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Thieves Guild Guide  by

Ben "Wroth" DuPree Copyright (c) 2002 Ben "Wroth" DuPree





I.          Abstract

II.         About the Thieves Guild

III.       Balmora Jobs

IV.       Ald-Ruhn Jobs

V.        Sadrith Mora Jobs

VI.       Vivec Jobs

VII.      The Bal Molagmar

VIII.     Update History




Section One: Abstract



I have not written a guide in a long time due to my constant work in

both school and life. However, when I picked up Morrowind, I decided

that I should do a favor to those who also have this game and write a

guide or two on it. Morrowind is everything that I expected it to be

and then some; it contains a rich, engrossing world, constant action,

and an utter inundation of detail. Never before has a game taken detail

where Morrowind does; Morrowind allows the player to explore-and

participate in-a vast world that contains virtually anything that one

could desire. More likely than not you will be able to find some aspect

of Morrowind that will send you into rapture and not let you get back.



Section Two: About the Thieves Guild



The Thieves Guild in Morrowind, unlike in past Elder Scrolls games, is

a figurative enfant; it only has existed in Morrowind for a few short

ages. The Camonna Tong, an old, established sect, controls a good

majority of the illegal trafficking in Morrowind. The Thieves guild, of

late, has encroached onto the Camonna Tong's business, causing much

friction to be generated between the two groups. However, for our

purposes, the Camonna Tong is useless: they do not accept outlanders-

those who are not from Morrowind-into their guild. If you, an aspiring

thief, desires to make a living in the night, you will have you join

the Thieves Guild. The Thieves Guild members generally treat outlanders

with respect and courtesy if they do their jobs; if you get on their

bad side, however, things could turn out quite ugly-but enough about

the guild itself... let us thieve!


Or not. Before one dashes headfirst into thieving, there are a few

other things that the prospective thief should know about the guild. To

advance in the guild, two requirements must be met: one must put his or

her head on the line for the guild while doing certain "jobs" that the

guild needs doing and one must train accordingly in thievery-related

skills. Only after training a certain amount will one be able to

achieve advancement. I had considered listing exactly what the

requirements are for advancing into each respective position in the

thieves guild, but I decided against it for one reason: in thieving, do

you have the clairvoyance and prior-knowledge to be able to determine

how exactly the events of your robbery will play out? That's right: you

don't. A robbery could go smoothly and you could walk away with the

diamond that your local guild boss asked for... or you could be spotted

in the process of the robbery and end up a dark smear on the end of a

guard's mace-anything is possible. That's why I leave it to you, my

friends. If you get really desperate, then go cry about it-see if I




Section Three: Balmora Jobs



Balmora, located in the southwest corner of Morrowind, is the first

major town that you, our aspiring thief, will set up shop in. However,

as is necessitated by a surreptitious career and a powerful enemy, the

thieves do not openly prance around in the street shouting out "join

the guild!" Instead, you will have to seek them out and prove your

worth. Located in the eastern portion of Balmora, the Thieves Guild

hideout comes cleverly disguised as a simple corner-club tavern-who

would have supposed that a tavern with numerous questionable characters

loafing around it at odd hours would be a Thieves Guild hideout?

Certainly not I. Make your way to the South Wall corner club and,

instead of seeking out the owner (who himself is a member-but not the

local boss-of the Thieves guild), look for Sugar-Lips Habasi, an

intimidating, furry, female Khajiit. Upon finding her in the South Wall

(she's difficult to miss), you may ask her about joining the Thieves

Guild. If you possess the proper skill-in stealth, security, and other

surreptitious, underhanded skills-she will let you join. Although you

may not yet be a master thief or a famous footpad, Sugar-Lips Habasi,

after you join, will begin to offer you certain "jobs" which will aid

in your advancement. The following section chronicles the jobs for

Balmora and details what must be done to complete the jobs successfully

without getting your weak, little thief body viciously fustigated by a




Balmora One: The Diamond



Since you are still wet behind the ears and quite inexperienced to the

nuances of thievery, Sugar-Lips Habasi relegates a simple job to you

for starters: you must steal a diamond. Although it may sound rather

simple, for a boy just off of the turnip farm and never having

committed felony breaking and entering before, stealing a small, non-

descript diamond may prove quite a challenge yet. Located in Nalcarya

of White Haven's Alchemy shop in Balmora, the diamond will be yours for

the taking with the use of two of the most basic thievery skills:

security and stealth. Nalcarya's shop resides on the west side of the

river that splits Balmora in twain; it sits just south of the temple.

However, you cannot simple bust headfirst into Nalcarya's shop and

demand the diamond; a guard, who seems to have taken up permanent

residence with the voluptuous beauty that runs the Alchemy shop, awaits

inside, ready to thwart any attempted robbery.  

If you had taken a moment to notice, Nalcarya's shop has two entrances:

an unlocked one on the ground level and a locked one (Lock Level: 35)

on the upper portion of her shop, just up the stairs. Go up the stairs

and use any lock pick (don't have one? -go back to the Thieves guild

and buy one) to open the door. When inside, try and determine where

Nalcarya hides her precious diamond; it is neither under the bed nor in

the books on the shelf... but... ah; yes. Nalcarya hides her diamond in a

locked chest above her bed. Pick the lock as you just did with the

door, retrieve the diamond, and return it to Sugar-Lips. That wasn't so

hard, now was it?



