony mine.  First, he wants evidence of corruption. There are two gates out of Caldera, one north, one south.  To get to the mines, take the north gate.  The signpost just outside the gate will have Caldera Mining Company on it.  Follow the signposts on the road to the Mining Company. Eventually, you'll end up in the mining "town", southwest of Caldera.


Note: If you're curious, ask the people inside the Mining Company Office about the latest rumors.  They'll tell you how the Redoran’s are furious over the Caldera mines. That's why you're here shutting them down.


There are two slave shacks in the town, south of the Mining Bunkhouse. You'll have to go through the bunkhouse to get to that part of town.  Enter Slave Shack Two. Talk to Dahleena about evidence of corruption and she tells you about a record book inside the chest on the second floor of the Governor's Hall (Caldera).


DO NOT FREE HER_ (this is very important).


Go back to Caldera.  The Governor's Hall is in the north part of town. There're 5 spiral staircases from the entrance hall.  Go up the northernmost one.  Enter the first wooden door you see.  There is a locked and trapped chest called Odral Helvi's Chest.  Take the Secret Caldera Ledger inside. Give this secret ledger to Garisa Llethri (Ald'ruhn).  He tells you that now you have evidence, you can go and halt the operation of the mine. Go back to the mining town. Go to the top of the Mining Guard Tower and take the Caldera Slave Key.  Enter Slave Shack Two and talk to Dahleena again.  Ask her about halting the operation (or similar) and she tells you that she is the head slave and freeing her will effectively halt the mine's operation.  Free her.  Return to Garisa Llethri and tell him the news.


Alternative: If you have freed Dahleena already, it is possible to halt the mines by killing Ordal Helvi (Governor's Hall, room next to the one with the record book) and Stlennios Vibato (Mining Company Office). However, you will not be given the ebony boots as Garisa Llethri thinks your method is undesirable.



Miner Arobar



Miner Arobar's Support

Enter Arobar Manor (under skar), go through the door to the Grand Quarters, then through the next door (Private Quarters), and then turn right and enter the Manor Bedrooms.  Miner Arobar is inside the room on the left. Talk to him and he'll reject the notion of supporting you on the council immediately.  See Athyn Sarethi and he'll tell you Miner Arobar has been acting strange lately. He suspects that Miner Arobar maybe under Telvanni influence. Go the Sadrith Mora.  Talk to the locals about Miner Arobar and you'll learn that Master Neloth is holding Nartise Arobar hostage.  Nartise Arobar is the daughter of Miner Arobar.  Neloth lives in Tel Naga, the wizard tower in the centre of Sadrith Mora. Enter Tel Naga Hall.  You'll find Nartise Arobar standing inside a cell.  The cell has no door, with only Galmir guarding the exit.  You can walk right up to Nartise Arobar and talk to her. There are two more Telvanni’s on the other side of the Hall.  Since Galmir is blocking your escape path, kill him first (taunt him to fight you so you don't have to pay a bounty).  Then talk to Nartise Arobar and ask her to follow you.  Leave Tel Naga, walk towards the Gateway Inn northwest part of Sadrith Mora), go through the stone door underneath the Inn, and walk to the docks.  Nartise thanks you and tells you to see her father for a reward. Return to Arobar and get your reward.


Note: You don't need the Hospitality Papers for Sadrith Mora to do this quest. If you wish, you can purchase the Papers from Angaredhel in the Gateway Inn.  Ask him or the locals if you don't know what Hospitality Papers are.


  Stronghold: Hire Guards

When the first stage of your stronghold is completed, Galsa Gindu wants you to hire guards to help garrison it.  She suggests you see Percius Mercius in the Ald'ruhn Fighter's Club.  Talk to Percius Mercius and he agrees to help, for free, if you rescue Frelene Acques from the prison in the Hlaalu Canton, Vivec. The Hlaalu Prison Cells is in the Hlaalu Treasury inside the Hlaalu Waistworks. Enter the Hlaalu Prison Cells.  There's a guard with a table next to him. There're also two inmates, one of them is Frelene Acques.  Steal the key from the table. (If your sneak skill is not high enough to steal the key, cast chameleon first, then sneak and steal. Try using 80% chameleon).  Talk to Frelene, who is behind bars.  Give her the key and she will escape herself. You don't have to open the cell door for her. Report the news to Percius and then Galsa.  Galsa will then give orders to begin the construction of the second phase of your stronghold. (You will get a journal entry when the second phase is finished. It might take about 5 days).



