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Hla Ode Quests & Notes

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Hla Oad Quests and Notes


Exerted from Morrowind Walkthrough written by Steve Miller 12/17/02


Hla Oad is a tiny isolated fishing village on western Vvardenfell in the

Bitter Coast region. A rough track along the River Odai connects Hla Oad

with the town of Balmora.




Slave Delivery



    Speak with Relam Arinith under Fat Leg's Dropoff about "doing some

    business". He wants you to deliver a slave to someone named Vorar Helas

    in Balmora. Tell him that you will deliver the slave, then have Rabbina

    follow you. Leave Fat Leg's Dropoff and head to Balmora. Vorar Helas is

    in a house just south of Caius' house on the far east side of Balmora.

    Pick the lock to the house. As soon as you enter Vorar will start to

    attack Rabbina. You have a choice to make. Either help Vorar or Rabina,

    no matter which option you choose the quest can be completed.


    If you choose to help Vorar then you should help to kill Rabbina. Once

    you do this Vorar will thank you, and then tell you that Rabbina was full of

    Moon Sugar and he needed to kill her to get it out. Ask him about Rabbina

    to get your reward, a Medusa's Gaze Ring, and 400 gold.


    If you choose to help Rabbina, you should help kill Vorar. Once you do

    This, speak to Rabbina about her "hope to escape". She will then ask you

    to escort her to Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Take the

    Silt Strider to Vivec, and then walk southeast to Ebonheart. Once there go to

    the southernmost building on the central island of Ebonheart, this is the

    Argonian Mission. Enter and Rabbina will thank you. Speak with Im-Kilaya

    about Rabbina to get you 400 gold reward.





Hla Oad Notes



** Book Charwich-Koniinge, Vol. 2 (+1 Hand to Hand) on table in Murudius

   Flacus's House.


** Book Dance In The Fire Chapter 1 (+1 Acrobatics) on table in Fadila

   Balvel's house.


** Book Lives of the Saints in Okur's house


** Ask Pallia Geno about joining the Imperial Cult to receive a copy of the

   book For My Gods And Emperor.


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