Balmora Two: Key to Nerano Manor



Sugar-Lips Habasi, after realizing that you do indeed have talent,

assigns you a slightly more challenging task: retrieve the key to

Nerano Manor-the house of a local elite family-which the thieves guild

will then use to ransack the house. However, procuring said key will

prove no walk in the park; you must use your stealthy talent to lift

the aforementioned key off of one of two people: either Sovor Trandel,

the servant of Ondres Nerano, or Ondres Nerano himself. Both prove

rather difficult, but I recommend that you go after Ondres Nerano as

his servant, Sovor Trandel, works for the Camonna Tong; and as much as

you would like to do battle with your hated enemies and Sovor, he has

powerful friends and you remain quite weak. Ondres Nerano, on the other

hand, is a minor noble with a short sword in tote. You-or your

grandmother, for that matter-could take his skinny, jewelry wearing



The Nerano Manor sits just south Nalcarya's Alchemy shop in Balmora.

Don't worry: it isn't locked. Those foolish Neranos have absolutely no

idea what is about to turn their world upside down: you! Enter the

manor and, directly in front of you, Ondres Nerano will be waiting. He

isn't planning on ambushing you; don't fear, as you will have the

opportunity to strike first. Slowly sneak your way around Ondres until

you are behind him and, when you think that he doesn't notice a person

who just entered his house with him watching standing directly behind

him, attempt to pickpocket his key. It might fail, it might not-it

matters not, either way. If Ondres Nerano begins to attack, simply

fight back, kill him, and take his key. Oh, and don't forget to take

anything else in the house that you might wish to sell. Especially

check the upstairs, where many valuables reside. With your pockets full

of loot, return to Sugar-Lips with a second job well done.


Alternatively, if you aren't as violent as I am, you could use your

coin to whet the appetite of Sovor Trandel. If you offer him enough

septims in the form of bribes, he will be willing to give you his key

to the Nerano Manor with no fuss and no mess.



Balmora Three: Fat Leg's Drop-Off



After the Nerano Manor mysteriously loses all of its valuables, Sugar-

Lips Habasi decides to send you away for the first time on a quest that

takes you from the secure confines of Balmora and drops you in the

middle of the wilderness-quite possibly for the first time in

Morrowind. Sugar-Lips asks you to retrieve numerous Dwemer Artifacts

from a man who had promised to give them to the guild and, for one

reason or another, reneged on the deal. This Khajiit, Ra'Zhid, lives in

Hla Oad, a fishing village to the southwest of Balmora. To reach Hla

Oad, one must follow the river southwest and cross the Odai Plateau.

Hla Oad rests just beyond the plateau and next to the ocean. Don't

believe that just because you are a thief that you are prepared to face

the harsh wilderness alone; you are far from ready to face things that

could kill you in ways that you probably cannot even begin to fathom.

Take a stroll over to your local, well-stocked general store or

outfitter and buy a few items that will aid in your voyage to Hla Oad:

a torch or two, some food, and armor if you have yet to purchase any.

With those items in tote and a strong sense of daring, you just might

be ready to trek along the river and over the plateau to complete your

third job.


After a nice, long walk, you will reach Hla Oad. At first glance, Hla

Oad does not appear to be too formidable: only a few guards, a few

shanty-homes, and a boat or two comprise the entire town. After a quick

check around two, it becomes quite obvious where our missing Khajiit

and his Dwemer Artifacts are hiding: Fat Leg's Drop-Off, as states the

name of this job. Once inside Fat Leg's Drop-Off, the cramped quarters

will prove a mite difficult for thievery. Thus, in the spur of the

moment and in partial desperation, I developed a method to procure the

artifacts with minimal threat from both the guards and Ra'Zhid's

magician friend by the fire: kill Ra'Zhid. Although it seems that we

have acted more as a murderer than a thief to this point, good thieves

know how to improvise on the job. If improvisation includes blood on

the knife, then so be it.


Do not draw your weapon just yet. If you attack Ra'Zhid outright, his

mage friend will come to his aid-as will the guards-and you will be in

a world of hurt rather quickly. Instead, pick up your lock pick and

attempt to pick the chest that lies near Ra'Zhid's feet. Any assault on

the chest will bring the Khajiit to arms and, without having to start

the fight, you may battle with-and kill-your enemy both without

generating a huge fine that comes with murder and without involving the

mage sitting at the fire. Kill Ra'Zhid, take the key from off of his

body, and use it to acquire the Dwemer Artifacts from the

aforementioned chest. Take the artifacts back to Sugar-Lips and your

job will be complete.



Balmora Four: Brown, Brown Brandy



Unlike the previous quest that forced you into a brief sojourn to Hla

Oad, the fourth Balmora job relegated to you by Sugar-Lips Habasi

proves to be like the first diamond job; it is extremely simple and

short. Sugar-Lips Habasi asks you to bring to her a decanter of vintage

brandy from the home of Ralen Hlaalo (Hlaalo Manor), a recently

deceased noble of Balmora. To his wife, he left behind numerous bottles

of fine brandy that Sugar-Lips, obviously having lips for more than

just sugar, desires. Stealing it proves hardly a challenge for a thief

of your growing cunning and skill.


Acquiring the Brandy of Ralen Hlaalo, in the end, proves about as

difficult as looting his dead body would be (you can loot his body if

you are inclined to do as such; it is resting squarely in the middle of

the common room floor of the Hlaalo Manor for some strange reason. Make

your way into the Hlaalo Manor, which sits next to the Nerano Manor,

and make your way upstairs. Although Ralen's wife may be around and

attempt to distract you with stories or other inane chatter, ignore it

and obtain the brandy from a chest in one of the manor's bedrooms.

Return the brandy to Sugar-Lips for a nice reward.



Balmora Five: New-Shoes Bragor



And you thought that Thieves Guild quests would get easier from this

point with the brandy securely in the hands of Sugar-Lips; you thought

wrong. Once again Sugar-Lips Habasi doles to you a quest of colossal

proportions that, upon completion, will have taken you to a town

farther away from Balmora than Hla Oad is. A fellow Thieves Guild

member, New-Shoes Bragor, has been imprisoned by the guards at Fort

Pelagiad for assorted crimes. They refuse to release him and plan to

either let him rot in prison or execute him for his crimes. Sugar-Lips

wants you, her trustworthy <insert rank of your character here>, to

secure the release of New-Shoes. Sugar-Lips believes that a guard at

Fort Pelagiad has been dealing illegally with Mebestien Ence, a trader,

in Dwemer Artifacts. Does the word blackmail mean anything to you? Of

course it does; use it.


