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Seyda Neen Quests & Notes

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Seyda Neen Quests and Notes


Exerted from Morrowind Walkthrough written by Steve Miller 12/17/02


The piercing light of the Grand Pharos at the mouth of the harbor of the port

village of Seyda Neen is a beacon to mariners throughout the Inner Sea. Most

visitors from the Empire make landfall at the port of Seyda Neen, where they

are processed by the Imperial Census and Excise Commission agents of the

Coastguard station. The Coastguard cutters docked here control smuggling and

piracy on the Inner Sea.




Fargoth's Ring Quest



      Fargoth wants you to find his magic ring, it is a Engraved ring of

      healing which restores 1-5 pts. of health on self.


      The ring is located in a barrel in the courtyard of the Census and

      Excise Office (before you enter the building with Sellus Gravius).


      *If you return it your Rep with both Fargoth and Arrill in the

      tradehouse will go up.


      *You can also decide not to return the ring, (but it if you do return

      it, you have another chance of getting it back when you find Fargoth's

      Hiding place).




Fargoth's Hiding Place



      Hrisskar Flat-Foot has A quest for you. He is located at the top of

      the stairs in Arrille's' Tradehouse. He wants you to find Fargoth's

      Hiding place, and he will split any money you find.


      To find the hiding place go to the top of the Lighthouse, look toward

      the middle of town and wait until 11pm, Fargoth will move from the

      town center toward the lighthouse then double back to a stump in the

      middle of a pond north of the lighthouse. After he leaves go to the

      stump and look inside. You will find Fargoth's Ring (If you gave it

      back to him), a journeyman's lockpick, and 300 gold.


      *If you return to Hrisskar Flat-Foot and give him the gold, he will

      give you back 100 gold and anything else you found in the stump as

      your cut, He will also tell you where you can find Fargoth's ring.


      *Or you can not talk to Hrisskar again, leave that quest unfinished

      and keep the 300 Gold (my favored Option).




The Dead Taxman



     You will hear rumors of a dead taxman. To find the body, follow the

     road out of Seyda Neen to the north, then follow the signs toward

     Gnaar Mok and Hla Oad. The path will bend toward the west, you will

     see a tree directly in front of you, go off the path past the tree

     until you come to the pond. When you get to the pond turn south and

     walk. There two piles of rocks with a space between them going

     southwest. Go between the rocks and you will see the corps on the

     left. Loot the body to get 200 gold, and the tax record.


     Return to Sedya Neen and go to the Census and Excise Office and talk

     to Socucius Ergalla (the guy who gave you your class and birthsign)

     about the murder of Processus Vitellius. he will ask you if you found

     the money.


     *If you say you found the money you will lose 200 gold and he will send

     you to find the murderer with a reward of 500 gold.


     *If you tell him that you found nothing (and keep the gold) he will not

     offer the reward (but if you find the murderer, he will still pay the

     reward. Possible game bug).


     The murderer is Foryn Gilnith in one of the shacks west of Arrille's

     Tradehouse. He will freely admit that he Killed Processus Vitellius.


     *If you tell him that you believe him and don't punish him he will

     give you Processus' Ring


     *If you tell him that he needs to be punished, he will attack you. Kill

     him (since he attacked you, you will not receive a bounty on your head)

     and loot the body. You will find Processus' Ring.


     Return to Socueius Ergalla an he will reward you 500 gold (regardless

     of weather you gave him the original 200 in gold)


     Now you can do one of three things with Processus' Ring:

     *You can sell it (it has a value of 240 gold)

     *You can keep it to enchant later (It is an Exquisite ring)

     *You can return it to Thavere Vedrano in the lighthouse. She will give

     you 2 standard restore health potions (which restore 10 pts of health 

     for 5 sec.)




Cursed Ring Of Vodunius Nuccius



    Speak with Vodunis Nuccius (he is walking around in front of the Cencus

    and Excise Office) about a "Little Advice". He will tell you to Check out

    the Silt Strider, and to tell Darvame Heleran the Silt Strider operator

    that Vodunius sent you.


    Go to the Silt Strider just outside of town and speak with Darvame,

    select "Vodunius Nuccius" from the dialog options, and Darvame will tell

    you that he often steers business his way, but he seems unhappy here.


    Return to Vodunius and ask about "Vodunis Nuccius" to lear that he is

    indeed unhappy here, but has no money to leave, all he has ia a cursed

    ring. He will then offer to sell you his ring for 100 gold. You may buy

    the ring if you want.


    The Ring will fortify your speed 5 points for 60 seconds, but will also

    damage your health 10 points.




Seyda Neen Merchants




Faction: None

Downstairs in Arielle’s Tradehouse

Barter gold - 800

Buys: Everything

Notes:  Make sure that you talk to Fargoth first and give him back his ring. When you do, your reputation with Arrille will be higher and you’ll get better prices for the things you sell to him.





Seyda Neen Notes



** Evidence chest in Census & Excise Office, in the same room as Socucius



** 25 gold and silverware cup in the top of a tree stump next to the

   lighthouse walkway


** There is a copy of "The Wraith's Wedding Day" (a book that will raise

   your Unarmored skill level by 1) located upstairs in the lighthouse.


** There is an Imperial Newcastle Cuiras under the bed in the room upstairs

   of Arilles Tradehouse.


** There is 100 gold on a table upstairs in the Census & Excise Wherehouse.


** 31 gold in a small locked chest in the first Census & Excise bldg.


** 31 gold in a small locked chest on Socucius Ergallas desk


** Big stash of weapons and armor in the locked room under Arrille's



** The Locked chest in Draren Thiralas house has a Journeyman's lockpick and

   probe in it.


** Copy of the book "Notes on Racial Phylogeny" (Restoration skill +1) on bed

   in Eldafires House.


** Silver Long sword in a locked chest in Eldafires House.


** There is an enchanted iron axe in a watered tree stump near the

   lighthouse... You have to jump on it to access it! (nice weapon for

   beginner warrior!)


** There is 100 gold in a cloth sack in a tree stump on the coast just before

   the wrecked ship! –


 ** In Arrille’s room (spelling?) under the pillow there is an enchanted dagger

   as well.


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