Promotion: After the second phase of your Stronghold is finished, speak to Athyn Sarethi to be promoted to Councilman.



Stronghold: Attract Settlers

After the second stage of your stronghold is finished, see Galsa Gindu, again.  She tells you to go see the hetman of your village to discuss ways to attract more settlers.  You will find Hetman Guls standing outdoor at Bal Isra.  He tells you that the men are worried that they will not be able to get wives.  Your task is thus to encourage women to move to your new settlement. Go back to Ald'ruhn and talk to these two women:

* Fathusa Girethi - Downstairs of Ald Skar Inn

* Aryni Orethi - Wandering on the streets of Ald'ruhn.  You can find her around the steps leading to the Ald'ruhn temple.

Improve their dispositions to above 90/100 and then choose the topic "need wives".  (You're actually telling them there're lots of single men in Bal Isra). They agree to move to your stronghold as soon as they're ready.  Return to Hetman Guls and tell him the news.  Then speak with Galsa Gindu and she'll give order to begin the last stage of your Stronghold. (As usual, you'll get a journal entry when the last stage is finished.  This also will take about 5 days or so).


Alternative: You can get slave women from Tel Aruhn.




 Duel with Bolvyn Venim

The only way to win the leadership of House Redoran is to challenge Bolvyn Venim to a duel.  To find Bolvyn Venim, enter the Venom Manor Entrance, go through the door to the Private Quarters, go down and then up the stairs and turn left.  He's standing around the room there.  Talk to him and he challenges you to meet him at the Arena in Vivec for a duel to the death.


Note: You don't need to wait for the completion of the last stage of your Stronghold to challenge him.  Though you need to meet the requirement for Archmaster (i.e. Endurance and Strength 35, one skill at 90, two skills at 35) or Bolvyn Venim won't accept your challenge.


Go to Vivec.  Enter the Arena Pit through the Arena Waistworks.  (Entering the Pit from the upperworks leads you to the audience seats instead, but you can just jump over the edge into the pit if you want).  He'll attack immediately when you enter the Pit.  Kill him.  Remember to loot him. Even if you don’t want to wear his armour, it is worth to much money to just leave it lying around. Then go speak to Athyn Sarethi to be named Archmaster.





Quests from Theldyn Virith


You can find Theldyn Virith inside the outpost in Ald Velothi.  Note that some of these quests are not given until you've reached a certain rank or finished a certain main quest.


Old Blue Fin

You are told to get rid of a slaughterfish in Ald Velothi called Old Blue Fin. It swims around the docks in the northwest part of town.  Just go underwater and look around. Report back to Theldyn after you kill the fish.




Ashimanu Mine

A diseased Shalk is infecting Kwama and miners in the Ashimanu Mine.  Also, Kagouti are attacking traders along the route.  You are asked to kill the Shalk and any Kagouti you encounter. The Ashimanu Mine is a little difficult to find and the instruction given in the journal is a bit vague: "Start in Gnisis and cross the river south of the silt strider.  When you reach a trail, follow it east and south.  When the trail branches south and east, take the east fork"

I could not think of a way to give better direction than this.  If you look on the paper map, the Ashimanu Mine is directly east of Berandas.  It is an east facing cave behind a bunch of rocks and there is a trail leading to the entrance of the cave. (Cell ID is Ashimanu Egg Mine if you need to use the console).

I met one Kagouti on the way.  The diseased Shalk is inside the queen's lair of the egg mine.  Kill both the Kagouti and the diseased Shalk.  Report back  to Theldyn Virith afterwards.





Kagouti Den

If you kill the Kagouti in the last part, you have already done this quest.  Asking Theldyn about the "Kagouti den" will get you this reply: "Well, I guess the Kagouti you already killed near there are the ones that were attacking travelers.  If I hear about any more attacks, I'll let you know"




Shishi Report

Theldyn Virith is expecting a report from an assault on the Telvanni base Shishi.  You are told to go to Shishi, find out what is going on and retrieve the Shishi report. Shishi is easy to find.  Go to Maar Gan.  Leave town through the west gate, turn south and then east along the city wall.  You will walk under the legs of the silt strider.  Walk along the path and pass Huleen's Hut.  When you reach a fork, take the fork to the north.  Just follow the path and you will reach Shishi eventually (it goes northeast, then northwest). After you enter Shishi, find Brerama Selas and ask him about the Shishi report. He will give the report to you.  Return it to Theldyn Virith.