However, one potential problem already comes to mind: where the hell is

Pelagiad? Located southeast of Balmora, Pelagiad is a considerable

walking distance from our hometown. You must pass through the

mountains, over plains, and through short grassland to reach Pelagiad,

its fort, and your imprisoned comrade. Since you already procured

numerous supplies for your aforementioned trip to Hla Oad, stocking up

for your voyage into the unknown-and to Pelegiad-is not necessary.

Follow the trail as marked by a path and signs-be careful that you do

not get lost-and, eventually, you will reach the shire village of

Pelagiad and the stone fort attached to it. You have partial business

in the town; you must deal with the merchant Ence and his illegal

Dwemer Artifacts. The shop of Mebestien Ence rests on the southern-edge

of town and his artifacts sit in a trunk on the second floor of his

establishment. You should have no trouble unlocking the chest and

pilfering the goodies inside.


Holding the Dwemer Artifacts on your person, venture into the fort and

seek out the guard with the name that Sugar-Lips gave you. He should be

standing relatively out in the open, and a great deal of searching

should not be required. Once you do meet him, use your wit to trick him

into admitting that he indeed knows of the business that goes on with

Ence and that he is involved. Realizing that his facade will not play

against you, he will then negotiate the freedom of New-Shoes Bragor for

your silence. Accept that offer and return to Sugar-Lips.



Balmora Six: South Wall Security



The final job offered to you by Sugar-Lips Habasi appears relatively

simple in comparison to the tedious footwork necessitated by the

distances to Hla Oad and Pelagiad. The Camonna Tong, the eternal enemy

of the Thieves Guild, has recently been plotting to attack the guild's

South Wall hideout in Balmora. Sugar-Lips Habasi needs to reinforce the

hideout's security system but lacks the mastery of locks and traps to

accomplish such a feat. She requires you to find her an Altmer, a

master of traps and locks, to help reinforce the South Wall. She claims

that a person of such skill exists in Balmora, but is unsure of the

true identity of the Altmer. Giving you a list of people who she

believes might be able to assist the guild and sends you on your merry



Cutting the middleman and searching out, the person who can help you

goes by the name of Hecerinde. She lives in a house on the eastern side

of the river. All that is required for this job's completion is for you

to approach Hecerinde and demand her assistance.


At this point, Sugar-Lips Habasi will have no further jobs for you. How

she has run out of things for you to do is beyond me, but I suppose

that even thief bosses run out of things to say and do. Directing you

to two of her friends-Aengoth the Jeweler and Big Helende-she believes

that your career will be best furthered through helped them. The former

lives in Ald-Ruhn while the latter resides in Sadrith Mora. Since the quests

from Aengoth are easier, we will venture to Ald-Ruhn first.



Section Four: Ald-Ruhn Jobs



Unlike Balmora, which exists in a rather temperate environment, Ald-

Ruhn is the armpit of Satan. Laying north of Balmora in the depleted

wastes and deserts of the middle planes of Morrowind, Ald-Ruhn acts as

Mos Eisley did to Star Wars: Ald-Ruhn is home to scoundrels, beggars,

and Morrowind's scum alike while being a town with few redeeming

qualities in a harsh wasteland. However horrid the environment may be,

the ambitious thief must endure the conditions and those amongst the

dunes if he wants to succeed; our next Thieves Guild Boss, Aengoth the

Jeweler, calls Ald-Ruhn home.


After disembarking from the Silt Strider that took you here, take a

look around and soak in the view-that is if you can see farther than

five feet ahead of you. Ald-Ruhn, more like than not, will be blanketed

by a violent sandstorm upon your arrival, as it was when I first

arrived. One must ignore the conditions and keep their eyes on the

prize: advancement in the guild. Make your way from the Silt Strider to

the southeastern portion of Ald-Ruhn where, amongst numerous sand-caked

homes and desert dunes, a small tavern resides. The Rat in the Pot,

akin to the South Wall cornerclub in that they both house the Thieves

Guild, is your destination. Upon entering the tavern, make your way up

the main stairs to the upper deck. From there, fellow members of the

guild will direct you down a small flight of stairs to the area

directly beneath the platform where Aengoth awaits. He, like Sugar-Lips

Habasi before him, has numerous jobs to offer you in this desolate




Ald-Ruhn One: Plunder the Mages Guild



Sounds like fun, doesn't it? The first job that Aengoth offers to you,

while seeming a death trap waiting to ensnare an unintelligent thief,

turns out to be rather simple. Aengoth, to assuage your obvious fears

over an assault-by you-on the Mages Guild, alerts you to the fact that

the Mages Guild will be completely empty when you make your sojourn

into it. In your little trip, Aengoth desires that you bring him a

Devil Tanto that the Mages Guild has stored somewhere inside their

establishment. Although he does not know where the tanto exactly is

inside of the Mages Guild, the offer of being able to take anything

else you want while inside seems too good for any "honest" thief to

pass up.


The Mages Guild sits directly across from the Rat in the Pot tavern,

making its location no trouble at all. However, Aengoth was wrong in

one thing: the Mages Guild is not empty. A lone magic using and knife-

wielding guard waits on the inside of the guild in the entrance foyer.

He should not prove too much of a challenge for your battle-tested

self; dispatch him quickly and move on. Your ultimate goal-the Devil

Tanto-sits in a locked and trapped chest in the large, open area in the

eastern end of the Mages Guild. Acquire it-and anything else worth

stealing-and retreat back to the Rat in the Pot so Aengoth may have his

Tanto. He will reward you well for it.



