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Pelagiad Quests & Notes

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Pelagiad Quests and Notes


Exerted from Morrowind Walkthrough written by Steve Miller 12/17/02


Pelagiad is a newly chartered Imperial village between Balmora and Vivec

City on the western edge of the Ascadian Isles region. The village is right

outside the Imperial Legion garrison at Fort Pelagiad. The houses and shops

are built in the Western Imperial style, and Pelagiad looks more like a

village in the western Empire than a Morrowind settlement.




Pelagiad Quests



Will be updated soon...







Pelagiad Notes



** Evidence Chest is in the Jail area of Fort Pelagiad in the south wall


** Journeyman's probe and lockpick in a locked chest (30 lvl.) under the trap

   door in Junal-Lei's house.


** Journeyman's probe and lockpick in locked chest (60 lvl.) in Farusea

   Sala's house.


** Random Loot in a box in front of the Halfway Tavern


** Ahnassi in the Halfway Tavern talks about "smooth moves" then

   "Thieves Guild", then she will give you a copy of Honor Among Thieves

   ($100 value)


** Iron Tanto behind the bed in the northernmost locked room upstairs in the

   Halfway Tavern.


** Quality restore health on lower right wine rack in the basement of the

   Halfway Tavern.


** Random Loot in the basket next to the wine rack in the basement of the

   Halfway Tavern.


** Black Arrow Vol. 1 (+1 Acrobatics) is on the table in Madres Navur's House


** Random Loot in boxes under the trap door in Madres Navur's House.


** Repair Tongs on box under the trap door in Madres Navur's House.


** The books Poison Song V and Poison Song VI are in the basement of

   Adanja's House.


** A copy of Pilgrims Path (which will add Gnisis, Vivec, Ghostgate, Koal

   Cave Entrance, and Fields of Kummu to your map) is located upstairs in

   Mebestien Ence: Trader shop.


** A Dwemer Coherer is in a small locked chest (50 lvl.) upstairs in

   Mebestian Ence: Trader Shop.


** Random loot is in a box behind Vulernil: Armorer shop.


** Random loot is upstairs in the Vulernil: Armorer Shop in a locked

   chest at the foot of the bed.


** 50 gold in a locked chest on the desk of Vulernil: Armorer.


** There is a Pelagiad Guard Tower Key on the table behind some bottles in

   the downstairs of the Pelagiad Guard Tower.


** There are many weapons and Armor laving about and in boxes (waiting to be

   stolen) in the Pelagiad Guard Tower.


** Random loot located in a box to the right of the Fort Pelagiad main



** 30 gold in an offering plate on the ground in front of the Imperial Cult

   Altair in Fort Pelagiad.


** Two Steel Bows and some Steel Arrows are in the West side of the South

   Wall section of Fort Pelagiad.


** Hrodis in one of the rooms upstairs in the halfway Tavern has the

   Sanguine belt of Fleetness, which has a constant effect of Fortify

   athletics by 5 points.


** Imperial Steel Cuirass and Pauldron on a bed downstairs of south wall

   section of Fort Pelagiad.


** Imperial Steel Helm on table downstairs in Guard Tower.





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