Quests from Faral Rethera


Faral Rethera gives slightly better rewards than Theldyn Virith, but not by much. You can find her in the Redoran Treasury, Redoran Canton Plaza.  Note that some of these quests are not given until you've reached a certain rank or finished a certain main quest.



Meril Hlaano's Slanders

You are asked to make Meril Hlaano withraws his slander on House Redoran.  Find him in Eight Plates, Balmora.  Improve his diposition to 90+ (80+ will probably do already, but admires are free anyway).  Then ask him about "slander" and he will agree to withdraw his statements.  Report to Faral Rethera.



Redas Tomb

The last of the Redas family has bequeathed the family's belongings to House Redoran.  You have to go to the Redas Tomb and recover

        * Redas War Axe

        * Redas Chalice (aka Redas Goblet)

        * Redas Robe of Deeds

Here is the direction from the journal (v1.3.1029 of game):

     "(after leaving Molag Mar)  ... head west along the mountains until I can cross to the south, then head back east until I see the tomb, which is near an Ashlander camp.."

Leave Molag Mar through the main entrance.  At signpost 1, follow the direction of Balmora and Pelagiad.  The silt strider should be on your right.  At signpost 2, continue on towards the direction of Balmora and Pelagiad.  You will be heading west and eventually reach the Azura’s coast region.  When you reach a beach (there are mudcrabs) and the sea, turn south.  Walk first along the beach and then the rocky shoreline.  You will have to either swim or use the water walking spell.  When you see a second beach (with mudcrabs as well), get back on land.  Take the only path that leads off the beach.  You should be heading east.  Follow the path and you will reach the Redas Tomb.  It is close to the Kaushtababi Camp. Enter the Redas Tomb and search for the three items.  You will need to go under water to reach the room with the Redas War Axe.  Return the three items to Faral Retheran.




Duel of Honor

Rothis Nethan is too cowardly to appear for a duel of honor with a Hlaalu.  He is hiding out at the Flowers of Gold Corner Club.  Your job is to convince him to duel. The Flowers of Gold is inside the Redoran Waistworks.  Find Rothis Nethan in there and ask him about "duel".  He agrees to duel if you bring him 10 standard potions of healing.  Go to the Redoran Temple Shrine, also in the Redoran Waistworks.  Buy 10 healing potions from Relms Gilvilo.  Give the potions to Rothis Nethan.  After that, go to the Vivec arena to witness the duel.  The entrance to the pit is in the Arena Waistworks.  The duel will start immediately after you enter.  Do not help Rothis Nethan kill Brethas Deras (the Hlaalu he's dueling).  If you kill Brethas Deras, you won't be able to finish this quest.  Instead just watch Rothis Nethan dies.  Report to Faral Retheran after the duel has finished.



Slay Dagoth Tanis

Faral Retheran asks you to slay the vampire Dagoth Tanis and find Irer Nervion in Falasmaryon.  It is on the paper map in big bold fonts near Maar Gan so it is very easy to find.  To reach there travel up the Foyada Bani-dad from Maar Gan.  Alternatively, if you have the propylon index official plug-in installed, the master index will take you directly to Falasmaryon from Caldera. Enter the Lower Level of Falasmaryon.  Both Dagoth Tanis and the body of Irer Nervion are behind one of the "sturdy wooden doors".  The body of Irer Nervion is easy to spot as he wears glass boots and cuirass.  Take his Nervion Ancestor Ring.  Kill Dagoth Tanis.  Report and return the ring to Faral Retheran.




Slay Reynel Uvirith

The Telvanni have begun expanding all over Vvardenfell and must be stopped. You are instructed to kill the sorcerer Reynel Uvirith in the new Telvanni stronghold of Tel Uvirith. Tel Uvirith is built on Uvirith's Grave.  It is west of Tel Fyr on the main land. The easiest way to get there is walk over water from Sadrith Mora.  Once you get to Tel Uvirith, you can find Reynel Uvirith inside the upstairs bedroom of the Tower Lower.  Kill her and report back to Faral Rethera.