Ald-Ruhn Two: The Redoran Master Helm



In Ald-Ruhn, beyond the dunes, mud-brick houses, and scorching sun

exists a giant dome. This dome, which rests on the northern side of

town, is the manor district. All of the wealthy elites, in order to

avoid the conditions and riff-raff of the town, have constructed their

homes in this giant dome. For the next few quests, we will be venturing

into that dome and stealing numerous items contained within. Firstly,

we must steal a Redoran Master Helm.


Aengoth, after you bring him back the tanto, desires a Redoran Master

Helm-a piece of armor worth a great deal of money. However, the only

place that he knows of that holds a Redoran Master Helm is the giant

dome and an elite manor that resides underneath its cover. In the

Arobar Manor, the lord Arobar has in his possession a Redoran Master

Helm; you must penetrate the Arobar Manor and steal from them their



Enter the manor district dome and find the Arobar Manor (it is not too

hard to find, as there are only so many places underneath the dome).

Once inside, look around the private quarter of the Lords and Ladies

Arobar for the helm. It should not be too hard to find-simply check all

chests and rooms. After the helm enters your possession, return with it

to Aengoth and, once again, he will pay you handsomely for your effort.



Ald-Ruhn Three: Boethiah's Pillow Book



Weren't we just in the Arobar Manor? -Oh well, here we go again! Inside

the Arobar Manor exists another prize that Aengoth demands be quietly

lifted from Arobar possession and deposited into his waiting hands.

With this in mind, he commissions you to return to the Arobar Manor in

the manor district of Ald-Ruhn and obtain for him a tome titled

"Boethiah's Pillow Book." It seems that the owner, Boethiah one might

presume, records her thoughts on this and that in her "pillow book"

and, like any good scoundrel, Aengoth desires to pick her brain through

the contents of the pillow book. You know what you must do: obtain the

book at all costs for Aengoth!

Make your way back into the Arobar Manor as you did the first time and

search around the private quarters some more. In one of the rooms,

resting appropriately on a bed will be the pillow book that you seek.

Grab it and return it to Aengoth for a nice profit.



Ald-Ruhn Four: Withershins



Aengoth must appreciate books of all sorts, as his next job also

involves a book. Once you return to him with the pillow book of

Boethiah, Aengoth will send you back out into the desert sun and back

under the dome that is the manor district in order to find the book

"Withershins." I never bothered to read the book in-game, so I have

absolutely no idea what the contents are. However, Aengoth seems to

want the book quite badly and, since he is the boss, you must go get it

with the utmost urgency. Although it might prove interesting to know

what Aengoth does with these books-perhaps he plans to blackmail the

elite families of Ald-Ruhn with the information contained within? -Who



Withershins is contained within the Maar Gan Tradehouse in Balmora.

However, you don't need to go nearly that far; I never went back to

Balmora for it as I found a copy of it in the manor district of Ald-

Ruhn. I believe that it was located within the Lltheri Manor, but I may

be mistaken. If location of Withershins in the manor district becomes

impossible, you can, as aforementioned, return to Balmora to pick it up

at the Maar Gan Tradehouse. Either way, when you obtain the book,

return to Ald-Ruhn and hand it to your boss, Aengoth. Happy to have the

book under his control, Aengoth pays you and offers you more work.



Ald-Ruhn Five: Centurion Scrap Metal



In all of his previous jobs, Aengoth only sent you around Ald-Ruhn to

procure either books or armament for him. While these might have seemed

like a challenge at the time, and they most certainly might have been,

the next task offered to you by Aengoth will prove to be the most

arduous and time-consuming job that any boss in the Thieves Guild has

offered you yet. While completing this fifth Ald-Ruhn job, you will be

forced to go out and about in search of items that are hard to find and

you might even have to do a little bit of dungeon crawling in order to

meet your objectives. I will present scenarios for both situations so

those of you who fear dungeons-and rightly so; they prove exceedingly

difficult in Morrowind-will have alternatives.


After handing him Withershins, Aengoth offers you the task of

collecting four pieces of Centurion Scrap Metal so the Thieves Guild

can construct Centurion defenders to protect itself with. These pieces

of scrap metal, constructed from Dwemer metal, are difficult to come by

in the world of Morrowind and either must be obtained from a specialty

shop-which are rare at best-or off of the body of a Centurion in a

Dwemer ruin. Either option is tedious and painstakingly difficult, but

we shall proceed if we want to advance.


If you do not wish to engage a Dwemer ruin at this time, you must

travel to the slaver town of Suran in pursuit of scrap metal. Check

each of the shops there and, if you are lucky, one will be selling

scrap metal. However, it will not be enough to satisfy the quota set by

Aengoth. To fulfill the requirement, possibly consider plundering

ships, armories, and other establishments whose primary trade is metal.

In time-and with a little luck-the scrap metal pieces will come to you.

If you refuse to wait, then consider searching for the scrap metal in a

Dwemer ruin.


Dwemer ruins are a pain, though: they contain monsters and one could

meet their doom inside. Instead of searching for your lovely little

bits of metal in a Dwemer ruin, instead consider purchasing them at one

of my newly discovered locations. For example, in the manor district of

Ald-Ruhn rests an Alchemist's store. The alchemist who owns the

aforementioned establishment has various pieces of scrap metal for

sale; there should be enough to suit your needs. However, if you like

ruins, consider enduring a sojourn into one.


To the southwest of Balmora lie a bridge and a Dwemer ruin. If you

follow the path southeast of Balmora past Fort Moonmouth and over a

bridge, a Dwemer ruin can be found. On a rock just across the large

bridge rests a crank. If you turn it, an opening in a rock nearby will

reveal the entrance to the ruin. Inside many enemies reside, so exert

caution and save often. Eventually, you will run into Centurions who,

upon defeat, will generally leave behind scrap metal. Obtain enough to

satisfy your quota and head back to Aengoth. Since the scrap metal is

difficult to obtain, he will pay you well and-in greater importance-you

will earn his respect.




Ald-Ruhn Six: Darts of Judgment



For his final job, Aengoth presents you with a cakewalk as partial

reward for your trials and tribulations in the previous job. Aengoth

asks you to return to the manor district a final time to retrieve the

"Darts of Judgment." These darts, a deadly tool in the right hands,

would benefit the Thieves guild as they could sell them to the highest

bidder and, in the process, generate a tremendous profit. That's why

stealing the darts is important for the Thieves Guild.


The darts, located in the Llethri Manor in the manor district, are

quite easy to find. While in the Llethri Manor, go to the guard's

quarters and, on one of the guard's beds, rest the darts. Simply grab

them and give them to Aengoth, who, out of kindness for all of your

servitude, will cut you a huge profit of 2,000 gold per dart (there are

three in total).


Aengoth, at this, prompts you with the fact that all of his jobs for

you have been exhausted. He strongly suggests that you voyage to

Sadrith Mora and search out Big Helende, the Thieves Guild boss there.

She will be able to train you further and show you some nuances of the

Thieves Guild that neither he nor Sugar-Lips Habasi could.



Section Five: Sadrith Mora Jobs



Our third migration, after some exploration, proves to be the most

difficult to-date. Sadrith Mora, a seaside community adjoining the

Imperial Legion fort of Wolverine Hall, seems as if it was constructed

by someone who likes exercise: the city is spread over a large area and

provides a challenge to both navigate and travel. Luckily, the Thieves

Guild hideout and our local boss, Big Helende, reside in the cozy

confines of the inn located just off of Wolverine Hall-which saves time

for everyone considering how spread out the town is. To get to Sadrith

Mora, you should either take a boat from towns that offer boat

transportation or (and this is the easier of the two methods) you could

ask the Mages Guild to transport you to the Sadrith Mora Mages Guild,

which is located inside Wolverine Hall and is quite close to the

Thieves Guild's hideout. Big Helende, a tall, dark woman who possesses

an intimidating figure, waits for you on the second floor of the

Thieves Guild inn. Her jobs, while proving rather difficult and which

force you to travel to towns that you previously might not have

visited, are not impossible and, unlike her fellow operatives, she only

has five jobs to offer you.



Sadrith Mora One: The Dispel Potion



Upon greeting her, Big Helende decides that the best thing for every

party involved would be for her to test your mettle by giving you a

test that does not send you too far but that also tests your basic

skills as a thief; she decides to let you retrieve a scroll containing

the recipe for a Dispel Potion from a local merchant's alchemy shop.

The merchant in question, Anis Seloth, owns a shop in the greater

Sadrith Mora area. To reach her shop, wander from the inn into the town

area. If you initially have a difficult time maneuvering around Sadrith

Mora, begin to think of the town as a spiral that radiates outward from

the central market. In the middle of town rests an open-air market

where three merchants gather next to a slave station to sell their

wares; that location is pretty much the dead center of town. Anis

Seloth's alchemy shop lies slightly to the north of the central, open-

air market; it's rather hard to miss. Wander into the shop and the rest

becomes gravy for an experienced thief such as you. Steal her recipe

for a dispel potion and take it back to Big Helende, who will reward

you upon the successful completion of your mission and who will, at the

same time, enthusiastically give you another quest.



Sadrith Mora Two: The Grandmaster's Retort



For your second job, Big Helende hands you a difficult task: she asks

you to steal the grandmaster's retort from an alchemy shop in distant

Tel Mora. Tel Mora, an isolated, dark community (literally: the

community lacks sufficient lighting at night) that, from Sadrith Mora,

is only accessible by boat, is like Sadrith Mora in that the layout is

rather convoluted. However, our target, Berwen the Trader, owns a shop

right next to the boat dock. The central problem in this theft is that

the mark-the grandmaster's retort-is next-to-impossible to cleanly



When you first enter the shop of Berwen, it becomes increasingly

obvious that something is deathly wrong inside. Instead of a quiet,

homely shop, a screeching, little shop of horrors greets you. On the

second floor of her shops resides a monstrosity of a sort that you have

yet to face: an undead corpse-thingy. If I knew the actual name of the

creature, I would tell you, but it is sufficient to say that a single

blow from said corpse-thingy will cause you much undo pain and

suffering-and disease-and might result in your death. Thus it is

considerably safer to engage the creature from afar with a form of

ranged weapon: bow, crossbow, or what have you. Once the creature drops

and Berwen emphatically thanks you for your selfless, heroic efforts,

the time comes to make ourselves a tad less heroic in her gilded eyes;

we must now steal her beloved grandmaster's retort.


The steal, like others, is a tad sticky in the sense that she stands

right in from of the retort. Great: you have to either pilfer it out

from under her nose or risk detection and impoundment by the law. Do

not attempt to kill her for it; she knows magic and will waste you. The

best that I can offer is either buy it from her (for the wimp) or use a

potion of invisibility or shadow with master thieving and sneak skills

to smoothly lift it from the shelf. The choice is yours, but either way

you face a hit: either in the pocketbook or from her while you run from

the shop with the stolen retort. Take your prize back to Big Helende

for your reward.



Sadrith Mora Three: Protect the Guild, Part Two



Once again your guild has called upon you to protect it from intruders

and others who would wish hard upon it. Will you, a mere thief, be able

to respond to the challenge and protect your guild? Sure you will; they

only are asking you to hire help-not take on a dozen rabid monkeys

disguised in Camonna Tong outfits with magical weapons of doom. However,

unlike the first assignment, you must complete a task for the Mages

Guild-Big Helende's protector of choice-before they meander over to the

hideout. This task, though, is not difficult at all.