Slay Raynasa Rethan

The Hlaalu have also been expanding.  You have to go to Rethan Manor and kill Raynasa Rethan.  Rethan Manor is on Odai Plateau.  It is west of Hla Oad on the Odai River (the river that runs through Balmora).  It is very close to Hla Oad.  Once you found Rethan Manor, enter and go upstairs.  Kill Raynasa Rethan. There is an ebony long sword on the table in the bedroom where you find her. Report to Faral Rethera.






Quests from Lloros Sarano


You can find Lloros Sarano inside the Temple in Ald'ruhn.  He is also involved in the main Redoran quests. Neminda will mention him if you are of a rank below Kinsman, and do not meet the requirements for duties from her. 



Find Fedris Tharen

Lloros Sarano asks you to find Fedris Tharen; a pilgrim that went to Koal Cave to visit the shrine of Ruddy Man. Koal Cave is South of Gnisis.  Go down the riverbank, behind the Stilt Strider, across the river and up the bank on the South side.  Follow the slight trail

East, then veer South, when you see the rope fence, stop and look around. You will see Fedris Tharen standing under a tree.  (Note:  If you have already been to Koal Cave, Fedris Tharen doesn't appear until you get the quest from Lloros Sarano.)  Fedris is ill and needs to be cured.  You can either go back and report to Lloros Sarano or give Fedris a Cure Common Disease potion.  When you report back to Lloros Sarano, he rewards you with a couple of Cure Disease Potions.



Find Beden Giladren

Lloros Sarano wants you to find another pilgrim, Beden Giladren, who is on his way to the Maar Gan shrine.  If you ask around Maar Gan, you hear a reference to a famous noble that has been captured by some Ashlanders and is being held for ransom.  You'll find the Ashlanders, in a hut, South of Maar Gan and North of Bal Isra.  Talk to the Ashlander, Manat Shimmabadas, in the hut and Beden Giladren and pay 5 gold for Beden's ransom.  When you report back to Lloros Sarano, he thanks you.



Find Redoran Soldiers

Lloros Sarano asks you to check on some Redoran soldiers that have gone to the Dunmer Stronghold of Andasreth.  He marks it on your map.  Andasreth is also shown on your paper map, on the West coast, above Gnaar Mok and below Gnisis. When you arrive at Andasreth, you'll find the bodies of the soldiers in a locked room.  Take their Redoran shields and return to Lloros Sarano.  Lloros Sarano offers one of the shields as a reward.  Chose No, and get a +5 disposition with Lloros Sarano.  Chose Yes, and get a +15 disposition with Lloros Sarano, plus a Redoran Bonemold Shield.




Miscellaneous quests


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The quests in this section is not (indirectly) given by Neminda.  They involve people in the Redoran "family".



Tuveson Beleth (Smith): Escort Deval Beleth to Koal Cave

Tuveso Beleth is the Smith in the Redoran Council Hall.  She has two quests for you.  The First quest is to escort her son, Deval Beleth, to the Koal Cave, to visit the Ruddy Man shrine.  Talking to Deval will get him to mark the cave on your map.  Escort Deval to the Koal Cave Entrance, then report back to Tuveso Beleth.

Reward: Steel Firesword.



Tuveson Beleth (Smith): Armour Repair Debt

Tuveso Beleth wants you to get the 2000 Drakes that Giras Indaram owes her for fixing his armour.  Giras Indaram is at the fortress, Molag Mar.  Travel to Molag Mar and ask around for Giras in the Buoyant Armiger's area.  When you speak to Giras, he refuses to pay.  Talk to his brother, Tidros, who will tell you to talk to Giras, again.  This time, Giras will pay, provided you duel him. Accept the challenge and fight, but don't kill him.  Hit him, gently, until he acknowledges defeat and pays the debt.  Return to Tuveso Beleth for a reward of a Glass sword.



Aryni Orethi

This is an odd one. It’s odd, because it is not mentioned by anyone in House Redoran.  Aryni Orethi is one of the women you can ask to go to your stronghold to look for a husband.  She is usually walking around Ald'ruhn, in the area near the Temple (NOTE: will she be in Bal Isra instead if you have finished Stronghold: Attract Settlers ?).  She also has a little quest.  It seems her sister, Velsa Orethi, is a guard in Venim Manor. Aryni wants you to help her sister leave the manor. 



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