When you go to the Mages Guild, a resident Battlemage with whom you

will work to defend the Thieves Guild asks you, before he goes to

defend the inn, to obtain four pieces of raw ebony for him. Although

this might sound difficult, as you have never seen any raw ebony in

Morrowind to this point, obtaining said ebony is easy. All that you

need to do is go the main boat in the Sadrith Mora docks and break into

the lower holds. One of the crates in the bottom-most hold has four

pieces of raw ebony. Bring these pieces back to the guild and the

Battlemage will then move to the Thieves Guild and begin protecting it.



Sadrith Mora Four: Redoran Cooking Secrets



As a precursor to the next, impossibly difficult job, Big Helende

offers up some cake-literally. Like Aengoth, Helende also has use of a

book that rests in Ald-Ruhn: Redoran Cooking Secrets. The book lies in

the Llethri Manor in the manor district of Ald-Ruhn in the private

quarters. The quest is as easy as it sounds; just walk into the manor,

grab the book, and return it to Big Helende.






Sadrith Mora Five: The Ebony Staff



The job for the ebony staff-that Big Helende assigns you with only

slight disregard for your safety-is the most difficult job that any

boss has offered to you yet. You might die while attempting to procure

the ebony staff, so Big Helende offers you the choice of whether or not

to accept the job (at your own risk if you do, of course). Do you have

any other choice but to accept? Of course you do not.


The Ebony Staff is not any ordinary staff lying around in the road

waiting to be claimed. Instead, it belongs to a Telvanni Mage. If you

have yet to acquaint yourself with the Telvanni, all that you need to

know to pursue this quest is that they are deadly magicians and that

getting on their bad side is a bad thing. The main hive of the Telvanni

exists in Tel Branora, our final destination in our search for the

staff. One particularly deadly mage that acts as a bodyguard and

assistant to the main leader in Tel Branora owns the staff and it is

from him that we will steal our prize.


Travel to Tel Branora by boat from Sadrith Mora and, after

disembarking, work your way up the massive Telvanni Tower that sits in

the middle of the city. Enter the tower from the upper waistwork

entrance that lays some ways up the outer husk. When you enter, work

your way up to the chamber of the boss of the Telvanni of the area.

This boss possesses two chutes up from rooms adjoining her room that

lead to both her and her mage friend. Find the mage upstairs and you

will find his staff resting next to him. Use any surreptitious means to

lift it from next to him and get out of town as soon as you have done

so. You will get a great reward from Big Helende when you return the

staff (a ring of far reaching) and her utmost thanks. She also

recommends that you visit her boss-and the boss of the whole thieves

guild-Gentleman Jim Stacey in Vivec.




Section Six: Vivec Jobs



With the menial tasks of the three aforementioned ringleaders in the

Thieves guild out of the way, the moment of truth is at hand; you must

now work for the boss of the whole Thieves Guild: Gentleman Jim Stacey

of Vivec. In the past week or so, numerous people have emailed or

instant messaged me, wondering as to the whereabouts of Gentleman Jim.

If you ask around, you will soon realize that he inhabits a tiny corner

of one of the foreign quarter's bookstores. If further directions are

needed, go down into the canalworks of the foreign quarter and into the

bookseller located there. Gentleman Jim and his associate, Crazy-Legs

Aramato, are holed up in the backroom of said bookseller. See, that

wasn't too hard, now was it? Gentleman Jim's jobs, with two notable

exceptions, are no harder than the jobs of his ringleaders and

captains. The only difference is that the majority of Gentleman Jim's

jobs revolve around a center theme: the fighter's guild and how, with

the Camonna Tong, it wants to stamp the thieves guild into oblivion. We

must put a stop to the nefarious tactics of the fighter's guild at one!

But, first, some work.



Vivec One: Yngling Half-Troll's Corruption



To all the thieves out there who might have affiliations to the Great

House Hlaalu: be prepared to go behind the back of your house for

Gentleman Jim's first job. For your first act, Gentleman Jim wishes you

to obtain proof of the corruption of Yngling Half-Troll, a nobleman of

the house Hlaalu and an all-around grumpy guy. Proof of corruption in

Morrowind comes in one form: financial ledgers. Your task s to steal

the financial ledgers-or books, in other words-of Yngling Half-Troll

out from under his nose at his home in Vivec.


Unless you possess stealth, cunning, and security skills becoming of a

thief of your stature, stealing Yngling Half-Troll's ledgers might

prove exceedingly difficult. Upon my first attempts, I was unable to

gain access to area that houses his ledgers as the locks on his doors

were slightly too potent for me. If your security skill is not at 50

points by this time, I strongly recommend that you backtrack to a

trainer or lesser locks to bolster your abilities before tackling

Gentleman Jim's jobs. However, if you already possess such skill, then,

please, read on.

Yngling Half-Troll's Manor finds its home in the St. Olms canton of

Vivec. From the foreign quarter, walk to St. Olms and, upon your

arrival, ascend the levels until you reach the plaza. The mansion of

Yngling Half-Troll sits in the upper-left hand portion of the plaza,

and gaining entrance is relatively simple: the front door is unlocked!

Wisely, Yngling did not leave his house unguarded; the men of Hlaalu

await you inside, but we do not need to fret over a few powerful

henchman. Avoid his men and wander down the stairs to the locked door

that gave me some slight problems at first (but, for you, it'll be

fine). Open the door as only a thief knows how. Yngling's ledgers find

a home in his basement; grab them to make Gentleman Jim proud. Voila!

The reward is yours!



Vivec Two: Nads Tharen's Key



Nads Tharen, an operative of Gentleman Jim's, is missing. Gentleman

Jim, however, was not ready to cut ties with his henchman just yet, as

the missing Nads Tharen possesses a key that Gentleman Jim needs ever

so desperately. To obtain said key, Gentleman Jim needs you to find out

what happened to Nads Tharen, find Nads Tharen, and return the key to

him. Continuing a trend set by the mission involving Yngling Half-

Troll's ledger, obtaining the aforementioned key is not difficult.


Nads Tharen was last seen at the Elven Nations Cornerclub in the Hlaalu

compound of Vivec. It is recommended that your search for the missing

operative commence there with an interviewing of those who knew Nads. A

quick question and answer session with those at the cornerclub reveals

that a few people present knew Nads Tharen-and where he lived. Ask

around and you will eventually learn that Nads Tharen had a home in the

St. Delyn canalworks (South-Two). Venture to the home of Tharen and,

gasp, his lifeless corpse will greet you as amicably as a corpse is

able. Nads Tharen holds the key to this puzzle-literally. On the corpse

of Tharen rests the key that Gentleman Jim desires. Grab the key and

return it to Gentleman Jim's appreciation.



Vivec Three: Enter the Fighter's Guild



Now that the two menial tasks of Gentleman Jim have been brushed aside

like so many before them, we now gleam the true enemies of the thieves

guild: the fighter's guild and the Camonna Tong. Gentleman Jim, after

you return Nads Tharen's key, reveals to you the nature of the threat

against the thieves guild. The fighter's guild, in connection with the

Camonna Tong, desires to obliterate all that is the Thieves Guild and

pave way for a new domination by the Camonna Tong of all things

Thievish. Since we cannot eliminate the Camonna Tong, Gentleman Jim

reasons that we must cut the fighter's guild out from under the feet of

the Camonna Tong and eliminate the strongest supporters of the Camonna

Tong from inside the fighter's guild. For starters, Gentleman Jim

desires information as to who could be turned to the side of the

thieves' guild and who must be eliminated.


Gentleman Jim knows of only one high ranking member of the fighters

guild who, at this time, would be willing to aid the thieves' guild:

Percius Mercius of Ald-Ruhn. To obtain the information that Percius

knows, travel to his fighter's guild in Ald-Ruhn, become friendly with

him, and pump him for information. With the right amount of persuasion,

you should be able to learn the names of all of the players in the

fighter's guild, where they call home, and other miscellaneous little

tidbits about them. With your information in hand, return to Gentleman

Jim, tell him what you know, and receive your next mission.



Vivec Four: The Bitter Cup



It turns out that one of the high-ranking members of the fighter's

guild who might be persuaded is a secret worshipper of Clavicus Vile,

an elder god of sorts. Although neither money nor kind sentiments will

sway Eydis Fire-Eye to our cause, perhaps an artifact of Clavicus Vile

would. With this in mind, Gentleman Jim orders you to retrieve the

Bitter Cup, an artifact of Clavicus Vile, and present it to Eydis as a

gift of persuasion towards our cause. However, retrieving the Bitter

Cup is not a simple walk in the park; it's an arduous trek into a

Dwemer ruin far away.


The journey to the ruin that holds the bitter cup, Ald Redaynia, proves

to be long, dangerous, and taxing. Stock up on any potions, scrolls,

and whatnots before you leave Vivec, as it might be quite some time and

many monsters later until you return. BRING SOMETHING OF INVISIBILITY.

Once you have loaded up, approach the Silt Strider to begin your



Take the Silt Strider from Vivec through Balmora and Ald-Ruhn to Mar

Gaan. Disembark at Mar Gaan and follow the path north until you can

turn left. From here, look at your map often and work your way

northeast along the roads. Eventually, you'll reach the Ashlands. The

Ashlands are a barren wasteland of a place that only the brave-and you-

enter. Continue working your way north after entering the Ashlands and,

when you reach the coastline, look across it. There should be an island

just north of the northwest region's coastline; Ald Redaynia is on the

island. Swim to the island's western region and find your ruin.


The ruin is small and contains three main areas: the entrance corridor,

the left room, and the right room. The bitter cup is on an altar in the

right room, but it is heavily guarded by many evil baddies. To get past

these enemies, use your invisibility and run your little tail off up

the stairs and to the altar. Grab the bitter cup and get the hell away

and back to Balmora (I'll leave getting back to you; good luck!). Eydis

resides in Balmora's fighter's guild and wants the bitter cup badly.

Give it to her and she will join your cause.



Vivec Five: Convince Hrundi of the Fighter's Guild



As an interlude between difficult quests, Gentleman Jim gives you the

task of persuading another high-ranking official of the fighter's

guild, Hrundi of Sadrith Mora, to join the cause of the thieves' guild.

To get to Hrundi, however, we must go through his woman, a Dunmer who

he loves. Hrundi's lover can be found at the inn next to the great

market in Sadrith Mora. Persuade her to join your cause and Hrundi will

fall easily. With his woman not literally under your belt, talk to

Hrundi at the fighter's guild in Wolverine Hall and, with little doubt,

he will join you. Report back to Gentleman Jim for your hardest test to




Vivec Six: Eliminate the Ienith Brothers



Before the head of the fighter's guild can be dealt with, we must

eliminate his henchman in the Camonna Tong: the Ienith brothers. The

brothers Ienith are the deadliest duo the Camonna Tong has to offer,

and they've "donated" their services to the fighter's guild so that

they more swiftly eliminate the thieves' guild. The dynamic duo will

come at you fiercely with many attacks that will baffle, hurt, and

kill, but you, the resourceful thief that you are, should be able to

handle it-with my help.


The brothers Ienith house themselves on the Dren Plantation, a

stronghold of the Camonna Tong east of Pelagiad and north of Vivec. To

reach the Dren Plantation, either go northeast from Vivec and cross the

river to get to the plantation or, from Pelagiad, go east and then

slightly south to reach the plantation by land. Either way you'll reach

the plantation, so the route matters not. The Dren plantation is

divided up into two sections: the slave houses and the master estate.

The main manor rests in the southeast corner of the plantation. When

you enter, go forward and down the stairs to reach the rooms of the

Ienith brothers. Be wary: when you attack one, the other appears behind

you. Get both in front of you, beware the paralysis jinkblade of one of

the brothers, and kill them both. Once you have done as such, loot

their room for items galore and then report back to Gentleman Jim.






Vivec Seven: Kill Sjoring Hard-Heart



The final quest is simple yet difficult: kill the boss of the fighter's

guild, Sjoring Hard-Heart. There is no elaborate theft involved and no

quick fix; you must kill him. Before, however, you must realize that

he's a very powerful man (why would he be in charge of the fighter's

guild?), and proper measures must be taken to ensure your survival.

Stock up on your best potions, spells, and weapons-especially the

paralysis jinkblade that one of the Ienith Brothers carried; that

weapon will be your savior, as with it you will be able to paralyze

Sjoring Heard-Heart long enough to get some blows in with other

weapons. The strategy: paralyze him with the jinkblade, switch weapons,

pound away, and re-paralyze him as needed with the jinkblade. If you

load up on spells and are swift with your feet and weapons, you should

be able to eventually best him. To reach Sjoring Heard-Heart, find his

fighter's guild headquarters in the foreign quarter of Vivec and do

your worst.


When you return to Gentleman Jim, an interesting surprise awaits you:

your final promotion. With the fighter's guild out of the picture,

Gentleman Jim can retire and leave the thieves' guild to you to

protect. In parting, Gentleman Jim gives you a Skeleton Key-it opens

any lock regardless of difficulty in one try with 50 total uses-and his



Congratulations, you're now a Grand Master and have completed the

thieves' guild!



Section Seven: The Bal Molagmar



The Bal Molagmar is what we've all dreamed about: a fairy tale, a myth,

and that little urge inside of us to aid our fellow man all rolled into

one. If you decide to take on the Bal Molagmar quests given by

Gentleman Jim Stacey, you do so independent of the thieves' guild-they

have no bearing on your rank in the guild-and of your own volition.

When you take up the Bal Molagmar gloves given to you by Gentleman Jim

Stacey, you become what every boy has dreamed at least once of: Robin

Hood. You become the one that robs from the rich and gives to the poor;

you become the thief who the law fears and who the people love; you

become an idol of all other thieves.




Bal Molagmar One: The Hlervu Locket



The first quest for the Bal Molagmar that Gentleman Jim sends you on is

the quest for the Hlervu locket. The Venim house as payment for taxes

has seized the locket, belonging to one Hlervu of Ald-Ruhn. Being an

heirloom of the Hlervu family, it is your job to return the locket to

its rightful owner and show the Venim family what for. The locket is

located deep within the bowels of the Venim manor, in the private

quarters. Run into the quarters, find the locket, and return it to the

Hlervu house in the outside area of Ald-Ruhn. Gentleman Jim will be

most pleased.



Bal Molagmar Two: Indrele Pathryon's Land Deed



Indrele Pathryon, a simple commoner of Sedya Neen, might lose her land

at the hands of a Vivec nobleman who wishes to foreclose on her land

and make it his. The job of the Bal Molagmar-and you-is to return the

land deed, formerly seized by the nobleman's henchmen, from the Library

of Vivec and return it to Indrele Pathryon. The Library of Vivec is

located in the Temple canton (the one farthest back) and the Hall of

Wisdom. Find the deed, return it to Indrele, and further the reputation

of the Bal Molagmar!



Bal Molagmar Three: The Stolen Sword



The third quest lined up for the Bal Molagmar is to return the

wrongfully-stolen sword of Salyn Sareth, a guard in Ghostgate. It turns

out that a thieves' guild operative wrongfully stole the sword from

Salyn-a fellow operative-when he was not supposed to. To wrong this

egregious error, we must return the sword, named Enamor, to Salyn in

Ghostgate. Like the ruins of Ald Redaynia, Ghostgate is quite a walk

from civilization and, thus, you should stock up accordingly. When

ready, embark via Silt Strider to Ald-Ruhn. At Ald-Ruhn, wander out of

the main gates and follow the signs-and your map-to Ghostgate.


When you reach Ghostgate, enter the Tower of Dusk and make your way

downstairs to the barracks. Salyn's chest is the last one on the left;

return the sword to it along with a note from the Bal Molagmar!




Bal Molagmar Four: Brallion's Ring



Brallion, a slave trader of Sadrith Mora, is evil, says Gentleman Jim.

We need to teach this slave trader a lesson in the name of the Bal

Molagmar. To teach Brallion a lesson in the name of the Bal Molagmar,

Gentleman Jim believes that we should acquire a ring that he took from

one of his former slaves off of him and return it to its rightful

bearer. Brallion inhabits the same inn the Hrundi's woman does in

Sadrith Mora, so finding him should not be a problem. Return to said

inn and either steal the ring from him (it might result in you killing

him, however) or purchase it from him for the hefty price of 800 gold;

the choice is yours. Once the deed is done, return the ring of Ilmani

Drenin, the former slave of Brallion who lives in the St. Delyn

canalworks (South-One) of Vivec.


And, just like that, you've returned the Bal Molagmar to prominence. Be

sure to complete these quests BEFORE you complete Gentleman Jim's

regular set, or else you will not be able to do them as Gentleman Jim

vanishes after completed the seventh and final Vivec job.



Section Eight: Update History



Version 0.5: Balmora, Ald-Ruhn jobs completed.


Version 0.75: Sadrith Mora jobs completed.


Version 0.80: Edited Ald-Ruhn and Balmora jobs.


Final Version: Vivec and Bal Molagmar jobs completed.


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